May. 5th, 2013 07:38 pm
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Good morning. I hope that everybody finds themselves well, and that those who ventured to that ocean-esque world are fully recovered from the venture. I thought a little downtime, if it could be granted, would be best before I attempted to address what it is I am about to.

Four days into the whole thing, Mr. Gilbert Nightray and I came upon came upon a curious text inside of a bookshop. The text, translated, is as follows:

"With that bright light, the clouds sizzled.
Volcanoes exploded and the seas flooded.
Doom came.
Vulcanus, they said, needed us.
They took some of us."

The rest, unfortunately, has been disconnected from the page. It is not much, but it speaks volumes about the history of that world. Even if it raises more questions than answers, it begins to point us in the right direction.

Mr. Nightray and I speculated as to its meaning at length, of course. Was that world a true alternate universe, or a potential future of the universe in which we currently find ourselves? Was Vulcanus the cause of the disaster inflicted upon that world? If they did take citizens of that world elsewhere, to where did they take them and to what end? If, as before, we were seemingly meant to pursue Vulcanus, why was our arrival so far separated?

There are not many clean conclusions to be drawn, which is where I am hoping you come in. If anybody else came across pieces of information like this, I would think it important that we combine what we've learned and discuss the possibilities. Snippets involving "imaginary time" and time-stream manipulation have already been mentioned elsewhere...

Lachesis is not always without rhyme or reason, and Vulcanus certainly is not. I think that this is a puzzle worth solving. I invite everybody to use this space for discussion of the topic, and I will gladly arrange any necessary meetings, should people find discussion over the Network to be uncomfortable.

I am, of course, available by phone and in person during my office hours at the Xavier Institute.


Jan. 14th, 2013 09:49 pm
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Good Morning or something like it, fair City. Happy Monday.

I am sure that most familiar with Rachel Grey will already be aware that she has recently departed the City. If you were not aware, I apologize for not informing you in a more gentle manner. She has always been and will always be a wonderful person, which is plain to any who know her. I hope that the opportunity to meet her again will arise for us all, and that she fares well back home.

... Ach. That aside, this address is primarily to inform the public of newly-vaccant positions at the Xavier Institute. Rachel taught both History and Telepathic Defense at the school. We thought it would be best to address potential replacements within the imPort community before seeking them out elsewhere. Not to say that Telepathic Defense can be sought elsewhere. That one is a bit specific to the super-powered brand of individual.

Long story short, if you are interesting in teaching either History or Telepathic Defense, I would be more than happy to schedule an interview.

To those uninterested in all of the above... Seen any good movies, lately?


Nov. 11th, 2012 02:31 pm
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Meine Freunde, I have made it to thirty-four. Inform the masses of this glorious achievement. I demand cupcakes, preferably of some miraculous, beer-themed variety.

Let's see... Last year, I saw the yet-again arrival of a friend to the City and had a date cancelled. I'd wonder if this year it might also be a somewhat eventful day, but, as I'm fond of noting, such queries might be asking for a less-than-sunny day to befall you. So I shall just assume it will be as normal as things can get around here.

I have been distant, I feel. I apologize. How are things?


Oct. 3rd, 2012 10:32 pm
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Ah... Yes, hello. My name is Kurt Wagner. I came here from Germany very-- Uh. Quickly? Quickly, and... Ich kann normalerweise nicht so weit gehen. Nicht so plötzlich.

Sorry I mutter! English is not my best, but I am all right, I think.

I just came here. I am not sure why. I have no passport, nothing like that, so how do I leave? I think that the phone information does not know when I say 'Winzeldorf.' They think I am making jokes, maybe. It is all a little more strange than usual.

This is New York, ja? There are some famous places that are on television and books. I do not think Xavier is one of them. It is fine, but... I must be at home.

So, really, I guess that it is not fine.
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[ Hello, there, Network. You are now presented with a perhaps-familiar face, though it's not one that's been broadcast over the communicators before. This is Kurt Wagner's choice of disguise, and he smiles very convincingly for the camera. He's in some sort of dining hall, well-dressed (by appearance, at least) and seated beside another potentially-familiar individual. ]

Certain people close to us might have noticed we're running late in returning from vacation. As it turns out, we decided rather suddenly to make our return trip aboard this lovely ship, here. Never you worry, though, we are having a fantastic time and meeting plenty of wonderous people.

[ The lady beside him, also dressed formally, bats him lightly on the arm] Heads up. Blondie and Frank.

