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So, apparently all the little pieces are coming together.

So much so, that it got some of us thinking, in particular Dr. Solus. Now, the thing about it, is that he's a bit busy at the moment, but he wanted me to share what we found out. [ A pause. He doesn't necessarily agree, but hey, information at a cost is information. ]

I'm sure the subject of Dr. Townsend was a bit of a surprise, when we figured out that this, well, interesting fellow had some interesting ideas, didn't he? Obviously, Vulcanus thought so, or else they wouldn't have invested into it so readily. Conspiracy theories always have an interesting twist to them, they're always grounded in a seed of truth, even if sometimes that gets buried.

So anyway, back on topic. I'm afraid the good doctor is unavailable at this time, ensuring that our sources are taken care of, and all of that. You see, our Dr. Townsey helped out Vulcanus in a big way. The source Dr. Solus found was a professor of quantum physics, and she had a theory about interdimensional travel. See, there's a funny thing about travel between planes, I'm starting to think, and that's that it doesn't always work the same way. Where I come from, after all, it's not exactly a big deal. In others, it's unthinkable, but it's still something that could happen. Anyway, our professor was trying to transport items, organic beings between planes, but it wasn't going well.

That is, apparently, until Dr. Townsey fell into the mix. Apparently, Vulcanus was drawing froma multitude of sources, when they pulled this together. The problem was power. Which, generally, is a pretty big problem. You require a lot of energy to move from one to another, and apparently, they didn't think asking some of us was a good idea. Rightfully so, of course. Not just any power, though, gravitational force. [ He has his own theories about that, based on the research, but only tech people care about that, right? There's a soft click, like the sound of a tongue against the inside of his mouth, thoughtful. ]

Anyway, the rabbit hole's getting a bit deeper, isn't it? Understanding the how is the key to understanding the rest of this. I can make deductions, but the more important thing is that we stop their attempts. Vulcanus can keep working all they want at this, and they obviously have the resources, so we'll need to take this a step further.

But, at least, now we can have an idea of where to go from here. There aren't many ways that they can do this and stay hidden, I'd think.
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[ Welcome to Tony Stark's very swank lab, in the bowels of his company. There isn't much there, the way the camera's angled, just Tony Stark's head from above, and he's accompanied by a large sea turtle (with a human penis attached) and a few scattered sheets of metal that haven't been worked yet. The camera faces down, which means Stark looks up at the camera, giving it a look. Lately, he's gone back to the mustached look, instead of the goatee. His hands spread across the table, like he's using it to hold himself up. ]

I'm not normally one to look down on someone using science to move forward. Hell, I'd fund them, if I thought they'd take it. That's kind of the point of being a futurist, is trying to figure out ways to improve our future, and I do mean that, the communal our. Unfortunately, we have some people who get in our way at every turn, and no matter how much we look, the rabbit hole gets deeper.

I took something of a vacation recently, with a few other people, and we thought -- hey, wouldn't a diving trip be fun? But wouldn't you know it? After we head into the warm carribbean waters, there's someone determined to make our lives a living hell. I mean, keeping us out of countries, sure, and I suppose it's our fault for heading to the Caymans, because of their connection with Britain, but hey, we had every right to be there.

Anyway, when we went diving, we ran into an issue. You see, being curious, spunky imports as we are, we decided to investigate the oddities underwater. The weird thing was, we found something in there. It wasn't your standard...oddly placed underwater storage facility, it was your average underwater shadowy organization research center. Complete with, [ he gestures to the turtle with a human penis attached to it ] mutated animals. Now see, there wasn't much there. I guess we startled them, or maybe they were afraid we'd get too close eventually, but there were some interesting notes. Apparently, this thing here [ he gestures to the dick on the turtle ] was supposed to launch fire. Talk about sexually transmitted diseases. This wasn't the only one, either. I mean, the rest were other body parts, but it looks like the same thing could have applied to those too. They were mutating them to have powers.

Just think abot that.

