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I want to know what you know about the group calling themselves the "Red Death". Anything is useful, even it if it's just a rumor you read on the internet.

[ Encrypted to Bobbi Morse ]
I'm going forward with that project. If you want in, you're in.

[ Encrypted to Gilbert Nightray, Daria Morgendorffer, and Julian Keller, respectively. ]
We should talk.
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[There's some muffled ambient noise, as though the walls of the building are slightly too thin to cope with the sounds of the city itself. As a siren dies down, someone either sighs long and hard or (as the educated and discerning listen might be able to tell) takes a drag on an expensive cigar. From the rough sound of the speaker's voice, it's probably the latter.]

Just how often do imPorts run off an' take over private property and sovereign countries that don't belong ta them? Just how often do we destroy private property, and kill or cause serious harm ta each other or civilian bystanders?

Don't think either of those are rhetorical. I'm askin' this outta professional curiosity and also as somethin' some of you might wanna consider. Cause from where I'm sittin' at the moment, we look every bit as bad as Vulcanus is tryin' to make us seem.

[Nick takes another drag and the feed cuts abruptly.]
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[Hey look! It's an empty MAC room. The comm appears to be floating as if someone's holding it, but there's just nothing interesting there. A bed, a desk with some scattered papers and a denim jacket hanging off a chair, a coffee mug that looks like it could probably use a good rinsing. Nothing super cool or seemingly worthy of the bandwidth involved in sending this video.

... It basically carries on like this until abruptly someone (or something, I guess) picks up another communicator and begins to punch out numbers on the key pad. They don't have any significance, but they're pressed and released in a very specific way. It's slow at first, but gradually the repetitions get more comfortable and quick. Yes, that's right. Someone's punching out Morse Code very awkwardly on a keypad.

After punching out SOS SOS (pause pause) about 10 times, whatever's holding the second comm apparently gets irritated and so away it goes, sailing through the air obviously propelled by something, only to land angrily against a wall.

And then, the feed goes black.]


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