[ Both Selina and the holographically-disguised Kurt adopt very bright expressions as they're greeted by a voice beyond the camera's view. There's a short bout of friendly hellos between the off-camera couple, and Selina promises that they'll meet up for drinks later. Once the interruption is done with, Kurt turns back to his communicator. ]

We are Stefan and Emeline Müller, by the way.

A stage actor and romance novelist, respectively.

Introduced by a mutual friend, residents of Westchester... This is so entertaining, it almost makes up for the split lip and the shiner I've got hiding under this hologram.

[ As if on cue Selina delicately pushes back the sleeve of her dress, revealing the discolored bruising that reflects some rough handling. ]

Honestly, you'd think they forgot how to treat a lady.

Oh! That reminds me! Apart from wanting to let friends and aquaintances know we are alive, we do also have a warning... Do not try to teleport into the countries blocked off to us. They are apparently very good at finding you if you do that sort of thing.

Just to let you know. Hopefully, that is helpful.


Mar. 8th, 2012 02:26 pm
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... Monologues.

I am a teacher of theatre currently, you see, and this is one thing we must discuss, this device. It is something unrealistic, of course. Despite the world being a stage, as it goes, the audience presented to us in our day-to-day is not one who will gain the privilege of having our inner workings spelled out to them. To monologue, to be so telling, that is unrealistic. It is not quite as extreme as the tendency to burst into song, in certain genres, but it is a fictional element of life, nonetheless.

Most days, at least.

This is not to say people are generally dishonest, of course. There is simple a certain face and image one must portray to the world. I am sure this is fairly universal. One can think and think, feel quite deeply, live in confusion... No other in the world must know, however. Ha. It is sort of a sad thought, I suppose...

[ But, uh. ]

When faced with a need for this openness... What must you say? What must your monologue reveal? To whom must it be presented?

I only-- It is selfish, I know. I only wish to know, perhaps, that I am not alone in much that I feel. Foolish, too, as... I know that I cannot be! But I do also wish for you to know that you are not alone, either. These are common things, so much as they make us feel conflicted and lonesome at times.


Feb. 29th, 2012 10:54 am
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I am sure I should mention at some point that Logan, the Wolverine, has gone. That, or he is hiding very well. It has probably become noticeable at this point, however. I thought to quip last week about how we might be at least assured he wasn't a Skrull, but that would have surely been in poor taste.

That said, I hope that those recovered from Vulcanus are doing as well as they can be. My thoughts are with you and your loved ones. And... Everybody, really.

I wish I could suggest even some temporary alternative to this... Ach. What would you even call it? This heavy air. This-- This supposed pause between battles. There are things happening in this world, dreadful things, but... What do we do but wait? What can we do? Waiting for the next movement, that is always the maddening part.

After a certain point, there were always enough X-men for team sports, baseball or volleyball games in-between crises. That will be me getting off track and getting nostalgic, though. Even that simple thing has changed. Perhaps it would seem foolish, now, as I am sure it would here. Aside, it is not quite the season.


Feb. 5th, 2012 01:08 pm
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Goodness. It has been a busy week. Let's see...

What do you like to do in order to remain cheerful? Especially during stressful situations.

If we are temporarily at a loss, I... Well, I won't say that we are. I will say that, should you come across any Skrull bibles, it is best to avoid conversation with them. They are a bit nagging, but... What else would you expect, I suppose.

Ach. Here I am babbling when I'd only meant to distract with conversation. My mistake.

Be well, meine Freunde.
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I thought that perhaps I should be in good spirits before attempting to promote my students' production for the semester, but I must be for timely than that will allow. Apologies for my lame delivery.

But, yes... We are putting on a talent show. I've had a few student acts volunteer already, and they seem rather promising. We are appealing to the community for more volunteers, because why not? It will be more fun that way.

The show itself will be on the sixteenth of December. If you are interested in obtaining seats or in performing, do let me know.


Nov. 4th, 2011 10:06 pm
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Guten Morgen, City, wary a one as it is. How about an attempt at a pick-me-up?

[ And that's all he has to say for the moment. There's the click of the comm. being placed on a table, the quiet sound of a record starting up, and finally the music starts up.

Go on. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive. You'll feel better about life and everything. ]


Sep. 17th, 2011 09:45 am
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[ He's not sure where to begin. Maybe he should have figured that out before he actually started the post, but that's beside the point. There's an awkward pause. ]

I am not sure of the proper procedure is for temporary insanity, if... If my recent foray into crime can be called such a thing. I suppose that is the question I'm posing, here.