As someone who's used technology to give myself something comparable to powers, I think I have a hell of a position to be pretty outraged by this. Who knows, they do this, what's next, they build an army of... [ He looks down at the turtle, well, it wouldn't be an army of turtles with dicks that shot fire, but... ] people with powers to take us out?

Don't lose your vigilence. It was a team effort that led to some of us figuring this out. The more we work together to take care of them, the better off we'll be.
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You know, in my... [ He trails off, pausing. ] Oh, huh, four years of time here, I don't think I ever went anywhere but a one-time trip home.

So, good to know that apparently there are other worlds out there, and that our wonderful kidnapper seems to think it's a little funny to show us a "whole new world". At least it was a bit of a time away, although I could think of a far better vacation than going to that place for a few days.

So, tell me what you saw in Metricog. Especially if it was out of the ordinary, and I don't mean in general, but out of what seemed the ordinary for that place. Just in case you started telling me all aobut the people made of oil, because I have eyes too.
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[ The network clicks on to a vocal feed, with a text component. The text component clearly reads four different messages, from four different sources. 1, 2, 3 and 4. ]

It sounds to me, like people who've been hearing voices lately may have had something else added into that, something of particular interest. So far, there have been four accounts of uninterrupted noise in the heads of some imports, but with all the extra fluff, there's something different, that actuallly pertains to us.

That's four accounts thus far, although other people have noted they've heard some noise.

So if you've been hearing voices, heh, we want to talk to you. [Ghost doesn't do delicate, but the next part sounds a little like he's trying to ...connect, or be understanding.] There will be no accusations of insanity. We promise.

If what we've heard already is trustworthy, we as a community have until late September before Vulcanus brings the hammer down. A substantially larger grace period than they gave Caesar.

We'd like to collect this into one place. The more data we collect, the better-equipped we'll all be to handle what might be coming. This should potentially be taken with a grain of salt. Until I have something straight from the horse's mouth that it's happening, there's no need to jump to conclusions, but it's best to be prepared.

Thank you.

Maybe we could head this off, I want all of us to be ready.

[ Any information shared will be tagged to the end of the post later. Too many technopaths up in this shit. This is Ghost.
Later, Tony adds: This text file; this phrase; and this phrase from an undisclosed source.
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[ This comm post cannot be traced location wise. The only traceable origin is a StarkTech satellite in space, and that's after several redirects. There's no triangulation to be made, but what the viewer can see is very obviously an arial view of a street in Moscow, it pans smoothly, like it's really not that far above the streets. Underneath it in text is a statistic that reads: ]

55% percent of Russian citizens do not currently support the Imbargo act being passed. 45% support it.

[ After a few moments, the feed cuts to another one, this time a much closer view from inside the Duma, near the ceilings and looking down. The camera is focused on a conversation in Russian, but thankfull, there are subtitles translating what's being said. There's someone speaking currently, and what the subtiles translate is that he's giving a speech about the Imbargo act currently. ]

"--Should we give them the chance to cross into our borders? The United States has a concentration of these ready to use whenever they so wish! They could be spies, or saboteurs, or if they wished, they could level Moscow herself! We need to protect ourself now, before it's too late--"

[ The feed begins to drift away, before it seems to wink out just before going through something. Finally, the feed switches to voice. ]

This is getting messy, fast, isn't it? It's only a matter of time before things progress beyond this. Don't forget, the world views us as weapons first and foremost, before they think of us as anything else.
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I know a lot of us are looking for the Major. Especially since he's having way too much fun with this.

[ Attached is a map. The specific location of the map is Manhattan, near the Hudson river, with an apartment building very obviously highlighted. ]

If you're looking for him, your comms should be displaying a location. It's swarming with the Major's men, so it's hard to miss it.

