Jan. 1st, 2013

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[Minako's nowhere to be seen in the video feed - instead, what's visible is the nighttime view of the City from the roof of the MAC, bright with a multitude of lights, a background of urban noise and snatches of distant celebration coming through the audio.]

It's funny... it's only three and a half months ago that I said goodbye to two thousand nine, and now I'm saying hello to two thousand thirteen.

I guess sometimes things just change faster than we expect.

...something I read once keeps coming to mind lately. "This world of dew is only a world of dew. And yet..."

[Silence, except for the City noises in the background.]

Well, I suppose it doesn't translate all that well.

[Another pause. This one lasts a while.]

Best wishes in the coming year, everyone.


Jan. 1st, 2013 01:57 pm
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[ this clip has been showing up on the internet and featured on the news. it's the same clip every time. it starts at a distance at first, lost in a crowd of people-- black bandanas, black flags all marked with the arabic word "kusoof", and the mismatched gear of an army in a struggling country-- before it zooms towards a figure at the head of the crowd.ooc cut for length. )

it looks like she has a message. ]

My name is Jennifer Quantum. I'm a lot of fucking things, and I've done a lot of fucking things-- but the things that'll matter to most of the assholes out there is first, I'm an ImPort, and second, Southwest Phoenicia is now mine. Its people, its resources, and its military belong to me.

If that fucking scares you, it should. You thought it was bad when ImPorts were playing heroes and villains in a single fucking city? You don't know the half of what we're capable of. And you have my official fucking invitation to come and find out. Join me, and you can see what good powers like mine can do.

Hunt me, and I will crush you.

[ with that, she gestures and the feed cuts. ]

(OOC: Plot reference post here! Also, replies will be sporadic since it's a news post, but for interaction's sake, Jenny will probably reply to people she knows or messages encrypted/privated to her most consistently.)
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[There's some muffled ambient noise, as though the walls of the building are slightly too thin to cope with the sounds of the city itself. As a siren dies down, someone either sighs long and hard or (as the educated and discerning listen might be able to tell) takes a drag on an expensive cigar. From the rough sound of the speaker's voice, it's probably the latter.]

Just how often do imPorts run off an' take over private property and sovereign countries that don't belong ta them? Just how often do we destroy private property, and kill or cause serious harm ta each other or civilian bystanders?

Don't think either of those are rhetorical. I'm askin' this outta professional curiosity and also as somethin' some of you might wanna consider. Cause from where I'm sittin' at the moment, we look every bit as bad as Vulcanus is tryin' to make us seem.

[Nick takes another drag and the feed cuts abruptly.]
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*Judging by the bubbles that drift upward past the camera, someone's device is floating underwater.

And that someone is an adorable cuttlefish with a pink-and-teal color scheme and big goggle-like markings around her eyes that might look somewhat familiar. Said cuttlefish is flitting rapidly back and forth in a panic, streams of bubbles escaping in frantic-sounding glubs.

But you can't understand what she's saying. You don't speak cuttlefish.*

(ooc: Feferi will only be able to respond in very sloppy text. Cuttlefish are not known for their accurate typing.)


Jan. 1st, 2013 11:05 pm
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My New Year's Resolutions:

1) Exercise more. Preferably, exercise my right to die of heart disease at a young age.

2) Be more friendly. Ensure that no one will suspect my eventual betrayal.

3) Learn a language. I'm leaning towards incomprehensible gibberish or pig latin.

4) Get a tattoo of my own face on top of my current face. See if anyone spots the difference.

5) Never give up. There's always something to watch on TV.
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[So Spike still hasn't figured out any function but video. Not because he's necessarily tech-inept. He texts, he's hip!! He just hasn't tried that hard. And texting is way harder than just talking at this stupid thing.

But then there are times like this. And he wishes people couldn't see him.

There are approximately five calico kittens on his person. Probably more in his apartment, and he looks so run down.]
Who knew, kitten poker isn't as widely practiced as I thought. What am I going to do with you lot...

[A skip in the feed and the kittens are suddenly out of sight. WHAT DID HE DO WITH THEM? He won't tell you. Unless idk you ask or something, they're probably in the kitchen calm down.]

Another auspicious beginning, huh? It was rounding out 2010 where I left from, not that anyone cares. I've been here, what? Two months. Trapped in a castle, stuck as an otter... Business as usual, really.

One thing though: TV here sucks. [There's a crackle and he holds up a finger like he might say something more, but then the feed cuts out, permanently.]


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