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Jan. 9th, 2013 07:22 pm
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Back at home I was considered near indestructible, and my mechanic did her best to take care of any design oversights that surfaced. However, since among other reasons I lack a mechanic who I can trust with extensive repairs, I would prefer if such shortcomings were exposed in a more controlled environment.

Which is why I need help collecting data.

[A beat.]

In other words, I would appreciate help with testing my overall durability.
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[ A person's first interaction with the public should be carefully thought out so that every detail leads to the impression that the speaker is an intelligent and productive member of society. Generally it should be an introduction with the intent of making new friends and working towards the goals already set in place. For a girl who's been here for a few months now, she thinks an introduction is meaningless. Instead, she goes for what she desires most. ]

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[ There are many assumptions one can draw from this. For one, she likes trolling someone who uses this often animals. For another, she's not that great with technology and might just be learning it now. You can blame Roxy for this. Due to that, she's much like a teenager when they first get on the web. Rin also doesn't like to ask for things, but instead enjoys learning about others instead. While many probably use this to ask questions they need answers to, she asks in favor of just being addressed. Lastly, the size of her font? Clearly she's overcompensating for her ego and enjoys being "loud" and important. It may also have to do with a certain someone telling her the more unique her font is, the more powerful her magic. For Rin Tohsaka, first impressions mean a lot, but she's "venturing out" from the norm as a magus in a city that allows her to do so. ]

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