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I'm not going to try and pretend it's good out there, because god fucking knows, it looks abysmal outside right now. There's a lot of shit happening, and unfortunately, most of this is pretty damn far beyond my area of expertise. But, I don't think that's a weakness. This shit just happens. We have no control over it, and the City's been so quiet lately that I'm honestly fucking surprised we've gone this long, and are just now hitting something big again. We have to roll with what we have, and that means we're going to have to come together and make sure we get out of this intact.

That doesn't make this easier to handle, and it sure as fuck doesn't make this good, whatever it is. Just because I can't solve it doesn't mean I'm not going to try and do everything I can to make sure we're alright. I've already started calling for civilian evacuations, and I'd honestly suggest that if you can, get to it. Get out of the City, especially if you have a means to get out quickly. Hell, if you can get some other people out too, we'd be better for it. I can't make anyone leave, of course, but I think that's going to be the absolute best bet for everyone.

But, not everyone's going to follow my advice, and I know that. [ Hell, he's not following his own damn advice. ]

If you're staying, I'd recommend helping out where you can. Or at the fucking least, please watch out, and if you see someone trapped, or in trouble, please try and give them a hand if possible. [ A pause there, and it hangs in the air, while he seems to think on something else for a long moment. Eventually, he seems to remember he's still on the network, and he clears his throat. ] I think our civilians would be relieved to get out of anywhere they might be trapped, and there are only a few ways out.

If anyone has any ideas, I want to hear them. My City's falling apart around us, and if we can reverse it, I want to find out how.
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[ Oddly enough, the mayor sits at is desk. In City Hall. If anything, he looks a little tired and worn around the edges, like he hasn't slept. The comm's proped on the desk so it shows a few paper coffee cups littered about the surface, some are even tipped over, but other than that, the desk is remarkably sparse. He may have come back and burnt the midnight oil. ]

I know the past day or so has left many of you with questions. A lot of us went missing all of the sudden -- again -- and loathe as I am to admit it, it's a problem, but the problem of interdimensional porting isn't the big one. It's not exactly pretty over there, which I'm sure most of you have heard. That's putting it lighter than is really appropriate, honestly.

[ His lips tighten, and he runs a hand through his hair. It's not obvious, but it shakes, slightly. ]

I didn't like what I heard about it, already, and I didn't get much. The little I got was enough of a shock, and I want everyone who's out there, who can hear me, to remember that this place might be shitty sometimes, but we can make it better. We have to keep going, and not lose sight of what we're all doing here.

[ The briefest of pauses. ]

But if you can hear me, and I mean you people out there, in New Vesuvius, keep your eyes and ears open. Even the smallest detail could help us here, back here in the City, and you will get back. One way or another. There's an old proverb, or saying, or some shit like that, that says "this too shall pass," and there's never been something more appropriate. There were two before this one, and I don't doubt that Lachesis will let any one of us go that easily.

But there's a reason we were sent there, as much as I hate the fucking idea.

Just make sure to stay safe. Don't do anything stupid, but don't compromise, either. Just stay safe, and those of us here at home, let's make sure we hit the ground running, and figure out a way to make sure we don't see this anywhere else. [ Like here, it implies. ]
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[ The video feed comes on late at night -- late on Sunday night, even, which is when no one sane has any reason to be at City Hall. It's the first post Bradbury's made since getting caught up in the events at Yankee Stadium, and the video feed is filled with nothing but... green? The camera pulls away a little, showing off a half-decorated and fairly large Christmas tree (fake, of course) set up in the foyer. Boxes of ornaments and a stepladder are visible at the edge of the camera, but Bradbury himself is nowhere to be seen.

The question of where he is, though, is answered fairly readily when his exasperated voice comes off-screen. ]


[ B E E P ]

[ The feed ends there, but by the time people come in to City Hall by Monday morning, the tree in the foyer's been completely decorated - star, lights, and all - and actually doesn't look half bad. ]

[ ooc: Bradbury is in ultramarine and Mitch is in circuit board green. ]
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[ The voice on this end sounds calm. Surprisingly calm, considering the location, but unlike most addresses, it's very pointedly voice, instead of a video address. ]

I'm sure very few of you are surprised to know that something happened here in Venezuela, and I don't think anyone's been living under a rock, but if you have, turn on your TV. I'm sure they're still playing that address. Now it's up to us to take this by the fucking horns, and deal with it.

