Oct. 13th, 2012


Oct. 13th, 2012 01:49 pm
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(no way is he actually going to show that he's being an adult and let people associate him with that gross stuff!!)

... so, right i've gone through this and there is no way that this will not sound terrible, context does me no good: but what's the sort of stuff that a sixteen year old girl need?

i'd shop for her, but pretty sure if i picked out anything she'd look like me only smaller. plus, she's too small to fit into any of my shirts and i'm a bloody giant so it rules out pants on my end. so, if any of you girls can help lenalee out, i'd appreciate it. maybe i'll pay you or something. whatever.

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video; 001

Oct. 13th, 2012 06:05 pm
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[When the video turns on, there’s a tiny girl peering into the camera. It’s a bit too close for a second before she pulls back and settles on a more comfortable distance from the camera.]

Okay, I’m new here, and I need to know something important. [There’s something of a dramatic pause here, because she wants to make sure everyone heard the first part.] Where’s a good place to shop? I need to find a place that has cute clothes if I’m going to be here for awhile, so let me know! That's something I should know at least, isn't it? I can make my own later, but that’s still going to take some time.

[There’s a small sigh before she continues on.]

On that same note, is there anything else I should know? There’s all of that information, but there are still some pretty important things missing that I’d probably only be able to learn by talking to you guys! So if you have anything, I want to know that too. There's only so much that they can put in pamphlets for us!
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Okay, who here has a YouTube? [ Here's Striker! Here's Striker looking irritable, and then he swings it around to a computer screen, which has his YouTube channel on it. It just hit 300,000 subscribers. Yes, Striker and his shitty teen team doing inadvisable and occasionally drunk things on YouTube in front of a large audience is totally the PR that imPorts need right now. ] Because you need to subscribe. To me. I'm not even in the top 100 yet, how is that okay?

[ The camera swings around to Quentin Quire. ] This is your fault somehow, I'm pretty sure.

How is it my fault? [ Quentin just rolls his eyes at the camera. Obviously not buying any of that sassypants talk. ] If anything, it's your own fault.

[ SUPER AFFRONTED: ] Uh, excuse you. Maybe if you weren't so obscure on Twitter...

I have more followers and hashtags on Twitter than you!!

That's bullshit, QQ. Prove i-

[ Aaand the feed cuts out so Striker can defensively check Twitter numbers on his comm. ]


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