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[Minako's face is serious and determined in the video feed.]

Hey, everyone. I know there's a lot going on right now, and a lot of us are trying to help however we can. I just want to say that the Pie Hole is open as a meeting place. I can't really offer anyone a place to stay overnight, but if you have people who need someplace to go, we can at least provide a warm place to sit and some food while something better gets worked out.

Or, you know, for anybody who's out there working rescue, you can come by and get some coffee and something hot to eat whenever you want. No charge.

[She pauses a moment, looking uncertain, and then quirks a wry, lopsided little smile.]

...it might be strange to say right now, but... best wishes to everyone in the coming year.


Oct. 22nd, 2013 07:39 am
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[Minako is at the Pie Hole, of course, taking a moment in the midst of getting ready to open... but that has nothing to do with the reason she's posting to the Network right now. She looks uncertain, and troubled; she should probably have shared this information sooner, but she's had her doubts about what to say, and how publicly.

She still has doubts, so when she speaks, it's hesitant and very brief.]

I think... I might have found out something about Atropos.
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[The video feed displays a forest from a very high vantage - maybe somewhere near the top of an especially tall tree, if the branches partly visible in the foreground are anything to go by. It must be a very tall tree, though, because the slow turning of the communicator takes in a vast expanse of forest indeed. The castle and town are visible in the distance at first, a long way off, but they're soon lost to view as the feed continues to pan along the treeline.

From this high up, there are subtle patterns visible in the sea of green. Like tiling, although broken here and there by some more unique features.

Including, the communicator finally turns downward enough to show, a long swath of disturbed undergrowth and broken saplings crossing the ground almost directly beneath the tree the broadcast is being made from. Where the ground is visible along this trail, there are tracks pressed into the earth, furrowed where claws have cut into the dirt.

Something very large has passed this way.]

Whatever I try, I haven't been able to find a way through the forest.

[It's Minako's voice, and in another moment she turns the communicator so she's visible in the video feed, crouched precariously in the fork of a branch with one arm wrapped around the tree trunk to steady herself, bright-eyed with enthusiasm.]

This looks like it's leading to something, though. I'm going to follow it and find out what.

Does anybody else feel like there's something weird about this whole thing? --I mean, more than the usual?
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[The video feed shows Minako, wearing her waitress uniform, at the counter of the Pie Hole.]

Um... I didn't want to say anything without being sure, but it's been several days now... I think that Ned has been 'ported out.

[She hesitates a moment, looking faintly anxious, but then seems to remember what else she wanted to say and presses on earnestly:]

I'd like to thank everyone who's supported the Pie Hole up until now. Things might be a bit disorganized here for a little while, but I've learned a lot from Ned. Since he's entrusted this place to me, I'm going to do my best to keep it going and up to his standards.

[She bows formally to the camera.]

So, please continue to support us. I'll look forward to seeing everyone here!

[Straightening up again, she reaches for the communicator, summoning up an optimistic smile.]

Thank you.
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[No video this time, a bit of a rarity for Minako's posts. There's just her voice, quiet and contemplative and maybe a little wistful.]

Hey, this is kind of a random question, but... if there's something important that you've forgotten about, do you think it's the same as if it never happened at all? Or, even if you never remember it, is there still something that stays with you? Locked up somewhere inside your heart, where you can't reach it any more...

Or, is it all just gone?

It's something I've been wondering about recently.
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[She's had a while now to recover, but Minako still looks tired. She also looks very embarrassed.]

Hello... is everyone all right?

Um, Kyouko already explained, a little bit, what happened last week, but... it was also because my Evoker was stuck with her in the 'Porter that things happened the way they did.

It's not something anyone had any control over, so it's no good to say it was anyone's fault. But since it was something that belongs to me that helped to cause the trouble, I do feel like I have some responsibility. So...

[She bows very low.]

To everyone who was troubled, I'm very sorry.
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[It's Minako, once again up on a rooftop somewhere, but there's something that's not quite right about her, in a way that's hard to put a finger on. The simple white kimono she's wearing is out of the ordinary enough, but even aside from that, something seems off.

Particularly keen observers might realize that her hairpins are on the right side of her head, instead of on the left side where she normally wears them, or maybe that there's something wrong with her eyes, though it's hard to tell what over the communicators' video feed.]

Hey, you know...? [Her voice is fragile, distant.]

There are many, many, so very many things that I still want to do... I want to graduate from high school. I want to see the cherry blossoms bloom, and the autumn leaves fall. I want to go to the beach again with everyone.

I want to go to a festival and eat dango and takoyaki. I want to fall asleep listening to the rain. I want to get up early and see the sunrise. I want to stay up late and go stargazing.

I want to kiss the guy I like. I want to sing karaoke with my friends.

I want to live to be twenty.

All of these things... they're not that much to ask, are they? Other people out there - you'll get to do things like that all the time, and you don't even understand how precious it is just to have the chance. [Her voice has taken on a plaintive, petulant edge, almost a whine:] Even though it could all disappear tomorrow, you still just take it all for granted, like it doesn't even matter.

It isn't fair.

[Suddenly her expression twists and her voice rises, loud and angry and urgent.]

It isn't fair! I've been everything anyone needed me to be! I did everything! I saved everyone!

So why...

Why is it that I'm the only one who can't be saved?!