Being an imPort isn't easy, and we've been aware for a long time that Vulcanus is a threat, but more than that, they've been after us from day one. I don't know how many of you've seen what happened, but it's serious. It's beyond serious, it's fucking nasty, and what they've done doesn't just have an effect on us, it hurts Venezuela's people.

And we have a lead on how get rid of this shit. Whether it works or not, if you absolutely cannot control things, and you're at risk of hurting other people, I want you to consider giving out the information that they've asked for. If it doesn't work, they've just proven themselves to be the goddamn monster here, and not us. If it works, they've still proven that they're willing to see harm for their own hubris.

[ A pause. ]

They said it's a fucking virus. They infected us, but I don't want to see us give into their shit. If there were any way, if there is any way to keep your "secrets" and not fuck over Venezuela's people, do it. But, if you can't control it, or if you're at risk, I'm sorry that I have to ask you to do what they want, and make the sacrifice for all of us, and for Venezuela's people. Let's repay their hospitality by protecting them.

But more to the point, let's prove to the world that Vulcanus is guilty of trying to fuck over the people they say they're trying to protect.
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Evening, imports. I think you all are very aware that something is happening, and it's something big. We're seeing tragedy after tragedy, an attack left some of us in hell, or in the middle of a disaster, or something else entirely. Recently we saw our skies go dark, and people were hurt.

[ He folds his hands, and rests them on his desk. ]

And this is what people think of, when they think of imports.

It's hard to overcome negative press, and some of us know it better than others. I think quite a few of us do. It's hard to come back from it, once you're burned, it takes a lot of hard work to come back from that. I won't ask for much, but if you have a chance, help someone out if you see them in trouble. Even if it's just to step in and buy them a hot dog. I know something tiny like that doesn't sound like much, and it isn't, on the outset.

We have to start small, and build from there. Save a life, if you can. Do something that's within your capability, but if each person in our community does something good, and it shows that we're not monsters. That we care, and I don't think there are that many of us out there who don't care.

But we in City Hall can't say it unless we can prove it, and I want to prove that we're here to help, and not harm.

And when they try to say that we're the bane of existence for everyone out there, and that we're a danger, I want to be able to tell our public that we're going to improve this world while we're here, and I want to make sure that we're not the bogeymen that some people seem to think we have the potential to be. So no matter how big or small, let's change their minds, even if it's one person at a time.

Encrypted to City Hall Staff )
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[ As always, it's a mayor's desk post! ]

The day in the life of someone who's from here used to be pretty normal, you know. And then one day we started appearing, and in some ways, we've done our best to help people. I know there are a lot of us out here who try our best. And then we have shitheads who think it's fun to start a private fucking war.

Or whatever the fuck they're calling it now, but no matter how you mince words, it's not fucking funny, or a game. Especially when we have a group out there called Vulcanus who's doing what we're supposed to be doing better than we are, and if anyone thinks that what's going on out there won't knock our standing down a notch or twelve hasn't spoken to our community leaders yet.

Almost two days and we've already had a building destroyed, someone was killed on camera, and all the vampires or whatever the fuck they are you can find. And while they have their fucking fun, we have a lot of people out there paying the price. I know there are a lot of people on top of this already, but the more we can get, the better. I need to see people evacuated in any way possible, and the roads kept fucking clear of debris so the people with cars can get the hell out of here. Traffic's going to have to be diverted where we can to make sure it flows. Especially away from areas where we have fucking vampires and monsters.

But more than that, I need to know who's going to fucking help when this is done with? When these dicks are behind bars, we need to get things back to normal. The less that I have to hear that someone is losing their fucking job because they can't afford to start back up, the happier I think we'll all be, and we can give fewer footholds to the people who think we're fucking monsters. So, who's up for helping me out on that front?
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[ The comm feed clicks on for a press conference, with the requisite clicking and flashing of cameras, the soft hum of voices, but it’s obvious it was already softening, because they rapidly hush for the figures at the podium. Standing up there is the Mayor, as well as Norman Osborn, who are doing the whole song and dance with smiles and the press faces on. ]

Good afternoon, City. I know there’s been something of a pattern regarding our public works programs. For the past three years, we’ve seen a pattern of the power cutting out, either in localized areas, or even the entire city itself. I know our people have been working in overtime to make sure that our power comes back on as quickly as possible, but I don’t think that’s good enough, and neither did Mr. Osborn here. I’m happy to tell everyone today that thanks to his tireless work over the past few months, we’re finally able to unveil what we think will finally help the City put an end to this particular unpleasant occurrence.

