Jan. 23rd, 2013

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[Here's Minako, wearing her waitress uniform and looking disgustingly cheerful, the backdrop of the Pie Hole clearly visible behind her.]

I just found this out myself, but it turns out today is National Pie Day. Did anyone else know about that? I had no idea that was a thing.

[She's clearly tickled to no end by the concept.]

Everyone who's been here for a while probably already knows, but we're always getting new arrivals and all, so since today is the official day for pie I feel like I should invite everyone to visit the Pie Hole today.

[And she actually turns in order to indicate the shop behind her with a little flourish of the hand that's not holding her communicator.]

So that was all I wanted to say. I'll look forward to seeing you here!
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Whew! This weather is hell on anyone trying to keep up the hero gig!

[he's got the visor up and is exhaling big clouds of vapor in the chilly night air - keen eyes might spot the fact that the eyes of the Tiger visor are fogged over]

I mean it gets cold in Sternbild in the winter, but teens? I feel like my nose hairs are freezing when I breathe! How are the rest of you guys coping, or are you even bothering to go out at all? I wish the petty criminals would stay inside, then I wouldn't have to come out in this.

[a pause, while he tries to use the neoprene palm of his glove to un-fog the camera display]

Sorry, sorry. Damn, this is definitely one of those times I wish I had my helmet wired up for communications! Or my PDA at the very least! Damn winter...

At least there's no vampires or aliens or anything, am I right? Most of you folks stay inside and let the pros handle it, okay? Stay warm and stay safe.
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[ There's a wide-eyed woman staring right into the camera. She's taking deep, calming breaths but they don't seem to be doing her much good judging by all the other tell-tale signs of anxiety: they way her hands are running through her red hair at a rapid rate, how's she biting her lip so hard it's about to bleed, and then when she does speak? It sounds like the poor thing is on the verge of tears. ]

This— can't— what—

[ Another deep breath. One that seems to work this time. Followed by a wide, nervous smile. ]

Hey, whoever is out there... hopefully there's someone... my name is Co- er, Cyd! Cyd Sherman. Um, I'm wondering if anyone could tell me how to get home? I mean, I was about to head home from MegaGame-O-RamaCon, but now I'm... here. Wherever here is. And I'm supposed to start my new job tomorrow, so obviously, this is really not a good time and I– I'm very flattered and all, but—

[ She turns the camera towards a magic staff that's lying on the floor of the Porter Room. The view's a little shaky since her hands are, well, trembling. ]

Okay, what is that doing here?! Guys, is this just your idea of a prank?! Because if it is, I— okay, okay. We all know I'm going to cry. But then I'm going get to really mad! I mean, seriously, I expected better of you. Yes. Even you, Bladezz.

And, uh — Vork, Clara, Tink, Zaboo? Y- you guys are starting to scare me with this total silence thing. I mean, I'm mad at you and all, but... still. Say something.


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