[ Cue satellite footage. HQ very nice satellite footage. ]

I think taking care of some Nazis sounds like a pretty good way to end a night.
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[ Well, here's a fun little shot. It's dark, of course, and it's raining, lightning strikes to light the video, the view of a skrull body, lying prone on the ground, green blood dripping. Above it is standing a suit of armor, glowing lights, red and gold. The lights dim again, and the cold, lit eyes look straight at the camera, digitally sent to his comm. ]

Take them down.
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[ In this video is an examination table. On the examination video is something that might have been once Candy Deconnick. The green skin gives it away that it isn't her, but instead a Skrull. There are instruments around, and the lights are bright. There are some computers off to the far sides, but the screens aren't accessible at the moment. On the bottom right portion of the screen Tony pops up ala "picture in picture", and he points to the much larger frame. ]

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a Skrull. I know Jen spoke a little bit about it the other day, but I think it's important that everyone gets a good look at what they are after you kill them. Skrulls have an interesting part about their biology that they shape-shift, as I'm sure most of you have been informed. [ He stops gesturing now. ]

Skrulls are dangerous, period. I've had a little time with the body so far, but it's looking like they're the type that people from my world are most familiar with. [ He doesn't say it, but undetectable is what he's going for. ]

I'm in the Avengers Mansion. If you want a closer look, you're welcome to it. [ A pregnant pause. A very pregnant pause, and he finally speaks again. ] Anyone who wants a closer look is free to come down, but iIf you try and take it, or destroy it though, I wouldn't recommend trying. [ If you're a skrull..... 8| ] This is something I want everyone to see, whether through this, or in person. I'd be happy to give the knowledge we do have in the Skrull race.

If you have a knack with biology or scientific principles, I can also spread some of the data we do have. Or you can take a closer look and gather some of your own.
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Evening, netowrk. If you had to choose between the Mediterranean, the Carribbean, the Mexican Coast, Australia, or Hawaii to go on vacation to right now, which would you pick?

This is an important question. I'm feeling a bit disenchanted with all the cold, you know? I thought maybe getting out of the City for a bit might cure some of this winter blues. Occasionally, a change of scenery is excellent for that.

Encrypted to the Avengers )
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[ This is a quick data burst to: Dr. Strange, Namor, Black Bolt, Charles Xavier]

Gentlemen. A moment of your time?
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ooc: red is tony, pink is nathan!

[Cameras are popping out all over, and there's some murmurs among the crowd - a good many of them being 'Who's that guy with Stark?'- but dozens of reporters, journalists, bloggers, and various hanger ons are gathered together in one big press conference room, where Nathan and Tony are seated next to each other. A 'Starktech' wall holds up a rather large TV, currently also broadcasting just a moving Starktech background, a screensaver.

With a wave of a hand, Tony hushes the room, standing to speak.]

Thanks for coming out here today, everyone. I know you're all excited to see what new projects we've got cooking up at StarkTech, but today I'd like to take a little time to announce a new joint venture that I think you're all going to have a lot of fun with. [charming smile, cue nathan]

[Nathan stands, looking a mix of playful and serious, and his voice emphasizes it.] Hello, all you wonderful ladies and gentlemen! Nathan Seymour, and it's my absolute pleasure to meet you - but even more, it's my pleasure to introduce to you what will soon be on the lips of everyone in the city, everyone in the state, and everyone in the nation! A fresh, unique series that will be taking airwaves by storm... sponsored generously by Starktech... [And he gestures over to him, giving him control of the floor, a little more time to build it up before the unveiling.]

[And Mr. Stark looks all the part of the generous sponsor, and the smile on his face is practically pitch perfect.]
That's right. My friend and I here were considering what would be the best new thing we, as imports, could bring to this fine City. I'm sure many of you are aware that in some worlds, we Superhumans are no more rare than blondes or brunettes, [ smile and a wink for two of those reporters up front. Hello Ladies. ] and we've all had our own unique ways of promoting cooperation and interdependence. [ And Nathan, would you like to take it from here?]

[And he does, bandying about a remote that's just begging to get used.] But we haven't really gotten to know our heroes, have we? They stop in, save the day - and then they're off again! What are these people really like, underneath the powers? What drives them to be who they are? It's hard to get familiar with them, aside from a photo here and there in the papers, and stories passed around on the internet. But that's all going to change, soon. We bring you... [And the button pushes down, activating the screen - and a giant HERO TV logo lights it up, as Nathan hands it back to Tony to finish it off.]