I think Mr. Osborn is more excited about this than I am, so I’ll let him fill everyone in on some of the specifics of our project here.

[ Norman steps forward, adjusting his tie and looking into the camera, smiling rather victoriously. ]

Thank you, Mayor Hundred. For the past few months, I've been working rather tirelessly on a set of generators separate from the main City grid that will keep us all with power no matter what disruptions try to shake us. Obviously, they do not use electricity, but rather a conditioned and stabilized network of chemical reactions, cyclical bonding, and heat of combustion that constantly keeps them "powered."

[ He lifts up a blueprint that shows a table-sized orange disc-shaped device. It says OSCORP along the side in white. ]

Each one has power enough sustain ten City blocks, and is equipped to be capable of doing work enough for two, temporarily, in the event of emergencies; you can imagine how many there are in number. Patent-pending, for now, so no further questions, please.

[ His smile turns a shade drier and he turns to shake Mitch's hand. ]

So that's one problem solved. I thank you for the opportunity.

[ He waves to the camera and the TV feed will dissolve into some minor (non-patent-pending-related) Q&A, while the network feed cuts. ]

( Replies will be ICly delayed a couple of hours! )
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Good afternoon, imports. [ Oh hey, it's the mayor dressed back in a suit, and looking about as professional as usual. He has a grim smile on his face, and the comm is obviously placed on his mayoral desk, Mitchell on the other side. ]

I know it's been a very interesting two weeks, and I'm very sorry for my lack of presence. Unfortunately, it seems I'm just as human as anyone else, and found myself out of comission. I'm happy to say that as of today, I'm back in the Mayor's seat, and I'm proud of the way the City administration came together in a time when things weren't so certain. Each of the members of City Hall were exemplary during the past few weeks, and I think we can all agree that it's a godsend that I have so many talented and brilliant people here in City Hall.

[ He shuffles then, and looks down at his papers. ]

And while I know it's April Fools, there's something serious I need to address. Recently information came out about the police force. I'm disheartened to say that the force acted outside of the law in response to certain crises, and while I have always supported the police force, and hoped that they would always act with decorum, we're making sure that a full investigation is acted out over the next few weeks. Nobody should fear the cops, and I hope that most in the city will agree with me that the charges of torture are inexcusable. If they prove true, we will begin a closer look at the force, and begin implementing measures to ensure that there's greater oversight for not just the members of the police force, but also for the good of the City itself.

If anyone does have any information, I urge them to speak up about it. Any information can bring a speedy conclusion to this problem, and we can get the right people to the police force.

[ He pauses, still grim, before starting to reach out to the grab the comm, but there's a shift, and while reached out, Mitchell isn't in his suit anymore, he's in a really goofy getup. Helmet, jetpack, and all. He stops, looking at his hand, mouth opening, before: ]


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Monday, March 19th 2012. 2:00 PM

The Mayor's office of the City, New York State reports states that Mayor Mitchell Hundred suffered a mild concussion this afternoon while overseeing the reconstruction efforts in Times Square. He was rushed to St. Mary's Hospital, but was released with no lasting damage according to doctors. They report that there should be no lasting damage to keep him from returning to work within the week.

[ Oops but wait, there's more! Breaking news! This is on the news on Tuesday night, with everyone's favorite intrepid reporter: Bart Clinton! ]

We continue to have reports coming in regarding the disappearance of Mayor Hundred. If you're just tuning in, after receiving a concussion yesterday afternoon, Mayor Hundred seems to have disappeared in the late evening. After the address from the former Deputy Mayor, Edward Nygma, the City is still reeling tonight after the sudden disappearance. There's been no word so far, and the Mayor's office released a statement this afternoon requesting any concerned citizens to call in if they've seen anything in the past forty eight hours regarding Mayor Hundred's location.

In the interim, the Mayor's office has asked the citizens of the City to not panic, and please try and keep the order as they investigate the mysterious disappearance of Hundred.