What I mean to say is: I seem to have come into a lot of money and valuable items recently. I was going to sell the items in order to come into more money, all to fund some dreadful things that I'm certainly no longer interested in, and... I am more than a little ashamed that such things occurred to me at all, really, but I am trying to find comfort in the excuse that I was not in my right mind. I digress, however.

I am more than willing to return everything and apologize profusely, of course. I only suppose it would be best to find the proper channel through which to go. [ Another slight pause and a shaky breath. ] I am also not sure if I should be in trouble or not. It is... It has been a strange few days.

[ Beat. All the beats. ]

The police, I suppose... I likely should have just gone down there myself. I did want to ask as well, though, seeing as how I've thus far failed to: Is everybody all right?
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[ The video clicks on. Kurt Wagner is outside, and he offers as winsome a smile as is manageable, along with a little wave hello. Then, the camera moves. He's handed it off to his tail, leaving his hands free. He's holding four brightly-colored balls and, after a little bow, he begins to juggle.

And then onto the point of the post. ]

I have been thinking a good deal about the past, lately, you see, and I grew up in a circus. Shock and awe, I know. I've only told most anybody.

Now. I have here, in the park, a great many objects for tossing around and something of a tightrope strung between two trees. The proposal, as you might imagine, is simple. If you've ever wanted to learn to juggle or walk a tightrope... Or, of course, if you're a horrific show-off like some people... [ The camera wobbles a little, and he grins. Yeah, he's talking about himself. What a ham. ] Well, feel free to stop by.
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[ The boy on the other end of this hesitates with a quick 'um' and a mutter before beginning. He speaks, for the moment, exclusively in German. ]

Excuse me... It is not like a real phone, yes? But, still... Ah.

[ Pause. He sounds strained when he speaks again. The situation is a little overwhelming. ]

I'm not sure how I got here, but I need to be back home. That's all.

Advice would be great.
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[ There a brief moment of silence while he (again!) evaluates what he's going to say. At least, he's making a fair attempt of evaluation. It's a bit difficult. ]

I, ah... I understand that this happens, now and again, but it's a rather odd feeling. Yes. In a lot of ways.

[ Another short pause, and then he lets out a small laugh. ]

I appear to be missing an arm. That is all right, though. I was not terribly fond of it.


I'm not sure how long it has been in this City since I was last here, but I wonder if anyone might not mind picking me up. I find myself a bit... Ach. Out-of-sorts, I suppose, and quite tired.

If-- Well, I do not think seeing a physician would hurt me, either.

And, of course, just in case... Guten Abend, City, I am Kurt Wagner. So we meet again.


Dec. 25th, 2010 08:46 pm
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[ Business is done for the day. This is Kurt Wagner, feet propped up on his little desk, a glass of wine held aloft by his tail. Pardon him while his accent is a little thicker, won't you? It's been a long month. ]

Merry Christmas, everybody.

I forgot to write a sermon beforehand, and so I will just leave it at that.

There is the inevitable question, however! [ He holds up an index finger. Because he has a point. ]

Very participatory, of course: What are your New Years resolutions?

Because, you know... It is almost the new year. 2011. Very futuristic.
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I have not actually taught a language before, but, in taking over German for the Institute here, I find that I am re-thinking my native language. It's interesting.

I find that I am particularly fond of words that cannot be clearly translated into another word. This is by no means restricted to German. In fact, there are a great many that I have found which are very beautiful. They almost... Allow one to long for such things. They convey ideas, concepts... They can be so general that they simply denote a cultural understanding, something simply known in the society, or they can be almost insanely specific.

Cafuné, for example, is a word from Brazilian Portuguese that sums up the act of running one's fingers through another's hair with a tender intent. Mamihlapinatapei, a mouthful from Tierra del Fuego, is... The meaningful glance shared by strangers who each wish to initiate contact but are both hesitant to do so. Jayus, Indonisian, a joke that is so failed that one cannot help but laugh.

Not to exclude German, of course. I'm sure many are familiar with Schadenfreude, if America's Funniest Home Videos is anything to go by. Deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others. Türschwellenangst, like... "threshold fear," the anxiety that often comes when considering commitment. Torschlusspanik, a "closing gate panic," describes the fear faced at the realization that time is running out to act, recognizing diminishing opportunities and the like.

