Jan. 2nd, 2013

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[ the video opens up to a view of the middle of a sidewalk in times square. it holds, for a few minutes ― pedestrians mill around, nonplussed ― and then pivots and turns in a circle, before it lowers and shuts off.

a few moments later:

I seriously dont know if you guys caught what I just said or if you can see me

I've never been to New York or the CITY i guess that's here before but this is super neat even though i'm still confused after reading things and asking around. I'm still having a gas, though!

Thoghu half the people that I talked to are kind of rude? I don't even KNOW where south-west Feneesha is and I think it's off the wall that people are treating me funny when I say I'm new to this world place? like I KNow what some crazy is doing in some far-away scene! But I wouldn't mind if anyone wants to give me the skinny if you want.

i heard there are superheroes on this phone thing.... like the comic books!

is anyone going to teach ME to be one?? Who's in charge of that?
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[ Have Raven propped up some building's side with her default no-shits-given expression as she stares at the feed. Raven had been keeping an eye on what people posted and did, but she can't honestly be bothered to respond to them. Yet. She doesn't trust you lot.

Today she has but a few words to spare to the network, though.

How the hell do people pass time here?

[ Uh-oh, someone's bored. ]


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