We'll keep you updated on the situation as it continues to develop.
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[ It's public address time, also damage control time. Mitch is at the podium, all official like ]

Thanks for coming out here tonight, or tuning in. I wanted to thank everyone for their cool heads in light of recent weeks. I know the past month was extremely difficult, and the citizens of the City once again proved that they are adaptable and I'm proud that you call me Mayor, even through these troubling times.

And they are troubled. We've seen our City defaced, we've seen our national landmarks defaced, and even now, this is only secondary in the tragedy that's befallen us at the losses to the City as a whole, as well as the State of New York.

I've already expressed my condolences to his family, but I can't express my grief enough on the passing of Governor Moffat. What happened recently was nothing short of a tragedy, one punctuated by the loss of life of our citizens, and I know that both my fellow republicans, as well as the Governor's democratic companions are just as distraught as I am about the multiple catastrophes wev'e faced in recent weeks.

I hope that we can all come together, pull together, and make a change for the better. Suspicion and mistrust will only hurt us as not only a community, but the nation as a whole will suffer for it. We can, and we will pick up from this, City. I greatly hope everyone will join me in rebuilding, and moving forward.

But please, before we go to questions, I'd like to have a moment of silence for everyone that passed due to our recent troubles. The governor and citizen alike deserve the respect for the sacrifice they were foced to make for the City.

[ Any TV/Radio/Internet feeds will after a long minute, switch to an open press session, the one on the comms will cut out after the moment. ]
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[ Whoop here's the Mayor. Again. At his desk. Looking pretty chill official. ]

Good afternoon, everyone.

As we've all been informed, there are aliens among us. Shape-shifting aliens bent on the destruction of the human race. So if you're not one of these kinds of aliens, and just happened to get ported in like the rest of us, don't sweat it. Back to the Skrulls: we know you're out there. I'm sure some imports have a good idea about who is or isn't a Skrull, am I right?

I'm asking all of you to come out tonight to City Hall to aid us in identifying any skrulls you may be suspicious of. This is an opportunity for you to voice your opinions, no matter how illegitimate you worry they might be. We want to hear about who you suspect, and we're going to take a vote when all is said and done, once eveyrone has gotten their accusations off their chests. This is not a finger-pointing excuse for wanton slaughter of the people we suspect. The people "accused" of being Skrulls will be detained with the police force for a period of time. This will not be any goddamned Guantanamo Bay, so I hope the liberals among us will give your government the benefit of the doubt here.

I'm getting really fucking sick of all the violence going on here, so we're going to try to do this the legal, democratic way. Let's just see how much farther we get when we act like civilized people instead of monsters, huh? Tonight at City Hall, 7:00. The more people who come, the more people who can offer the insights that they've had regarding suspicious or alarming behavior.

If you're wanted by the police, you will be given amnesty for the period of the meeting. Only for the period of the Town Hall meeting. After that, you'd better scurry your law-breaking asses out of there before the police force gets out. If anyone tries to cause trouble, they will be stopped. I'd hope some of our big teams of heroes will be there to represent their opinions, so I wouldn't recommend taking the chance.

Right, if there's nothing else, I hope I can see a good deal of you tonight. Stay safe out there.

[ooc; lead up to the town hall meeting that will be opening up later tonight! Voting will also begin later tonight after Sara puts it up! ]
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Well, it's funny how quickly time flies when you're having fun, isn't it? [ Oh there's so much sarcasm there. He's had such a great week. Actually, there's a pretty annoyed edge to his tone. ]

I want to thank eveyrone who's stayed calm over the past week and a half. The way the community's pulled together has been really inspiring. I know I can't speak on a national scale, or even a state-wide scale [ :( ] but I can assure you that as a city, we're going to make sure that we have procedures in place, and that we can do everything we can to ensure both the safety of both the natives, and you. If anyone has any suggestions, my brand new communicator's on, and my door's open, so I'd be happy to entertain any ideas.

That being said, please remember that the authorities are out there to help you, and if you suspect something shitty's going down, I'd encourage you to report it to the people you trust the most, as well as the police.

[ A small pause. He taps a pen on the table. ]

Stay safe out there, and let's pray we're overreacting.

