Jan. 13th, 2013


Jan. 13th, 2013 08:13 pm
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[filtered from James Bond and Eve Moneypenny, because he knows you're out there, like a creep]

Good evening, fellow ImPorts of the City. I have a simple request.

You see, I'm curious, as I'm sure comes to no surprise to anyone here, about Lachesis. She/It is such a delightful bit of technology and/or being the likes of which I'm afraid I've never seen before. Quite a firecracker personality.

What information is out there, besides what little is already provided to us? I'm just dying to know. I thank you in advance for any helpful responses.

Unhelpful responses are somewhat less welcome and may be frowned upon.

£ 036.

Jan. 13th, 2013 09:19 pm
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[gemma is sitting in her living room, curled up in her arm chair with her comm resting on the arm to record her. pippa is sitting with her huge head in gemma's lap. gemma herself is cradling a small device in her hands, one that looks like a tablet. she also looks incredibly pleased.]

I recently purchased this and I've found that even after all my time here, there's so much good literature that I haven't yet read. And I suppose that now I have a bit more free time, at least for a little while, that I may as well put it to use. [A beat. She clears her throat and pats Pippa's head when she sits to look up.] Well, because of that I should really get more up to date on what's available, and how it's available. And Angie suggested that I ask the network, since it seems as if quite a few of you are savvy with this sort of thing and might know how to go about it.

Right, so I suppose that this is a roundabout way of asking if anyone would like to be my, ah, Nook Friend? I believe that's what it's called. [She looks down at the tablet, checking.] Yes, Nook Friend, that's it. I do hope that any of you with a Nook will be willing to share. Economizing and all that.


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