Jan. 27th, 2013

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Hey, hey, is this thing working? [Her experience with technology is increasing ever so slowly, but at least this time everyone is treated to her beauty spared from her horrendous font choices.] Oh, there it goes.

[Suddenly she's holding up a silver chain with a familiar object to some dangling from it.]

Hee, I was lucky to come across some stupid mutt with this in their mouth. It took me a few minutes to clean up all the slobber, but it looks really neat. I doubt there's a lost and found in this place, so I think I'll just keep it for myself for a while. [With a noblewoman's laugh, she moves the sleeve of her shirt to rub the metal free of the smudges left behind on her fingertips. Little did she know what will happen as a result despite her knowledge of magical artifacts.] Wait, what is--?

[The spirograph briefly glows white hot and out pops [personal profile] Davesprite looking incredibly bewildered, like he had just woken up or gotten out of the shower or something. He nearly stumbles (despite the tail and lack of legs), catching himself with his incredible wingspan.]

Yo, what the fuck. [He catches his sunglasses to keep them from falling off his face and looks around until he spots Rin with the spirograph, his entire expression deadpanning. Of all people--] Welp.

Whoa, did I just summon you? [ Without wasting another moment, the smug smirk spreads across her face in her delight. ] Does that mean you're... ufufu, yes, yes it does mean that.

[ Quickly exclaiming: ] You are my Servant to do my bidding!

[Meanwhile, Davesprite's expression remains the same.]

Slow down there, Aladdin, I'm 99.9% sure I can't grant you any wish on your Christmas list. You're also like, a month too late.

[That was probably one of many things someone shouldn't say to Rin because now that this little exchange was on display for all to see? Her smile widens as she leans down towards the phone in the other hand.]

Hey everyone, won't you help me test out my new Servant? Let's see how many tasks he can do in a single day. [That laugh of her's is too evil.] I'm taking requests for my feathery friend here for the next couple hours so don't keep us waiting for long! If you do...

[Turning the phone towards the lower end of Davesprite's body, she reveals the tiny orange kitten who's gazing towards him as though he just hit the jackpot with dinner. Idiot just might be trying to get a mouthful of feathers by time she cuts the call.]

[...c-cat.] Oh god.

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Ok who the fuck dud this i know its shkt all the time here but this is just

fuckng freezing whether and now this are you kidding me? Dont tell me its like this all the time in winter thats BULL SHIT no way is this normal. One f you fucked something up and now the god damn horse heads are coming back i just know it. Donttry and put that kinda thing past me! Anyway anyone want some cranbery sauce im not eating all of this shit even if the world does end.

O ya anyone seen pickle around? Or is his dum ass off drunk somwhere in a god damn ditch. Probably froze to death.
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[It's a lazy day for Kenzi so the sound of the TV can be heard as well as the crinkle of a bag of chips.  Which she is most certainly munching on while she talks.]

Hey, so one week until the Superbowl!  Who's excited?  [Some crunching.]

Anyway, I'm throwing a Superbowl party at my place, directions on how to get here can be found below.  I'll provide most of the snacks but if there's something you want you're gonna have to get it yourself.  Also BYOB or S if you can't buy your own booze.

[Another pause so she can munch away on some chips.]

Drop me line here if you're coming that way I know how many bags of chips and all that I need to get.

[And as stated there's a file attached on with directions on how to get to her place.]


Jan. 27th, 2013 04:07 pm
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So as of a week ago, this backwater little ball a mud you lot call a planet mowed into the best sign a the year, in the best age a the year. Mine. I woulda announced this fortuitous fuckin' turnin' of the tides a week ago, but I had better shit to do. Now that I don't... well, there you go actually. Tide-turnin' well and thorough announced.

You're welcome.

[a puff of breath.]

So, line up - who's mine? I see a fat fuckin' lot of you come and go ewery year, so the question bears repeatin' now and again. Line up Aquariuses, I got some not-so-metaphorical rings that need some possibly metaphorical kissin' here.

Eff-why-aye, smartassed Scorpios are banned from commentin' on this memo. All of 'em. Whether or not I'm actually capable or possessin' of enough shit to give for bannin' them outright, it's the thought that counts.

So do us a fawor and piss off.

[click! and then, a few minutes later:]

...And I suppose it's my wrigglin' day in about a fortnight's time. Birthday. Whatewer. Holiday celebratin' your local Lord a the Seas if you want to get technical. I'll be acceptin' gifts, tributaries, sacrifices - not human, I get enough of you sand stompers as is - all a the abowe in adwance, though. So look sharp.



Jan. 27th, 2013 10:59 pm
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[What should be a familiar voice to some is now broadcasting over the comms; a little tired, a little confused-sounding, but most of all, angry. She doesn't trust this comm device one bit, so voice is easier than giving her position away, isn't it.]

More games? [She's trying hard to keep that anger up, but her voice falters a little.]

I would have thought you'd be bored by now. If you break us too fast it's less fun, isn't it? You've got me, anyway. You can let him go. At least do me that favor. [A slight, shaky pause.]



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