Jan. 18th, 2013

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Attention plebs of the city! Yeah, you, I'm talking to you! I have an important announcement to make. It's essential that you pay attention because following that I will be making an offer in addition to the announcements. So listen up!

As we all know, Rachel Grey has left the city. She was one of the two omega telepaths, leaving only one omega telepath. Me. Quentin Quire!

Now I know this is hard for some of you to comprehend. Don't worry, I'll spell out what this means for your primitive minds. By being an omega mutant, you're essentially the best of the best. Let's face it, folks, only the best could come out of homo superior.

What this means for you flatscans and dull thinkers? It means that I am willing to help you out with your telepathic problems. For a fair price, of course. Now, there are other telepaths in the city, I won't lie. But if you want the best outcome, you'll get one-hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed with my service.

five bites

Jan. 18th, 2013 06:10 pm
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[ video ]

[ The picture isn't very usefully focused when it comes on. All that can be seen is a lap, half-covered in bags of chips and...Christmas lights? Yes, unlit Christmas lights. The sound of chips being eaten as noisily as possible comes from not far off-camera. ]

Man...everyone took Christmas real seriously around here, huh? Real seriously. Like, I can't even tell you how many cookies shaped like snowmen I ate. It was a lot, so's you know!

But what's that...?

[ The girl's voice takes on a vicious quality. A hand dives into the frame of the picture, grabs a string of Christmas lights, and shakes it. ]

All over the City, people've already taken down all those decorations. They threw out their trees. You don't think that's kinda cheap? That it ends like that, I mean. A few weeks of shiny lights, and then out with the trash! Don'tcha think it goes to show? This stupid holiday don't mean a thing in the end.

Don't get me wrong! I'm not surprised. Days when Christmas meant a family sitting down together to pray with each other and have a meal together, those are long past, but they were probably no good anyway.
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[The video feed is only on for a moment before Jack just exchanges a quick glance with Baby Tooth on his shoulder before he sort of makes an uncomfortable and turns it off, figuring no one will be able to see or hear him anyway. That one woman saw him, but so far no one else has been able to. At least this place has a means of written communication, so he's not entirely cut off. Typing is slow-going, though; computers definitely aren't his forté. What are these keys for? How does this work? This is going to take some getting used to...]

So evrybody here is supposd to be some kind of guardian, is that it? Nobdy ever seems to ask what we want though. What if we arn't cut out for this job? I don't think I wantto be responsible for anyones safety, and I'm definitely no hero.

I guess it beats being back homethough.

What do people do arond here for fun?

[please refer to Jack's permissions post if you haven't already responded; most people won't be able to see him, but his text will be viewable by all. for those of you who can't see him, the video feed will only show what appears to be a hummingbird. sitting in the air. not flapping its wings. weird.]


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