Encrypted to JAMES BOND )
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In 1914, in the middle of World War I, there was something called the Christmas Armistice. Around Christmas and New Years, there was an unspoken end to fighting just for the Holidays, although it was part of a trend that soldiers were just slowly becoming acclimated to not fighting [ A tap, tap, tap of his pen. ] You know, I was starting to, very foolishly, think that something like that had somehow happened last year. Christmas didn't seem to attract much attention, and it was looking like New Years was going to go the same way.

I suppose that was a bit too optimistic, wasn't it? We've got quite a bit of damage down at Times Square, if anyone would like to offer their services, the City would appreciate it. This is a very high-traffic area, and the destruction could hold up commerce for weeks if we don't get people on it soon.

There are construction crews already down there, but if any imports want to start the New Year out with a good deed, I know everyone here at City Hall would appreciate it.

[ Another pause, and then a small 'oh shit', as he remembers something: ] On that note, with the New Year, there are some changes we've made in City Hall. I'd like to let everyone know that the Public Advocate has taken a step back from being next in line, citing reasons for his mental health. [ a soft snort. Dude, this place is stressful. ] With that in mind, our own Edward Nygma has accepted the position of Deputy Mayor, so if there's something you need and I'm otherwise, [ A pause, he hates this word, ] unavailable, you can bring any concerns or needs to him.

Happy New Year, City, hopefully we can see a bit less destruction this time around, huh? Don't want to take all the thunder away from Mayan prophecies, do we?

ENCRYPTED to Edward Nygma )
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[ Welcome back to City Hall, where Mitch just kind of tossed his comm on his desk. Anyone watching can get a view of a stack of papers to the right (although what's on them isn't clear, the stack is a bit too high for the camera's angle) and to the left, only slightly in the corner of something bright and green, and plastic looking. Mr. Mayor is just kind of leaning back in his chair, hanging out. ]

You know, I never thought I had it in me. [ A pause, a shift, and he goes back to talking. ] I think I said a few things that I'm going to regret over the past few days. I was kind of an asshole. By the way, you can definitely call me an asshole, if you want. You get a free pass just this once. I'd suggest you take it.

If anyone's wondering, no I don't have so little faith in the system, or government and humanity in general. I think we can all do better, of course, but I don't think we're out of luck yet. Just in case anyone was wondering. Apparently I'm depressing when under the influence of... [ he trails off, and then shakes a hand. ] Whatever that was. Anyway, let's hear it. Make me humble.
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[ The screen lights on to a dim room, the kind with half light, and candles on the tables, and Mitch and Zee are just sitting there, both with steaks and drinks, and they have the look of two self-satisfied, smug bastards. ]

There's something I've come to notice about restrictions. We have laws, and order, and then we have self-imposed barriers. Things that we say we believe, if only to hold onto a modicum of control. It's almost depressing how much it holds us back.

The only thing that really holds anyone back is ourselves. [A momentary pause as she delicately cuts at a steak, parting a bite-sized piece from the slab of meat.] More specifically, what others think of us and the actions we take.

[ These are classy bastards. Mitch is just going to take a long drink of that whisky he's holding. ] It's not what others think of you that we should be concerned about. It's what we're doing. It's the impression you're leaving on the world. I don't know about you, [ meaningful look at zee ] but personally, I think there's more I could be doing here.

There's always something more. Always. [Politely, she chews with her mouth closed, swallows, and takes a sip of wine before she continues.] But that doesn't matter, does it? It's never enough. No matter what you do, it's never enough.[She locks her eyes with Mitch, offering him a small shrug and a quiet little sigh. Like they're talking about how drab the weather's been lately.] I have to wonder how much of it is useless.

All of it, let's be honest. We're all just litlte rats in the wheel. Just going for a goal that, if we're going to keep being honest, is utterly unattainable. [ He takes another drink, and his lips curl up in a smile. ] Completely worthless. In the long run.

Which is why you must do what you can to enjoy yourself. Life is just one little pleasure after another. [Less than half of the steak has been eaten and she pushes it away. How wasteful.] So we've decided to indulge ourselves while we still can.

After all, you never know when things will just suddenly end. [ And his glass hits the table, it doesn't break, but there's a note of finality in that. Like a death knell. ] One day, it could all be over, and you wouldn't have even had a clue the end was coming.

[ ooc; Mitch and Zee are officially evil until the end of the month! ]
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I wanted to thank everyone who leant their powers and time over the past few weeks. We saved countless lives with all the efforts brought forward by many of the heroes here. We managed to finish bringing in the citizens of the city Friday night.