I'm beginning to think that we are a somewhat morbid people.

I'm also beginning to think that I really ought to do something more productive than... This.

[ Beat. ]

I am sorry for rambling! I do want to ask a completely unrelated question, however! It concerns my other course, which is drama. Can anybody vouch for their favorite plays? I suppose we can include musicals, as well, assuming I have students willing to sing at all. Either-or!
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I feel so desk-bound, lately.

I don't suppose anybody is up for a game of tag?

... Mind, of course, that it's not such a typical game. Since all here are granted abilities, I think it could be rather interesting.
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[ The video is basically just to show off Kurt in all of his blue, glowy-eyed, pointy-eared, fanged, two-finger-and-tail-havin' glory. He's smiling nice and purty. ]

And now that Ms. Jones' contest has been announced, it simply begs the question... What should I be for Halloween?

Obviously, I could go the very simple route, but I wonder if that wouldn't be cheating. After all, not everybody can possess such features and pull the look off so keenly.

I was thinking, perhaps, a literature character. D'Artagnan, maybe. Scaramouche. I'm sure that's not very stylish however.

Essentially: I'm open for suggestions.

I am also planning on having my students attend, specifically for startling others for the fun of it. If they are meant to be frightening at first glace, I figure I ought to play along, as well.
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[ Background noise like whoa! Bamf, bamf, background noise! ]

It might be prudent to compile a list of places that have not been cleared of civilians, if such last-minute organization is possible. I'm assuming there is a good reason that we have been given a warning, as we have. Less than three hours, now.

Where are people still trapped? Where are we needed? Everybody pick up on a suggestion and go from there.

The X-men have two high-capacity teleporters and myself, on hand. If there are any others able to transport people, preferably instantaneously, please chime in. All other speedsters or high-speed fliers, please do the same.

... There will be no quickness without organization. That is all I am trying to do.

If you yourself need transport out of the thick of the City, feel free to speak up. It will be arranged. I would not choose to leave without assuring this.

If this is even... Ach. Logical.

God be with you.
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[ The feed clicks on, and you're in a Bowling Alley! After a moment of fumbling, the image rests on the current bowler, who can be fairly easily recognized, if you know that head of hair, as Kitty Pryde.

She promptly earns herself a gutter-ball. ]

See, Kitty? That's three times in a row, now. This is what you get!

[ She makes a disapproving face and then goes to try for the other half of her turn. Kurt turns his comm. back to speak. ]

The recent goings-on, with the HIVE and the government and all of that... It is no wonder, really, that people might grow to distrust the imPorted. While we are having an excellent day for talks and speeches, I suppose it can't hurt for me to add a little onto that.

There are times in which you will be treated unfairly by people. I am not sure how much worse it will get, before this is all over, but... People are easy to spook, and it is easy to blame that which has not always been. I must implore every one of you to, in these circumstances, consider the tactic of turning the other cheek.

In short, do not be like Miss Katherine Ann Pryde, -- [The camera flips back to Kitty, who just manages to knock over one pin. ]-- who goes to mass with her friend and tries to cause a huge scene when asked to leave. Politely, mind you, all things considered.

Know that things will get better. You will find all the acceptance that you might need, if only you look. A bowling hour before peak hours hit, to put our situation forward as an example. And see? Kitty is losing rather badly. [ He laughs. Kitty let's out a faint, "Oh, whatever, Kurt." ] Divine retribution.

All that one might need is somewhere, the right place and time and people. I will try a new church tomorrow.
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In the interest of not adding to the latest, ominous goings on, which remain as mysterious to me as to anybody else... A new topic!

As was recently announced, the Institute here will be holding a prom in June. Now, being a newly-arrived member of the faculty, I am attempting to fill my time as I go, not having the proper lesson plans for months in advance. Thus, I am considering teaching my students to dance. Granted, it's not strictly theatrical, but it is a matter of showmanship. It's close enough, right?

Besides, we wouldn't want anybody trying to pull the old 'oh, but I can't dance' excuse, now would we?

Suggestions, on this front? I can waltz with the best of them, ballroom stuff, but I realize that's rather dated. I imagine, in the end, we'll be going for fun over practicality either way. Time warp? Thriller? The Macarena?

Although... Those last things cannot top waltzing for romanticism. I will defend that with my dying breath!

