Jan. 28th, 2013


Jan. 28th, 2013 12:18 am
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[Klarion is grumpy as sin. Magic + a body count + the Wild Hunt = Klarion not doing so well. So, he's decided to forgo the usual video posts for him to instead bitch at the comm.]

Zatanna, where do you keep the medicine? I'm feeling particularly dreadful today, and I suppose taking some of your...tylenol could not hurt.

[He pronounced 'tylenol' like it was a foreign term.]

Turn up the heating, by the way. For some reason, I cannot stay warm.

[Klarion either didn't care about the private function or forgot to turn it on. Probably both. Before he shuts off the comm, he interjects with one final statement.]

And for the record, I didn't do this!
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[on and off throughout his post, Alastair is occasionally glancing over his shoulder or around the club behind him - his Case of the Willies is in high gear thanks to the Wild Hunt, since he's had his soul yanked out of his body a couple times before. Does he know this? Of course not!]

Okay so...this is a weird request but I'm kinda desperate. It's bad enough last night was like the worst night in Dancitron's history money-wise, but now all of my DJs have called out sick or dead or high or something and I've got nobody to perform for tonight. Anybody with even the slightest talent when it comes to playing music, live or off a mixer, wanna step up for a last-minute gig? I'll pay double. Anything to keep from having to shut down for a night.

[another glance over his shoulder]

Man, I keep getting his feeling on the back of my neck like somebody's watching me, or stalking me. But nobody's here yet, not even the bartenders.

Anyway...yeah. Any of you lot know how to spin records? That's...that's all. [goddammit Wild Hunt stop passing through the dance floor, it's enough to make a paranoid guy lose his shit on camera]


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