Now, I know all of you are going to be interested in what we've got going on here. Our average, everyday hero goes through quite a bit here in the city, and we want to give you all a chance to not only get to know them, but also to give them a chance to get to know you! We'll be releasing some information and trailers shortly, and hopefully you'll be able to watch your favorite heroes here, instead of having to chase them halfway across the City for one blurry photo. [snerk]

[And Nathan steps in once more.] That's right! We will also be having an audition process, you might say. People working and vying to be the kind of hero you can be proud to see, every week! I will personally be seeing to it that they're all of the highest grade. [And a wink of his own, plus a chuckle.]

We will now be taking questions!
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[ DOOP DOOP hello Saturday press conference. He's obviously not in the city, and in fact, he's on the site of a beach. With a few people around, and he looks very pleased. ]

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm happy to announce that a deal was finally established between myself and the government of Majr. Starting next week, we'll be breaking ground on a new factory out here to expand further into the international community. Much of the United States has been enjoying the Starktech line of consumer electronics, but our factories stateside simply don't have the power to allow us to appropriately break out into the international community. With this new plant, we'll be opening up more jobs here in Majr, and allow for our current Starktech employees to work closely with our new employees to bring new innovations and new discoveries to the interneational community.

[ Click. Click. Go the cameras. ]

The factory and R&D buildings will be hiring some of the brightest minds in the business to find new innovations in everything from personal computers to new investments in alternative fuels for vehicles and space travel. I'll be happy to take your questions, and we're all very excited to move forward into the future.


Encrypted to StarkTech employees )

[ooc; link is OOC. Yup, expanding into our wonderful islands! ]
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Hello City! [ Yup, lil' Teenage Tony's waving at the comm from his couch, and yes he programmed it so it would time on perfectly and he would look cool. He's surrounded by boxes and boxes of electronics equipment. There's an iPhone box, a box for every game system out on the market and piles of games for each, about 4 big screen TV boxes in the background, and a few surround sound system boxes littering the floor. That really airy, open living room Tony had and never used? Yup, that's changed. The TVs and surround sound systems are already set up and the young Mr. Stark looks quite pleased with himself. ]

So! I found out that I'm going to grow up and be really boring. I don't even have cable? What the heck? The only cool thing I own is a bunch of cars, and I can't even find the keys for those, so I figured I should go on a shopping spree. [ Out of the couch, camera gets picked up, and he turns it around to show what could only be called heaven. ]

But you know, it's kinda boring here, so if anyone wants to come over and play games, that'd be cool.

[ There's a pause, and the camera shakes a little bit, and then it turns to, you guessed it, the Iron Man suit that's kind of sitting there in a pile in a corner. ]

Oh yeah, and what's that? It looks like a pile of junk to me.
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[ The feed starts with static, for only a brief moment before the connection is reestablished between Tony and his communicator. Lord knows where it's at by now, because he sure as hell doesn't. There's no background noise, but just him. ]

Well, hello City. I'd say it's great to see you, but I think being enthusiastic about coming here probably counteracts what our good Lachesis wants from us. It's been what, a month?

[ A slight pause. Computing. ]

Yep, looks like it was a month. An interesting month at that. Gone to hell in a hand basket without me, it seems. At least I haven't come in with my assets liquidated. Looks like I have some work to do, but after, [ a small, thoughtful pause ] oh what was probably ten minutes of a vacation, I suppose it's time to get back to work.
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[ Good evening, City! Within this post lies the infamous office of one Tony Stark. He was pensively tapping on his desk, before he decided to turn on one of the many cameras in his office and post to the comms. He still taps his fingers with trepidation, as if there are too many things to say, and only so much he can give away. ]

So. People are being brainwashed, right? Serious in and of itself, but the key in this crisis is to keep calm. The unfortunate side effect of any sort of attack like this is that it not only breeds insiders working for the enemy, but it also ensures that those of us left behind aren't just victims, but we can also be the instigators of many problems.