[ Annnnd then, an edit! ]

An addendum! I have been asked if those who are not my students can attend. I would not mind this at all, and would be happy to teach anybody.
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Well, this place is certainly interesting. I suppose the phrase 'never a dull moment' might apply. Whether that's a negative or a positive thing... Well, I daresay outbreaks of disease among innocent people would hardly be a positive. Never mind that thought, then.

Regardless, there seems to be no shortage of new arrivals. I'm fairly new, myself, but welcome nonetheless.

In the interest of getting to know people, a question! Or, rather, a series of them, because I find these things very curious:

Did you have super-powers before coming here? If not, is it true that you've been granted a power? And, of course, which power were you granted?

I'd also be curious to know peoples' opinions about being drawn into a world in which they are suddenly made different. Suddenly becoming different from the norm is, in all honest, something I've never had opportunity to fully consider.

Of course, being a fan of conversation, I encourage you to speak about whatever you'd like!

[Private to Cyclops]

I'd like to speak without you about possibly acquiring a teaching position. I realize I haven't taught in a while, but I would like to help the Institute here in any way possible.

Also, considering a few things that Herr Gambit told me briefly about, I wonder if I shouldn't ask you about future events. It may not be necessary, but perhaps I shouldn't try to remain out of the loop. I trust your discretion on the matter.

[Private to Logan]

Are you going to continue being shy, my friend?
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Guten Tag, fair City! I suppose I shall begin by introducing myself.

I am Kurt Wagner, also known as Nightcrawler of the X-men. Having read a small sample of the information provided on this Network, I've seen that the City may already be familiar with the X-men. Don't let my affiliation stop you from saying hello, of course! I promise that I am really quite charming, once you get to know me.

What a truly odd situation, ja? I wonder if I shouldn't be more baffled by it. Though... I suppose this reaction might be a good testament to how my life has been, thus far.

Anyway, yes. Hello, hello. I hope to get you know you very soon.

If somebody would be so kind as to point me towards wherever the X-men might be holding up, these days, I would very greatly appreciate it. I'm assuming they are, as always, my best bet for considering a home.
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I believe I should find someplace new to stay. My presence is causing some problems with the priest here - apparently, rumors have spread that he was offering sanctuary to mutants. He's been very kind and hospitable, but I think it would be better if I were elsewhere. Bringing these problems to his door is not a good way to repay him.

However, if anyone needs someplace to stow themselves until they can be escorted, he can be trusted from what I've seen. Just tell him you were recommended by Kurt.

So, does anyone have a couch, or maybe some floor space, that they could donate to an elf in need?
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With the recent talk of teams, there has been something on my mind that I thought I might ask.

Just how many do we have here, to which the term 'mutant' and/or the letter 'X' has some personal importance? Perhaps organizing ourselves would be a wise idea.

Not to mention, we should discuss how to handle things if this... "Iron Man" situation gets too far out of hand.


Dec. 24th, 2008 10:16 pm
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Fröhliche Weihnachten, meine Freunde!

On this day, we give our thanks for our friends, our families, and all the joys that God, the gods, or whatever powers-that-be have graced us with in our lives. For this moment, I urge you all to take a few moments, whether you're religious or not, to give praise for the good things in your life, and reflect on what you've learned from the bad.

Merry Christmas!

((OOC: Okay, all of Nightcrawler's friends and close acquaintances will wake up to a hand-written Christmas card taped to their door, with a small inspirational Bible passage inside, and some trinket of appreciation as well, except for two people. Selena will have a package on her doorstep that has a rapier inside, with a note - "En Guarde!" Logan will get a 24-pack of Samichlaus Bier, and a note - "Save one for me."))


Nov. 18th, 2008 09:08 pm
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I wouldn't mind getting a pair of rapiers again, if I'm going to be here for a while. I haven't done the old swash-and-buckle for a while, I need to see if I still have the skills.


Nov. 16th, 2008 03:47 pm
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It seems that whenever something bad happens in the multiverse, you're bound to find an X-Man...

Ah, guten tag! It seems I have been whisked away from the comfortable confines of my bedroom into this alternate world. Herr Stark must be in some dire straits if he's scooping us up from all over the place without even asking, ja? But, if there are people to be saved, then they will be saved. If there are villains to vanquish, they will be vanquished! And if there are adventures to be had, and wrongs to be righted, you can rest assured that the Amazing Nightcrawler will lend his aid to the cause!

Perhaps... would anyone know where I can acquire an image inducer?


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