[Kneeling there, she flails her arms uselessly at her sides, kimono sleeves flapping, like a child having a tantrum.]

I'm going to die, do you understand? I'm tired all the time! I'm scared all the time, and nobody ever even notices! As long as I keep smiling, then it's fine, right?! You don't have to care!

I don't want to die! I want to live!

[Her voice hitches and breaks in a hiccuping little sob.] But I won't. So that everyone else can keep on living - just so that everyone else can go on taking their lives for granted, and finding stupid reasons not to be happy, until it's too late--

[She squeezes her eyes shut, voice rising again, loud and shrill.]

Why does it have to be this way? Somebody tell me!

I don't want to die. [She's sobbing openly now, making no effort to hold back the tears at all.] Please, somebody - somebody--

Please, someone save me!

[ooc: Meet Shadow Minako. The Shadow Märchen plot has officially begun!]
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[Here's Minako, wearing her waitress uniform and looking disgustingly cheerful, the backdrop of the Pie Hole clearly visible behind her.]

I just found this out myself, but it turns out today is National Pie Day. Did anyone else know about that? I had no idea that was a thing.

[She's clearly tickled to no end by the concept.]

Everyone who's been here for a while probably already knows, but we're always getting new arrivals and all, so since today is the official day for pie I feel like I should invite everyone to visit the Pie Hole today.

[And she actually turns in order to indicate the shop behind her with a little flourish of the hand that's not holding her communicator.]

So that was all I wanted to say. I'll look forward to seeing you here!
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[Minako's nowhere to be seen in the video feed - instead, what's visible is the nighttime view of the City from the roof of the MAC, bright with a multitude of lights, a background of urban noise and snatches of distant celebration coming through the audio.]

It's funny... it's only three and a half months ago that I said goodbye to two thousand nine, and now I'm saying hello to two thousand thirteen.

I guess sometimes things just change faster than we expect.

...something I read once keeps coming to mind lately. "This world of dew is only a world of dew. And yet..."

[Silence, except for the City noises in the background.]

Well, I suppose it doesn't translate all that well.

[Another pause. This one lasts a while.]

Best wishes in the coming year, everyone.
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[A bit of deja vu, maybe: once more, Minako is sitting by the fountain outside Stark Tower. This time, though, instead of seeming both physically tired and emotionally excited, she just looks tired, uncertain, and maybe just faintly ill.]

...seems like I'm back...

[She's smiling, but it's an obvious effort.]

I don't really know what to think about it - coming back from the dead like this. I'm happy to be alive, but, still... death should be an ending. It feels wrong.

Maybe I just need time to get used to it... how things work here.

[And then she hesitates and her smile slips, leaving her looking anxious. She's already checked back through the network, so she knows better than to ask how things turned out after she died. But...]

...have any of the others made it back yet?
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[Minako is in her hotel room in Merida, on her bed with her back up against the headboard, sitting up very straight. She looks a little pale and strained, but determined nonetheless.]

Everybody knows by now what's going on, right?

I have some... I guess you could say healing abilities. I don't know how effective it'll be, but I'm willing to try.

If anybody needs it, just tell me. I'll come right away.

[She inclines her head to her communicator, and then shuts off the feed.]
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[Hello, City! Have a teenaged Japanese girl! (...with bright red eyes, but who even notices these things around here any more.) Minako is kind of disheveled at present, and she has a bright-eyed, slightly pale and quivery look to her, like someone who is simultaneously emotionally excited and physically exhausted and generally kind of giddy with the combination. From the looks of things she's sitting down at the side of one of the fountains right outside Stark Tower.

Nevertheless, her smile is bright and hopeful and friendly.]

Hello! This really isn't at all where I expected to end up. I'd really rather go back as soon as possible, but that won't be so easy, right?

--um, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Arisato Minako. [She bows her head politely to the camera.] I'm happy to meet you all. Please treat me well. If I've been brought here because I'm needed, I'll definitely do my best.

...it's kind of like starting over from scratch, isn't it? I'm not exactly sure what I should be doing now...

[There's a moment there where she seems a little uncertain, and her smile slips for an instant and leaves her looking faintly wistful. Then she recovers and the smile is back and as bright as before.]

I guess, to start with - can anyone tell me who I should talk to about enrolling in school? I was almost finished with my second year of high school back home. I'd really like to graduate, if I can. [A beat, and then an idea seems to occur to her that perks her up a little more.] If there are any clubs that are still accepting new members, that would be great, too.

...that's it for now, I think. [She raises a hand to give the camera a little wave.] Bye!
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When I thought that I needed a vacation this isn't quite what I was thinking about to be honest...!

[Minako's voice comes over the communicator, and there's a moment of silence before she speaks up again.]

Even if it was, I don't think things really work that way, so something's definitely weird here...

[Very weird and she sounds pretty unsettled, uncomfortable. She can feel her three of her Personae at least, who are trying to help her calm down a bit, but she can't feel any connection to the Great Seal which she gave her life to create and... She's wondering if she did something wrong. If she did something she wasn't supposed to, maybe...? She can't really remember remember right now.]

Um, if someone is hearing this, and has answers about what's going on, could you share them with me, maybe? Thanks!

[No reason to be rude after all, if there are people listening in here. As for any other question she might have... They'll have to wait until she can figure out of this.]


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