Don't give in to your paranoia or suspicion with little cause. There's nothing wrong for a little dose of caution, but if a friend or ally does something different, it's no cause for sudden alarm, and do not do anything stupid. Or else you may find that you've done something you will regret.

I've been the victim of it before, and it's not exactly the sort of thing that comes with a light price to the person who's forced to act against their will. Remember that no matter what, it's not their fault.

[ He sighs, and shakes his head, about to turn it off before his finger taps against the desk one last time, and he turns his monitor to the camera. It zooms in on it. ]

Oh yeah. Before I forget:

It seems I'm missing quite a bit of money from my accounts. Which in of itself is pretty disconcerting, but after some research, I found out something interesting. [ He continues to narrate off screen. ]

So I decided to trace the money, and see where it went.

[ The screen starts flashing from account to account, each one labeled with one dummy corporation to another, before it stops. He highlights the transaction for all the comms to see. From the last corporation to the current is a considerable sum of money sitting in that account. When Tony narrates again, he sounds pissed off. ]

So would anyone like to tell me why after about 20 dummy corporations, my money has been shuffled to Oscorp? Because I'm just dying to know how that happened, and if the good Mr. Osborn has an explanation other than the logical conclusion.

It certainly doesn't paint a positive light.
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Heads up, Avengers. Something's happening in Italy. Readings are currently inconclusive, but the seismic activity in the region has gotten worse through the day, and considering the region, I want to make sure we're there as soon as possible. We should leave from the airfield within the hour.

If anyone else is willing to come with us, I'm offering my plane for transportation to the location for them as well. If you need to know where it is, I'll provide coordinates.
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What you're seeing is what I'm seeing.

[ And yes! The video is an aerial view of LA. Sure, there were camera crews, and all that, but Tony decided to stay behind. Every now and again the screen flashes with a red redicule or target zeroing in on something or the rather. The text flashes across the screen, but much of it crosses and leaves the feed in the blink of an eye. Essentially, this is a bird's-eye view of the destruction, and there are spots of fire every now and again still dying down. ]

I've ordered similar destruction before. I know the cost it leaves on a man's conscience. Whatever reason, I don't think he would have ordered something that would leave this kind of devastation without weighning the consequences.

That doesn't make this right. [ Doo de doo, still a slow, leisurely flight around the HIVE territory. It's really like video with voiceover. ] Those of us who came, we swore we'd do our best for LA, and we did. We should all be proud of the lives we've saved. We did our best, and there are camps everywhere filled with people who now realize why they were being woken from their beds at 3 in the morning to load up what they could of their posessions, and leave.

That's the worst of it, is that these people don't have a home to go back to. In the City, the people left are used to what happens, the supervillains, the conflicts, the people here were just trying to get on with their daily lives, and look what's left for them. I've already seen enough people on the network touch on the tragedy of the dead, but--

[ He trails off, head swerving as if he saw something, and as he zooms in, it reveals a small squad of military soldiers, and the view zooms back out, and to the landscape. ]

There's another tragedy here, and that's for the people who're left. I hope many of you will join me in ensuring that we continue to protect the people we saved.

The job isn't over yet.
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[ Hey, it's an airfield! There's a modified Boeing 747-8 Cargo jet on the tarmac, and there are a few imports running around, everyone finishing up the last touches of the modifications to the jet, which should run faster, and the plane is set up to move refugees en masse from the HIVE to the midwest, where Tony has a warehouse cleared out for them. ]

Alright, Avengers. Assemble.

[ Also, characters who aren't Avengers, feel free to ask to come along! It's a big plane! Not exactly a Quinjet.]
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I know I haven't said much regarding this threat, at least not to the imPort community. I've spoken with the natives, but while I've sworn to use what I have to protect them, I want to tell all of you that this is not an exclusive deal. I'm not doing this just for them, and neither am I going to do what I do just for all of the imPort community; but I'll protect us to the best of my ability, because it's right.

