Jan. 3rd, 2013

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You know, I'm not so far removed from being a kid that I've completely forgotten how much fun winter vacation could be. I mean, who doesn't love a good snowball fight, or spending endless hours Christmas shopping at the mall with friends? But all good things must come to an end, and as such, it's time to go back to school. [A pause for the inevitable boo-hiss from the students on the Network.] Now hold on a second before you guys start complaining. I've got a little proposal for you.

It's been an unusual school year thus far, I know, so I was thinking we could do something fun at Xavier's to ring in the new year right, and get us all excited to return to class. God knows we could always use a morale booster, right? So how about we throw a dance or a talent show, or maybe even put on a school play? Or-- what about a winter carnival? I bet that'd be just the thing to raise our school spirit!

So what do you say? Yes? No? Shut up, Ms. Jones, you're crazy?
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Never mind the fact that 2012 has become the largest demonic disappointment ever next to the lack of crazy in the Bermuda Triangle.... but now my landlord is all pissed about all the blood I used to decorate my apartment.

True. Its hard to remove those stains, but what was I supposed to use in celebration of the End of Days? Red food coloring? Ugh.

Needless to say, I need to get my place sanitized, repainted, re-carpeted and tiled.

.... and possibly need to move.
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[Well, there's someone who hasn't been seen on camera for a while. Sadly, it's 96 and his communicator opposed to Astral. At the very least, they look 96. There are a few things wrong, and he seems... off. Like he's too calm. A particularly keen eye will notice his posture is surprisingly defensive.

When he speaks, his voice lacks a certain cadence. Of course, the undercurrent of anger is still present, but something is missing that just can't be placed. He sounds almost exactly Astral.

It's pretty eerie.]

It's unfortunate that I have even had to come to this, but— [A significant pause, as if he's not certain how to say the next few words.]

I have a problem I can't quite solve on my own. Rather my solution won't work. Not here anyway. [Resignation? Perhaps something else? Who can say at this point.] So someone suggested something to me, and I have given it some thought.

While I didn't want to bring this out to the open, it... [If he produced saliva, he would be swallowing a knot in his throat about now. But he can't, so he's not. Yes, this is pointless action for dramatic effect.]

Might be beneficial if it's public. So others may see that I am trying alternative methods other than destruction. [Even though he's acting really weird, 96 still gleefully cracks on that particular word. It's a habit.]

Recently there has been a rather marked increase of humans from my... Dimension. Two of which pose a threat to not only my continued existence, but others as well. While I am uncertain of the abilities that may have been granted to them by the machine, I know what they are capable of doing.

It's not too much of a stretch to assume they possess the same powers. Perhaps even augmented in a way that allows them to bypass Dueling, similar to us Numbers.

But they are human! Humans want to reason before acting on their baser instincts, yes? Because that's what makes them intelligent creatures. [His voice cracks again, but this time he seems insulted by himself apparently.]

Kaito. And that other one, the one with the short hair and cut on your face.

I propose a truce.


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