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Aug. 6th, 2013 09:39 pm
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[ The feed clicks on to a rather posh desk. Very posh, actually, despite the stands where they are very obviously very well-loved by the birds that occasionally perch there. Oddly enough, there is not the just the usual accompaniment of Percival, but a new face as well, a bird that looks like none other. Something with vibrant feathers, a rather musical-like chirp, and a face that still looks like it's drinking in every detail. There's a definite intelligence in the bird's face, and it literally looks like something that some people would recognize as something that looks vaguely like something from TíraFórsae. ]

It's curious, how exciting things continue to be, isn't it? One thing after another, after another.

[ He's smoking, and he waves a hand, smoke curling from the cigarette, and drifting back and forth across the screen. ] And yet life does need to go on, doesn't it? No matter what nonsense seems to come up from one week to another. Thankfully, things seem to be a bit more low key now.

I was thinking that perhaps something a bit more low-key is in order, hm? I've been feeling rather inspired lately, if I do say so myself.

Next Friday would be the perfect time, and I was considering something of a theme. After all, most of us wore some sort of costume at one time or another, didn't we? Although I do think this will be a bit more vintage than most are used to. Something historical, I think. [ He waves his hand, like he's coming up with it at the drop of a hat, but everything is perfectly considered and carefully plotted.

He smiles at the camera, something sharp and just a touch sharp.
] I know how people here enjoy nostalgia, after all.

[ And then he lifts in front of the camera a cardstock version of a poster that's going to be making the rounds in places where... posters show up. Advertising, of all things, a 50's themed night. He even looks a little pleased at the prospect. ]

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Jun. 1st, 2013 07:02 pm
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[ The feed starts off with a light, albeit world-weary sigh. ]

I'm rather pleased that the month passed, finally. [ He holds up a paper from a few weeks ago, the small article with a headline that says: "TRAGEDY STRIKES AT THE ICEBERG LOUNGE" rather plainly in view. ]

Perhaps with the summer coming, things will be considerably less tragic.

I do hate calling the authorities into my place of business. None of this is very good for my overhead, I'm sure the businessmen among you understand. [ But there's a pause, because that's a bit cold, even for him. At least outwardly. ]

Not withstanding the fact that there was quite the tragedy. Has anyone else had their staff murdered, or am I unique in that sense? I'd hate to think there's someone targeting import staff out there. Or maybe it's one of our own, but nobody would be that unscrupulous, now would they?

Even if it is tragic to think that we're that well disliked by the native population, that they'd kill their own.

[ A little darkly, at that. He doesn't believe it for a second. ]

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Jan. 29th, 2013 07:44 pm
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I find it rather ridiculous how some people seem to revel in the more base exploits from time to time. Hunting really does harken back to our days when we had to do so to survive, and yet it's hardly necessary these days. Sating the bloodlust seems so pointless when one has it readily available.

Or rather, when it's able to be found at convenience. Of course, perhaps some here in the City aren't so fortunate. [ He doesn't sound so upset about that. Just stating a fact. ] I couldn't imagine being one of the poor souls that would go without dinner tonight, or a rather fine glass of Chardonnay. I have recently acquired several rather well-aged bottles recently, it's a shame it can't be shared. [ Again, his tone of voice suggests that he doesn't think it's a shame at all. ]

Although, I wonder how many of you would even appreciate the accquisition of a Domaine Leroy Le Montrachet Grand Cru. I suspect it would be far too few.

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Nov. 29th, 2012 08:21 pm
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[ Oswald's in the Lounge, as per usual, and he's got his comm propped on the table, with two ladies on either side, but they're not really in the shot, other than their shoulders, he's not really speaking to the camera when he does pipe up after a moment. ]

Ah, ladies, ladies, you wanted to see what a communicator looked like, didn't you? Now, please, hush for just a moment. I'll offer you a live demonstration.

[ Now he looks at the camera, and gives it something of a placating smile. ]

As I was simply demonstrating to my find friends this evening, the network is an interesting means of communication. Quite handy, too.