There's a lot of damage through Battery Park and the Financial district. I hate to ask many of you to give more of your time, but if any of you are so inclined, volunteering your time to cleaning up the rubble can help get our city back on it's feet faster.

I think if we have the Meta population out helping, we can rebuild in less than a month. I think the City could do with a quick rebuilding.
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Encrypted to Edward Nygma and Jack Bauer )

I'd like volunteers. Anyone who can help with evacuations for the City's citizens, I'd appreciate your help. If you can offer your powers, I would appreciate it.

[ ooc; this is pretty much primarily for evacuating cityzens, and will likely be handwaved! ]
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[ The shot's got a highball glass taking up a good quarter of the camera, it's still half-full, and looks like it's been sweating for a while, like it's been sitting there for quite a while. There's a soft clink of ice, as a slope finally gives away and the ice reshuffles itself in the glass of amber liquid. Mitch is behind it, and his finger drums against the table idly. ]

You know, back home, it's still 2009. Shit, before a few months ago, it was 2003. In the past three months, I've lived through six years.

It's like a shitty sci-fi movie that has a shitty plot.

[ He scoops up the glass, and finishes that drink off, before setting it to the side of the camera and he looks right at the camera. ]

I'm sure everyone gets a shock or two. Shit, I'd love to hear your stories. What shocked you the most when you came to the City?

[ A long, very lengthy pause. ]

Seriously. Talk to me. Even if it's just for a bit. I want to hear from my constituents.
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[ He's not going to post with video this time around, but there's a sense when he speaks that there's weight behind it now. His 'official' voice has gotten some improvement since he was here last... 5 days ago ]

It's funny. When we arrive here, we're removed from every person we know. We're separated from our very lives, and most of us work to recreate some modicum of similarity to what we had back home.

It's not the same, though. It's never the same as really being there, and unlike here, back home you don't remember it. You don't remember the [ he almost says a word, and then stops. Catches himself. ] city you're supposed to be running back here, or the friends. Instead we just get our lives back. We go on, but the city stays the same. This place doesn't change, does it?

It's almost a comfort. [ There's a pause, like he remembered he needs to say something else. ]

So, I guess the City didn't burst into flames while I was gone. How has everyone been?
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[ Evening news time! And things are looking...pretty grim by the way the reporters are looking at the screens. ]

Reports from the mayor's office all evening have been sketchy regarding events that might have transpired recently. The rumor mill has been running all afternoon, and reports from the mayor's public relations office are just starting to filter in.

[ Our anchor's face is now replaced by the blue background, where the press release from the mayor's office is shown. The anchor's also reading it off screen. ]
For Immediate Release:

From the information that the police and interested individuals have been able to recover, Mayor Mitchell Hundred passed on last night in Gracie Mansion. We do not know the nature of his passing at this time. The Public Advocate of the City has taken the duties of Acting Mayor at this time. Due to the ImPort nature of Mayor Hundred, we do not know what to expect in the near future. The office will be releasing information as we receive it. We'd like to offer our condolences to the ImPort community as a whole, and all of us in the Office of the Mayor will be crossing our fingers that he follows the pattern of ofther ImPort deaths and returns to the city.

[ And back to the anchor. HORRIFIED ]

Well. That's all the information we have right now. We'd like to encourage anyone that might have any information regarding this event to please call the City police department. We'll keep you posted when we have more information.
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[ Here's your mayor on a podium with a whole gaggle of his staff off to the left and right of himself. Most of them are generally recognizable to those who would be particularly savvy when it comes to city politics! There's one unfamiliar face, but those in the police force should recognize her! ]

Good afternoon, City.

I'd first like to take a moment to thank everyone who was able to come out tonight, and I hope the rest of you had as much of a painless and puberty-free transition back to adulthood as I did. I'd like to take a moment before we get to the heart of what I'm here today to speak with you about to assure you that at this moment, I have the best minds we have in the city looking into ways to ensure that we can prevent a magical outbreak, but I would like to ask your patience as we attempt to figure out not only the cause, but also ways to prevent this in the future. At our next City Council meeting, I'll be rolling out some measures to ensure that the City doesn't fall apart in the instance that I am otherwise threatened or incapacitated and the deputy-mayors aren't able to fulfill their duty. I'll be proposing a change in our infrastructure and disaster management to ensure that the people of the city will know who to look to in an emergency.

