Jan. 8th, 2013

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there are penguins running around randomly in central park, i hope nobody's still missing or animal transformed

also i think i'm running out of terrible old movies to watch does anyone have terrible tv shows to recommend? the more trainwrecky the better

oh yeah sorry does anyone know how to switch your mailing address to a post office box? the postal service is totally different here than it was at home and i don't want to wait on hold forever to get help if i don't need to


Jan. 8th, 2013 02:28 am
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[Prim's forehead is creased in thought, when she turns on the comm. Her eyes are unfocused, as if her mind is still far away, and she fidgets a little on the hard park bench. Various birds have flocked around her, though she doesn't seem to notice them. They make no noises, but simply watch her.]

I don't understand. Why don't people like this place? There's food, and shelter, and lots of animals. You can go out in the woods and no one stops you, and you don't have to poach to get food. Or put your name in for the reaping. The Capitol doesn't exist, yet, so no one kills children.
Plus, there's bread and cakes and candies, and cheese, and we can even leave the City if we want. Without getting our tongues cut out.

I like it here, though. Even if I didn't get to bring Buttercup. [She misses her cat, though she tries not to think of it. Going home won't solve that problem. Not for her.] 

I know it's odd. Everyone has powers, and magic, and people don't like us. But it feels safe...
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[Those who know Zatanna will recognize the backdrop as her living room. Ned is standing all of his 6-foot-3 for once, without hunching over, a black cape adorning his ever-somber wardrobe. A magician's top hat sits on the table before him, and he's looking at it as though it may bite him. He speaks to the hat, occasionally glancing off-screen, but he's the only one in the frame.]

I realize how foolish it is to be afraid of something as intangible as... magic, but it isn't a rational sort of fear at all. It's one based on trauma and. [He swallows.] Abandonment. However, I agree.

I agree it's time to shed this irrational fear and step into the carefully-rationed daylight of Not-New York. And that's why, for the first time since the age of nine, I'm going to do a little magic.

...S-since I don't have a volunteer to saw in half, I thought I might start. Smaller. [He picks up the hat and looks out at his "audience" now, decidedly more terrified than he had been a moment ago.] Right. Most of you know me as the pie maker...

[And then he taps the hat twice, places it face down on the table now, and then pulls it back up. A persimmon pie appears underneath it on the table now, how curious.] But now... you know my secret.

[He actually smiles, a real genuine smile and not the one you might be accustomed to seeing him wear. Read: It's much goofier.] Now you see me...

[the feed cuts, then opens back up to a much smaller frame of just the hat and the pie. Ned's hand can be seen placing the hat over the pie and it promptly disappears again as he picks the hat back up, with a little ~showmanship~ if you will. then the feed cuts again, this time for good.]


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