And I've found that after a year here, imports use these little devices quite a bit. Perhaps too much.

[ And he almost says something more, but a blonde tips her head into the screen, and makes something of a surprised face, a little vapid. Ozzie smiles at her, not fondly, but sharply, and speaks to her instead of the phone. ]

Yes, yes, my dear. I would hadly want to-- [ At this point, he presses the comm off distractedly. ]

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Aug. 6th, 2012 08:52 pm
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[ Ozzie's at his desk, and quite obviously, there are some very exotic birds today. Lots of bright colors, and the occasional exotic chirp. ]

I must say, it's quite distressing that a country would think this was a good tourism strategy, to bar imports from entering. Of course, at the same time, perhaps advertising an import-free vacation spot may be satisfying to some.

[ He pulls his cigarette free from the holder, and stamps it out. ]

I wonder how many of you are thinking of breaking international law out of spite? Or even how that will be achieved?

.05. Voice

Apr. 4th, 2012 07:45 pm
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[ He clicks on the comm, and he sounds so sour right now: ]

If there are any technical experts, I would appreciate speaking with them. I may know my way around a computer, but I'm hardly able to deal with an infestation.

[ Of Hatoful boyfriend images. This is embarassing. ]

It seems that my luck with computers only goes so far. [ And other things. He's not going to talk about how the other things that happened. ]

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Mar. 14th, 2012 05:29 pm
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It's astounding how lawless this city can be.

If I were a few years younger, I would almost be inspired, and yet all I can do is look now with despair that my own property has been taken.

How disheartening it is, that with all of these heroes, some of my most prized posessions have been taken from me. [ A sigh ] Perhaps if there are any others with a love for the feathered sort, you may wish to watch out. Apparently there is someone stealing birds.

Of all the things to steal. [ Said so sourly. He's. Pissed. ]

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Jan. 8th, 2012 09:42 pm
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[ Ozzie flips his comm on in the middle of a large room with lots, and lots of bird perches, and a few have some filled, an african gray parrot, a pair of doves together on one, an indian ringneck, and the rest are empty, except for Oswald's shoulder. On his shoulder is a rather large bird. ]

It's astounding how far a good opening can go for one's name, hm? And speaking of names, [ he holds out a small bone to the bird, and it snatches it up and swallows that bad boy down, ] this is Percival. Say hello, Percival! [ And the bird focuses an eye on the camera. It almost looks like it's glaring. :( ]

I thought if I am to be here a while, I should bring some of Gotham back to the city. With a few additions, of course. [ Another bone, it snatches it up, and swallows it down. ]

There are so few things to spend good, hard earned money on these days.

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Dec. 3rd, 2011 12:55 pm
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Well now, I've noticed there are a few markets around here that could use a guiding hand. Have you people had no real businessmen here at all? The opportunities are practically endless.

[ There's a shift, and the sound of a zippo popping open, and lit. ]

Enough about that. This is hardly the place to be musing. I would suggest you all keep your calendars open for the the twelfth, especially if fine drinks and fine entertainment are something you're particularily interested in. Or finding the right connections. I think the propaganda should be out by next week, if you're interested.

[Unless...you're a Gothamite. Gothamites get lovingly sent invitations. With little notes at the bottom telling them to behave or else.]

Encrypted to Roman Sionis )

.01. Voice

Nov. 11th, 2011 12:28 am
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Hero, was it? I don’t think anyone’s been stupid enough to call me a hero before. [ A soft, chortling laugh ] And this is supposed to be some sort of advanced communicator, is it? Pretty little bit of technology. [ A slight pause. ] I’m no expert, mind, but I think this could go for a pretty bit if you pulled it apart. Has anyone actually tried?

[ A fumble, he's looking it over again. Like he's examining it, before he goes on ]

I don't suppose anyone could tell me where I could find a decent drink? From the area, I don't think they would serve anything I'd touch even if I was dying.


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