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[The upbeat Salarian scientist looks a lot less upbeat on the video today, head bowed as he stands behind a lab counter. Actually, he looks downright embarrassed.]

Hello. Need to report... mishap with research. May have affected ImPorts. Possibly natives as well. Trying to determine scope of impact.

Was conducting stress testing on Evoker device. Partly responsible for previous event involving “Shadows.” [Air quotes!] Trying to determine the cause, prevent recurrence. May have inadvertently created new event.

[Mordin reaches off camera to pick up the culprit and show it to the Network. He’s holding a silvery gun-shaped device: Minako Arisato’s Evoker.]

Power surge during testing, resulted in massive Evoker energy discharge. Appears to have spread beyond lab, could have reached into the City. Evoker affects target’s subconscious. Summons images and powers from user’s own psyche. Can involve repressed fears, personality aspects. Effect described as... uncomfortable.

[Mordin sets down the Evoker.]

Difficult to say what might have happened. Anything from worst fears manifesting to disturbing dreams. Need to know if anyone experienced anything odd on night of the 24th. Could be related to accident. Will attempt to counter any harmful effects.

Abandoning research for now. Clearly risky, counterproductive, haven’t gained any useful data. Returning Evoker to owner, with apologies. Won’t risk further incidents.

Will be available if anyone needs assistance.
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[Hello Network! There is a smiling upbeat alien on your screens today, standing behind a lab counter.]

Greetings. Professor Mordin Solus here. Have two announcements to make, both positive. First, next version of Port-Out Sensor ready for distribution. Test model performed according to expectation, didn’t have to make many changes. Same basic design and function, developed by myself and Peter Parker.

[Mordin holds up a penny-sized plastic disc.]

Adhesive sensor meant for attachment to communicator. Detects Porter energy, sends signal when ImPort is returned to their own universe. Distinguishes between ordinary disappearance and abductions, and can also be used to trigger prepared messages. Give farewells, get closure, make separation less emotionally difficult for acquaintances.

Sensors available at Global Dynamics lab. Will be provided for free to any ImPort who wants them.

[The Professor sets down the disc.]

Moving on. For those who don’t know, am currently administrating the ImPort Clinic. Medical facility primarily staffed by ImPorts, serving both ImPorts and natives free of charge. First-rate equipment, well-stocked laboratory. Issuing call for new staff members: medical, administrative, maintenance, any capacity. Volunteer position only, but do offer some benefits. Also excellent opportunity to practice medicine for its own sake. Usually quite busy, often get interesting challenges. [Mordin inhales, and smiles more.] Educational.

New staff members have to prove qualifications first, of course. Can arrange for practical test if your certification is in another universe. Understand that these things happen. If interested, can start immediately.

That’s all for now. Will be available for contact if you need me.

[ooc: Comment here if you want your character to get a sensor, and here if you want them to join the Clinic team!]
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[Mordin looks like an escapee from some extrasolar amphibian Hell beyond the light of the Sun. His skin is tight around his body, mottled with clammy-looking grey patches. A white smear is creeping across one of his featureless black eyes, and there’s a grotesque sagging quality to his features, as though his body’s structure is becoming like soft, mouldy wood. He’s even speaking more slowly than usual, at least a little.]

Medical scans... confirm deployment of Vulcanus virus. All Imports in Merida appear infected. Vulcanus released media address claiming responsibility for plague. Saw it online. Urge anyone who hasn’t seen it yet to do so. [He scowls, wrinkling his face. The tension causes a small split to open in his skin, gray and decayed.] Further confirmation of their nature.

Disease appears to be progressing... rapidly. Probable side-effect of Salarian metabolism. Prognosis not good. Will be incapacitated within next solar day. Unable to work on a cure. Unacceptable situation. Need to treat this. Need to work.

Therefore, left with no choice but to comply with Vulcanus demands. Only way to help other victims. Reason for this post.

Cut for length )

[Mordin takes another deep breath, lets it out, and smiles. The expression wrinkles his rotting skin in odd ways.]

There. Finished. Already feel somewhat better. Could be result of Vulcanus’ promised cure, or simply emotional catharsis. Need to run tests to be sure. Regardless, relieved to get past off chest. Clear the air.

Going to work on cure for plague now. Will welcome any cooperation. [The smile goes away.] Of course, will also understand if you’re not willing to work with me after this. Loss of trust fully justified, considering circumstances.

One more thing. Aware Vulcanus and sympathizers will likely see this. Suggest thinking about story. Possible lessons regarding implications of biological weaponry justified for ‘greater good.’
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[The video opens with Mordin and Peter smiling at the camera, apparently in a lab of some sort. Given the height difference between them, Mordin is stooping a bit and Peter is kind of on his tiptoes to get them both in frame.]

Have announcement to make. Culmination of joint project. Upgrade to communicators. Could change the way Port-outs are handled.

[Peter rolls a small, penny-sized disc across his knuckles, then catches it between his first two fingers and holds it closer to the camera.]

What we have here is a sensor which, when attached to your communicator --

[He peels a little film off the back of the disc with his fingernail, grabs a comm from offscreen, then sticks the disc to the back of the comm, turning it so viewers can see how it’s attached.]

-- is designed to send out a signal to our computers here at the moment you get exPorted.

Calibrated to particular form of energy emitted by Porter. Very distinct. Records on communicator as well as sending signal. Should eliminate uncertainty after disappearance.

Right. [He nods.] No more worries whether your friend has been sent back to their home or if they’ve vanished off the face of the Earth for, well, an entirely different reason. Or that’s the idea, anyway.

[As Mordin taps his chin:] Of course, can’t entirely account for Lachesis. No way to tell if she’d be able or inclined to sabotage upgrade. More research required.

That’s where you guys come in.

Asking for test volunteers. Would receive upgrade, allow us to see whether sensor works after Port-out.[Pause, blink.] Obviously, don’t hope to see you Ported away. Unless you want to return home. In that case, wish you luck.

[It sounds like Mordin’s getting on a roll, so Peter interjects hastily:] Either way, if you’re interested, speak up in the comments or you can reach us privately through either one of our comms. And thanks for participating in the scientific method. [Yes, he said that in complete earnestness.]
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Advising for those who knew her: Tali'Zorah vas Normandy returned to own universe recently. Last remaining person from our world. Will miss her.

Appears to have left behind significant funding. Odd, wasn't aware her earnings were so high. Positive development nonetheless. Can use to pursue research.

Putting out open call for proposed scientific projects. Willing to use Tali's money to support new discoveries. She's an engineer- would probably please her, were she still here.
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[Good morning Network, say hello to a big-eyed alien smiling on your communicator! It looks like he’s outdoors somewhere woodsy- bright green vegetation fills the background behind him, shade patterns move across his skin as he talks, and birds can be heard singing somewhere close by.]

Greetings! Professor Mordin Solus, just brought back to this universe. Surprised by dislocation. Poor timing by Porter. Was in the middle of something important.

Would appreciate update on developments since ExPorting. Save time backreading entire Network. Notice new communicator design, different Network layout. Upgrades from Lachesis perhaps? Interesting.

[A brightly-coloured bird flitters by behind him. He turns to observe it for a moment before resuming the post.]

Also need to request transportation. Tested theory upon return to Porter Building, attempted to acquire Porter sample. Effectiveness of Lachesis’ defensive measures confirmed. No regrets, though. Had to try. Currently somewhere... outside City. Near the Pacific, judging by local vegetation. Should be fine for now, but would like to get back soon. Eager to resume research.


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