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[ fuck, that is one noisy bird immediately squalling in the background when the video (pointed, again, pretty uselessly up at a solidly green canopy of trees) clicks on. but that sexy-lady-voice of Onyx's doesn't seem too bothered when she starts speaking. ]

If I'm seeing things correctly, it doesn't look as though there's much use in keeping secrets around here anymore. It was nice of the machine to attach names directly to our communications. [ and, indeed! if anyone cares to look, the name "Khisanth" comes with this broadcast, not "Onyx". ]

Well, I suppose that's for the best. [ her voice is sort of blurring out, getting deeper. ] Voice-altering spells aren't difficult, but they're annoying to maintain.

Tell me-- [ and now the voice is definitely not human, way too deep and rumbly for it. and if anyone has met Khisanth before, there's definitely a striking aural resemblance to that big fatass of a black dragon. ] --Has anyone else been keeping up appearances? I know there are at least a few of you out there with names you'd rather not have other people knowing.
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[The scene opens to a boy's face; round, bespectacled, with green eyes and black hair and a curious scar on his brow. He is all of eleven, and is looking at the communicator with interest.]

Is this how it works? Professor Snape said that my aunt and uncle wouldn't know I was here, so I thought using this would be okay.

[In the background, a man's voice speaks as the noise of some -- kitchen operation occurs. A kettle goes on the stove.]

Mr. Potter, are you -- for the love of -- [pure exasperation]

[Snape appears behind Harry, glowering down at the communicator.]

I don't know why I'm even surprised. Yes, you've accessed the Network, and let the world know you've arrived. Congratulations, Mr. Potter, you will resume your celebrity far earlier than intended.

[Snape could not look more displeased, honestly. He wanted to keep the kid safe and secret for more than five minutes. Oh well.]

Say good bye, Mr. Potter, and turn off that machine and put it away. Now.

Sorry, Professor.

[Harry fumbles with the communicator for a moment. The feed cuts.]
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[ She's up on the roof. There's a brief glimpse of her sitting with her knees tucked up to her chest, and then she settles the comm facing the skyline. The sun's setting and everything looks kind of beautiful. It's one of those really great sunsets that you almost think can't be real. ]

I would like you all to look at that sunset and take at least five seconds for deep breathing. I mean it. [ A pause, as if she's mentally slowly counting to five, and then she just leaves the comm facing the sunset, though she can be heard shifting. ]

Paranoia and impending doom and stuff aside, things look kind of great up here. I think we could all use a couple seconds to relax and look at something beautiful. [ She lets the video run for about fifteen more seconds before shutting it off. ]

encrypted to Batman )
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And that makes three.

[There's a little bit of noise in the background; indoors, with quiet music in the background, upbeat and sort of jazzy. Beneath that, outside walls and windows, is that of regular city traffic, irregular cars at middling speeds, a dog barking. A straw pushes through liquid and ice in a tall glass.]

It's funny. It used to be that nobody was meant to anywhere alone. Always travel in pairs at the minimum, we were told, and try to have a roommate or two to come home to. Just in case, you know? We couldn't trust anyone from this world. We only had one another, and even then you weren't really supposed to give out your real name unless you trusted that person. Everyone had code-names. Even those who never wore masks.

Look how different it is now. Everyone's names crop up first, before you even have to bother saying "hello," and the chatter, it's all how we're not safe unless we're alone. It's funny. Don't you think? Though, I guess there's not many of you left. Who would know what it was like back then, I mean. We could make things up at this point, and it'd be as believable as what really happened. Next year, or another three from now, how many of you will still be here?

[The straw crunches through ice, liquid sloshing around, unconsumed.]

Oh. Either he's skipped town without saying anything to me, or Sirius Black has been Ported out.
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[She hadn't even really been planning to make a post about this. The City already knows that Sirius is gone, and the people that are really important have already commented -- but she's upset, all right, and sometimes it's nice to have sympathetic ears that you don't know that well comment. Or -- not so sympathetic ears, since it's a public post. She's rubbish at privating things, and with the glitches that are apparently happening (hello, naked man and his sexual partner) she isn't sure what good it would do anyway.

She's outside -- on the roof, it looks like -- smoking a cigarette, not bothering to charm the smoke to stay contained since she's outside. The communicator is apparently suspended in the air somewhere next to Andromeda, because it's giving a neat profile of her. Levitation has to be good for something, right?]

There's really something to be said about knowing what people from your world are going to go home to when they leave this place.

I'd imagine that sometimes it's good, but my luck's never been that great.

[She blows out a long plume of smoke, glancing into the camera before flicking it off. This is really just -- the straw that broke the camel's back, as it were.]

If anyone's got any overwhelming good news to share, I'd really love to hear it.
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[The communicator is focused on a darkened wall. A beam of light. A shadow puppet emerges, a grotesque face with "lips" that move in time with Katurian's voice.]

I feel like a pig about to be slaughtered.

[The face collapses. He uses his hands to form the shadow into a pig, appropriately. He squeals, shrill, and then chokes on a laugh. High pitched, pig-like:]

A dog about to be put down.

[He forms his hands, predictably, into a dog. BARK BARK, he goes, moving the shadow's jaw. He uncurls his hands without fanfare this time, clearing his throat. Growing unsteady. The camera stays on the empty wall.]

Tell me how you feel today. With art.
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This City has a way of causing migraines.

[Private to Eames: encrypted]

Why do you keep stealing my socks?
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So... we've got possible shape-shifting aliens, people freaking out about them, deaths on the public Network — where there are kids, might I remind you all — and autopsies of said shape-shifting alien. I'm guessing attempting diplomacy either failed or never occurred to anyone?

[ there's a pause and then jim lets out an annoyed little huff. ]

By the way, guys? Next time you want to warn someone about a possible hostile alien race, there's better ways of doing it than killing one on camera and then dropping little bits of information about them here and there.

But since we're all talking about alien races and cultures... Tell me about the ones you've got in your home universes, City. I'm sure there's a handful of people that know about ones in mine, but I'd be happy to talk about ones I've encountered anyways.
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[The video starts in what is clearly a Starbucks, focused on a teenage girl comfortable in one of the armchairs by the window. She doesn't look exactly like she did last time (so thank goodness the old files are much harder to find nowadays), but she has adopted a look similar enough that the fact that she registered her real name with her comm before realizing there was a great Skrull hunt going on will make her relatively easy to recognize.

She's been around for a few days, hoping the allies she had before would post, but she hasn't seen them and she doesn't have their new numbers so this is the best she can do. She's staying the Hell away from the Stark buildings, too.]

Are Alex Wilder or Kate Bishop still here? That might be too much to ask.

[ssssip, tossing hair a bit. Mindful not to idly switch gender or rave about the Skrull Empire in the open.]

New York is still a dreadful place, even when it doesn't have the decency to go by its name. I don't suppose anyone will be offering costless transport to L.A. any time soon?


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