I wanted to at least let all of you on the network know that those of you who aren't interested in fighting won't be forced to, and that my team and I will do everything we can to ensure that you don't have to. I don't know what's coming up, if they'll attack us, or leave us be, but the minute it looks like they're going to invade, I will do everything within my power to protect the city.

That's what the Avengers were formed for, to stand against the impossible odds, and I have no doubt in my mind that things will look impossible. They always do from the start, but with our resources; and yes I mean that of everyone in the city, we won't only hold back whatever they throw at us, but we can make this place safer for both natives and imports.

I know a lot of you out there don't agree with me, or my methods. Either due to preconcieved notions, experience with me from my own world, or because you don't agree with my stance on many issues. However, I promise all of you this. Everything I do, I do because someone has to do it, and I will continue to protect every single person that I can. The more that are willing to help in this, the higher chance there is that we will not have to see a single person sacrifice their life.

Thank you.

Encrypted || "Mighty" Avengers )
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[ The video focuses in on Captain America and Iron Man standing in Tony's office. They're in full uniform and the sun is shining through the windows, casting a diffuse, golden glow over everything. All in all, it's an awe-inspiring sight, even if you aren't from the 616. ]

Heroes, er--citizens of the city, this is Captain America speaking.

[ Cap looks bashful, but stands tall, ever the all-American icon even when he's not quite trying to be. ]

Ahem. And Iron Man. [ :| ]

And Iron Man.

[ They share a grin, then Iron Man starts speaking. ]

I'm happy to say that due to the recent troubles in the world, Cap and I have come to an agreement of sorts, and our teams will be working together.

In light of recent events, we've decided that running two teams separately is... well, a little wasteful. As of this moment, the Avengers and the New Avengers will be working together as a single team.

[ a beat, then... ]

Due to the nature of the recent events, we are, as always, happy to incorporate new members who are willing to devote themselves to the protection of any innocents who are put in harms way. Where one can't stand alone, the Avengers will stand together against a foe we can't beat alone.

[ raises an eyebrow and smirks ] Tony, are you trying to lure my team away from me?

Why not at all, I wouldn't dream of having a permanent cohesive team. [ :D ]

[ playful punch ] If you're going to be that way... I'll trade you Wasp for Spider-Man. [ he is completely not serious ]

Oh no, how about Hank?

Your team has all the pretty dames. We need some gender balancing!

Ah, but they've both been such a help! I couldn't bear to part with my teammates.


Jan and Natasha are both very good friends of mine!

I'm sure they are. And Hank is too, right?


[ rolls his eyes, laughing... then realizes that oh right the recording is still going and clears his throat again. ] Anyway, we hope that the joining of our teams will lead to a better response to the current state of emergency.

[ The two men exchange a glance that contains an entire conversation as follows: "Can I do it?" "Well..." "Caaaaaan I?" "Go ahead." ]

[ Finally, Iron Man steps back a little, waving Cap forward. In response, Cap raises his shield, expression full of a sharp, fierce joy that is mirrored in Iron Man's face. ]


ver 2.0.02

Apr. 26th, 2010 02:36 am
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I don't suppose anyone has the slightest idea what all of that was about, do they?

I'll admit, I'm not exactly a fan of anything that cuts out all electronic devices. Especially when I'm in one.
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[ 45 minutes before this post comes out, any technopaths are made aware of Tony's presence on the network through a return of his touch on pretty much everything ever technological, He's compiling data on everything that's happened in the past three weeks. Feel free to notice his touch! ]

Isn't this a familiar sight? I leave for, what was it, three weeks and it all goes south? At least I know the city hasn't changed much in my absence.

What's the cleanup situation look like? I'll be there to help shortly. [ He takes a pause. ] Avengers, talk to me.

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[ If you're on the right channel, your nightly fix of 24 hour news has a special report, and the anchor places a hand to his head, before looking up at the screen. ]

It seems we have a special report from the City, Candice, what's happening down there?