And with that perfect setup, I'd like to take a few minutes to introduce our newest Police Commissioner. We've all been deeply saddened by the disappearance of Commissioner Lassiter, and his dedication to the job was one I greatly admired. It'll be hard to fit his shoes, but I've spoken with many of our police force, and after a thorough interview of many candidates, I'd like to introduce to you Roberta Hernandez. [ He's going to gesture to the woman now, who's smiling congenially, but she looks. like. a. Badass. Despite this! ]

Roberta has proven herself time and time again through her years with the force, and her dedication to not only the force but the safety and security of our citizens. I trust she'll be a force within the city, and will work tirelessly to work with not only our import population, but also our natural citizens, and I hope you will all give her a warm welcome.

Roberta, would you like to say a few words?

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Good evening, city. This is your mayor.

I know that right now is a trying time, with the birds and the bees literally going crazy. I wanted to tell you all that my staff and I at City Hall are doing our best to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. I know some of you are confused, and scared. If you're not an import, I suggest you remain indoors, and make sure all entrances to your home are locked, and all windows are closed. If you have pets, I would recommend keeping them locked in another room until this issue is resolved.

Imports, I know the city itself asks a lot of you, but if you have a power that could be of any help, I'm asking you now to aid the people of the city. If someone is in trouble, reach out to them. If there's an entire pack of rats or flock of pigeons, you have a city permit to terminate every last one of those fuckfaces before they get out of control and hurt someone.

I know this is a lot to ask of all of you. If you must leave the home, ensure that you lock all entrances to your vehicle and don't open the windows. I will be allotting a certain amount of available emergency resources to patrolling the streets to make sure you can leave your homes, and that entrances to public buildings and businesses are being watched.

Thank you, city. We'll get through this, and our pest population will be dramatically reduced.

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About that last spot on the panel.

I've got the perfect candidate.
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[ Hey city, Mitch is addressing the comm, and he sounds absolutely exhausted! ]

You wouldn't believe how much uproar comes up against imports when something like this happens, I wonder if half of the people would try and pull what they do.

Wait, no. I think I know the answer to that.

So my Emergency responders are exhausted, the media wants to know how I'm going to personally prevent this from happening, and I've got to make sure that the natural citizens feel safe.

It's been a pretty busy week, hasn't it?
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Shit. Shit shit motherfu--

[ Oh yeah, the comm is on. ]

I have one fucking hospital that just had a bomb go off, another one that just had a near miss, and someone's Dojo with fucking kids in it is on fire. [ His voice is hollow, and he swallows a bit to get control of himself. ]

I haven't heard any news on the latest attack, does anyone know anything yet?

Motherfucking kids.

[ There's a sound of a door opening, and he jerks, his left hand, which had been in the crook of his arm starts, a card being flung out as he gets up, shooing a secretary out, not even noticing that the card had been on his desk. Surprise, it's a Joker card. When he comes back to the screen, he looks down at it, and swallows. ]

Dammit. [ He's sheepish now. ] Breaking in and stealing my blackberry is the least of problems right now, but I need to know who's tracking him, if it's Batman, and how long this shit is going to take. I don't want any more lives lost.
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There's only so much a city can take, and kids? I think we're at the breaking point.

Well, okay, shit, I hope not, but seriously, we were dealing with fucking talking water and countries appearing out of nowhere. The water? Not a big deal, just another voice to the crowd, even if it makes certain things a little awkward. New countries? That's completely out of left fucking field. The usual bells and whistles of running a city are chaotic enough, but in a city with superheroes?

Well, Supervillains, but heroes make a mess too.

Here's the thing. Super problems need super help.

The issue is that the import community can't actually take jobs away from the people who were already here. But, they're struggling under the weight of the superpowered destruction.

So while there are great groups of superhero teams, they've got jobs or lives. What I want to do next week in the city council meeting is request to requisition funds to have a city-approved reconstruction team.

