Jan. 21st, 2013

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[Bender is inside the warehome, the camera pointing straight at his face.]

It's been a week! A week! Fry, where the hell are you? I've looked everywhere! The bar, the couch, the bar again- everywhere!

[And now comes the distinct hysterical sobbing sounds.]

Fry was the only human I ever met [sniff sniff] who ever gave me things voluntarily. I barely had to steal most of it! And now he's gone!

[He starts wiping off some non-existent tears. If it's not clear at this point, Bender is horrendously sober and horrendously emotional.]

If anyone sees a redheaded meatbag, tell him that I hate him and that everyone hates me and I hate everybody! And you can all go to HELL. And ask him if he knows where I put my clogs.

[He roots around his cabinet to just show a picture of Fry eating a taco to the camera.]

I need those clogs, Fry! I need them so bad!

[And thus the video ends with more sobbing.]
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(it's Larsa's desk at City Hall, but instead of the work he does, he has some paper plates and cups to make makeshift teacups and saucers and there are two little girls wearing disney princess costumes as well as some raccoons wearing boas and tiaras.)

I do hate to be a bother, but I was wondering if anyone happened to visit City Hall and lose two absolutely lovely princesses?

(he sighs as they drink some of his tea and make a face, because really what six year old wants to drink actual tea? he drops his voice to a whisper before he asks:)

Or, at least what are some other running themes in these "Disney" movies or Fairy Tales? There are only so many times I can refer to Zatanna as a "Fairy Godmother" or the Mayor as "King Hundred" - which is the grandest of ironies I must say considering who he is and where we are. Please, text me anything that could be of some assistance.

(shit they're onto him, he quickly flashes a panicked look before going back to pretending to have a tea party.)


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