Cut for your browsers sakes )

[ ooc | And this will most likely make it's way to every news station shortly, and the morning news and the like. Obviously, there will be no replies. ]

34 :: Text

Mar. 19th, 2010 06:22 pm
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Zombies again. As few dull moments as there are, it feels like home half the time. Has anyone decided to take measures to ensure that it won't happen again? Maybe better quality control over food might be in order.

Anybody need any assistance with the cleanup? I think the sooner we get the rotting corpses out of the city, the better.

ENCRYPTED TO: David Clinton )

ENCRYPTED TO: Vector Prime )

ENCRYPTED TO: Natasha Romanov )

ENCRYPTED TO: Avengers (Nat and Jan) )
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I need anyone from my world who has been around lately, and knows what's going on to talk to me. Now.

Private Data burst to the Comms of the Avengers )

[ Someone was clued in to a certain brain deletion here. :| ]
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To anyone that was familiar with her, user [ profile] behisgirlfriday was ported out of the city last night. _

[ooc; All replies will be text unless otherwise indicated.]
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[ Official public statement time. This is mostly for the network, although there will be copies forwarded to news outlets as well. It flickers to life in Tony's office, and he's at his desk, in the usual suit and tie number. ]

I feel as if I should make a statement regarding what occurred yesterday afternoon, at 5:30 pm. Yes, there was an altercation between myself and Norman Osborn. It had nothing to do with either of our teams of Avengers, and was completely removed from anything occurring in the city yesterday.

What happened yesterday was in every sense of the word, an accident. There are no excuses for what happened, and none that I can give. It appears that shoddy engineering played a part in it, but other than that, I can't step on the toes of the eventual investigation. I will be cooperating fully with the police force, to ensure that justice is done, and I have every confidence that I will be exonerated of any charges against my name.

I express my condolences to Osborn's team, Victoria Hand, and his son.

Thank you.

Information for policey sorts! )
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I know this comes a couple of days too late.

However, I feel I must congratulate the force for their hard work on freeing the hostages, and for their tireless work in resecuring the prison. I want to personally thank them for everything they did to ensure the safety of the populace, and the safety of those trapped in the prison.

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[ It switches on to show Tony, it's just a digital appiration, but nobody will be able to notice. He looks directly at the camera, and there's a heavy sigh from the recording. ]

It would be selfish to hold myself back when there are so many people in the prison who aren't like us. There are people in there who have lived in this city all their lives, and we're affecting their way of life by simply being here.

[ The screen flashes to one of the NPC hostages. It show's a man, and then it flips back to Tony. ]

That is Michael Sanderson. He's in the prison. He has two young daughters, and he's trapped in there, and his daughters deserve to see him again. He wasn't in there for petty theft, or anything like that. He was a Janitor, the only thing he was guilty of was trying to make a living. Trying to support his family. There are quite a few in there, with the same story. I don't normaly negotiate with terrorists, and hell, I've never been one for subtlety. I think that's best left for men like Fury, or Natasha. I've always been at the forefront, but something like this? It takes delicacy. That's something I don't have, but I do have a means to ensure the safety of the hostages inside. They don't have superpowers. They're like I was for so long, and while they aren't completely helpless, in a place like that prison? I won't stand for it. I don't know how long I'll be in there, but I'm going to ensure that these people will be safe.

As of tomorrow afternoon, as soon as my affairs are in order, I'll be turning myself over.

Major, I want to see all of the civilian hostages released when I come in.

Good night.

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[ When the comm clicks on, the voice is distinctly Iron Man, Tony is in his suit, and he isn't leaving it, thank you very much. ]

Things have been increasingly clear this week. I've decided to step away from any unnecessary operations, and I've found that while the holidays are certainly a time to relax with family and friends, some of us must make sacrifices, as negative forces in the city won't rest like some of us do. I've taken it upon myself to keep watch as much as I'm physically able, and due to recent... [ He pauses. ] developments, I'm able to work for a greater amount of time with less physical duress.

To those that believe that this week will be a time that they can cause problems, be warned. I won't let you.

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