So, if you have powers, and want to do good, but aren't exactly in the whole superhero thing like some of us; [ Insert a self-depreciating laugh here... ] the city will have a place for you to do something. If you're interested, feel free to let me know, or my office. They know to get the right information.
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[ Mitchell's in a firehouse! Looking perturbed. He's standing in front of an oddly white vehicle, and none too pleased about it. ]

Okay, does anyone want to tell my why the city's firefighters called me in a fucking panic about this? [ He points back to the quite white firetruck ]

This is kind of a fucking safety hazard here, people!
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[ HEY HEY guess what program got the coveted talkspot again? That's right, SILVER FOX 720. This time there's been much hubbaloo about how the votes were finally counted, and the results for the mayoral election are in. The anchor cuts off the woman who'd been talking about why the votes had taken so long, and how citizens of the city were becoming frustrated, etc. ]

I'm sorry to cut you off, but we just recieved word from the election comission that late tonight, the last vote had been tallied, and the candidates were called. For those of you just tuning in, due to the circumstances surrounding the death of candidate Bendis, as well as candidate Byrne's insistance that there be a recount, I'm happy to announce that the City finally has a new Mayor. We've recieved word that candidate Mitchell Hundred will be serving as the mayor of the City.

Now following this news, we're going to go live to what is commonly known as the Metahuman Apartment Complex, where apparently Mr. Hundred has been living since he arrived in the city. Catherine, do you have any news on that end?

Mr. Hundred has recieved word of his victory, and we're currently waiting for some sort of contact with the press. So far, there's only been a statement from his campaign stating that he would be making a statement shortly--

[ And lookeewho it is! It's Mitchell! Coming outside the complex, and walking over to the press. He's dressed and impeccable as ever, and when he finally makes it over, all the reporters that were a moment ago about to drown out the reporter have quieted to a soft, almost shocked silence. They're not quite sure what to think about an import Mayor. ]

seriously I'm cutting this to save your flists, because lol victory speeches 8| )
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Just a quick announcement, if you're blind or don't watch a lot of tv, I'll be holding an open forum tomorrow morning at 9. Everyone is free to come, ask questions, or generally make big scene, although I won't guarantee that you won't be kicked out by security if anyone causes any problems.

So if you have questions, or concerns, or not clear on my stance about something, I encourage you to come by.
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[ HEY! It's a Hundred for Mayor rally. There's an intern behind the camera, and Mitch is at the podium. It spans over the crowd, which isn't too shabby, and there are posters reading things like "Give 100% for HUNDRED" or "HUNDRED for MAYOR 2010" It finally moves to rest on Mitch, who's looking very somber, but pumped. Maybe it's the high of remembering what day it is back home, but he's practically energetic. ]

Good afternoon, City! [ Cue politician waving here! ]

I know some of you have heard of me, or else you wouldn't be showing up here to give me support. Unless some of you are here to try to shout me down. Is anybody doing that? [ He pauses. ] No? Good!

As I'm sure all of you know, I'm Mitchell Hundred, one of your candidates for mayor. I wanted to speak with you all today about the choice you'll be making, and what you would expect from me as a potential mayor. I can spout my former record all I want, but I want to make promises to you, the voter.

I promise to every single one of you that I'm going to do everything I can to improve the city. I'm going to roll with the punches, and keep my fingers pressed to the pulse of the city. I promise to you all that everything I do, I want your input. I promise to hold places for all of you, import or natural to have discussions with me. I promise that I'll follow the law, and that I'll promote the right people for the right positions. I promise that together, we'll make this city stronger and better than it has been in a long time. We're going to make sure that there's a strong presence of disaster recovery in this city, and I promise the right people will be in charge of it. We're going to make sure we can roll with the punches, and that we can show the world that we all can work together. [ Through this, he's getting a bit more hyped up, and excited. ]

I want to help you, City. I want to make this city the best it can be, and I want you all to be a part of that! I promise to everyone here, and everyone who stayed home today, and everyone who's busy working to put food on the table that I'm going to make sure to work with you and for you! I'm going to stay vigilant for any threats to your livelihoods. I'm going to do everything within my power to keep us, and the city, [ he pauses ] and the imports safe.

We're going to work together, everyone! Thank you for coming out, and thank you for making this possible. Encourage your family and friends to vote, and let's make a difference when election day comes.

[ There's cheering, and all the usual hubaloo, and after a few minutes, our wonderful intern, let's call her... Theresa, brings the camera back to Mitch, and he picks it up with a smile. ]

Fuck, that felt good. That applies to you too, network. Talk to me.


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