Sep. 15th, 2012

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[The program resumes from a commercial break by flashing an animated logo of the broadcast network. At a standard newsdesk are three very attractive new anchors. They seem concerned in that very purposeful, television news anchor sort of way. Their brows are all perfectly furrowed, and one of them is shuffling papers in an effort to appear busy, or as though she's carefully studying some report. The camera focuses on one, in particular, a blond man in his mid-thirties.]

If you're just joining us, we've been discussing the closure of several blocks in Midtown. The cause of the conflict is, at this time, unknown. However, since around two in the morning, there have been reports of what witnesses have described as human-sized robots blocking people from entering or leaving the area. No terrorist groups have claimed responsibility for the incident thus far.

[The camera zooms out, and an animated chart appears in the left corner, highlighting the blocks effected. From off camera, a woman's voice is heard. She's presumably the lady who was ruffling through papers earlier.]

If you'll pardon the interruption, Bart, more concerning I think is the actual geographical location of the lockdown, as some law enforcement officials are calling it. The center of the effected area seems to be the UN Building, and, as we know, there were some questions about how business day resolved itself for them yesterday.

Thank you, Dianne, that's a valid point, but at present, there's no way to determine if this is an actual attack on the UN, or of it's merely a coincidence. Again, there has been no group officially claiming responsibility for the incident, and the City PD has thus far declined comment is well. All they will officially state is that officers are "working on it", and attempted to maintain control of the area around the lockdown.

[Again, the camera switches angles, showing the newsdesk and it's three anchors again. The next speaker is a man in a blue suit. He has the same calculated concern as the other two.]

Well, Bart, I think it's a little naive to even suggest that the UN building being scooped up by this is a mere coincidence. Further, we've been dancing over the issue of import involvement all night. The fact is that we live in a city of unknown superpowered entities and people of extreme intelligence, not to mention the technology that they can bring with them from their respective worlds. Rather than expecting a statement from terrorists, I think we ought to be looking more locally.

Well said, Tom.

On a more practical level, the MTA has suspended service on the 7 train in Manhattan until such time as a resolution can be reached. If you have to venture into midtown at all, it's recommended that you avoid anything east of Lexington.

And if you have any theories on this mysterious incident, please contact us via twitter @ NY1, or by commenting on our blog. We'd love to hear from you.

[And with that, the camera zooms out and they go to another commercial break.]


Sep. 15th, 2012 05:05 pm
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Either I’ve walked into the biggest movie set I’ve ever seen, or this is one messed up universe you guys have got here.

[ Despite his stated concerns the face on the screen wears an easy smile. It’s the only thing that’s quite visible anyway, as the rest of his head is covered in red spandex, white lenses over the eyes, and two golden decorations rather like hood ornaments, if you ask Batman.

Yes, it’s the Flash. And he doesn’t seem to have noticed, even a little bit, that the name attached to his communicator clearly says “Wally West”. ]

I don’t suppose any of you guys have heard of the Justice Lords? I didn’t see them around but after last time I just want to make sure.

Anyway, I’m with the Justice League, and I’m here to help! So if somebody could just point me towards Metro Tower, I think I got a little turned around somewhere in Kansas.


Sep. 15th, 2012 05:56 pm
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[Rachel is sitting on a park bench. She looks tired, almost broken. It's been a long, long, few days.]

Just once, it would be awesome if the 'Porter snagged me after some major crisis instead of in the middle of it. Just once.

[She rubs her eyes and looks at her comm.]

And did Doom just take over the UN, or did I mishear that on the news?

[She turns off the video.]

[ooc: Rachel is a walking spoiler for AvX #11 and WatXM #15. Please let me know if you don't want to be spoiled.]


Sep. 15th, 2012 07:46 pm
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People believe really stupid things. Like my high school class had three chicks drop out from getting knocked up. One said she wouldn't give her kids vaccines because of autism. Another thought her being on top counted as birth control. Because gravity is a kind of magic, I guess. Which is why high school is pointless. It's full of people too stupid to learn.

But then it doesn't stop. Adults think LBJ had JFK shot or the CIA made AIDs or a bunch of other groups of letters caused a lot of other random acronyms to happen or explode or become president. So I guess growing up makes you pretty dumb, too.

And now there's here. Where there are invasions of body snatchers and government take overs and sometimes the voices really are out to get you. And sometimes people come running around your work crying about how a space ship is blocking their satellite reception or that her boss's face melted off and he was really a robot inside. Seriously. Both of these happened. Friday.

So. How do you even pick what's crazy and what's or something. Or is it even worth the effort of deciding which is which when you can just file it all under stupid?

[Heaves a sigh]

Whatever. This is why animals are way better than people, anyway. They don't make things up for attention.


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