Jan. 25th, 2013

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[Water slides down in to a bathtub, swirls around as a grey hand messes with the flow, and two gators plop in while some bath salt gets very pointedly and slowly poured in.]

Wouldn't all be using that shit for my ownself any-


[The same moment he swears there's a very distinct horn squeak underneath his own feet. Only Feferi and Karkat will recognize it.

The crashing sound and the views tumbling communicator catch aren't so unique. The pink dress the camera settles on that's sitting on top of the sink might be though.

It takes Gamzee a few seconds but when he gets back up he sounds funny, might have something to do with the clown nose that has currently jammed itself partially up his nostril.


[His fingers curl as they start wrenching around in there.]

Do any of you motherfuckers got any understanding on

[God the mucus doesn't even look like a human's does. Is that natural? Is that just Gamzee's health showing itself?]

of biopumping combining with electronic shit? Need to finally

[Pop! The once red clown nose is now just kind of half black looking and being charmingly shook around with three now sticky looking fingers.]

up and replace this wicked shit.

[And "charmingly" he points with the nose to the stump that was his right arm well over a year ago.]


Jan. 25th, 2013 09:24 pm
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(ignoring any events that might have transpired between him and a certain bond villain, cross actually sounds bored.)

If you were to lose half your face, how would you do it? Personally, I favor the angry ex-husband but ... (there's actually an angry ex-husband in the city so...) you know, stuff gets stale.

Or, the little brats at the Institute could stop asking me about it and actually focus on trying not to fail spectacularly that would be fantastic.

(he hesitates a beat:)

Also, Lenalee Lee and Vesper Lynd have been ported out. I suppose if you're sixteen years old and want some clothes, I'll send them right over.


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