Feb. 2nd, 2013

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Feb. 2nd, 2013 12:56 am
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[Connors is pacing around his room at NOHoPE, walking in and out of frame. When he walks in the frame, it's obvious to those who know him that something is wrong. The pacing starts off slow, but slowly becomes more and more frantic. His hair is disheveled-aside from that, he seems somewhat normal.]

You know, it was never a bad idea. A world without weakness. Everyone equal. Everyone finally on the same playing field. No more side-stepping around awkward situations, no more 'I'm sorry, I forgot, let me get that for you, Dr. Connors,' no more people treating you like you're something weak, something inferior, something- [a dark chuckle] Something less than human.

[The pacing becomes a bit more frantic, but Connors's voice still continues in a low, equal tone.]

I'm thinking of taking it back up once I get out of this cell. Get my old job back, work on cross-species regeneration, finally iron out the damn kinks and get the thing to work properly. I deserve this. [There's a pause, and Connors stops pacing.] And it wouldn't be that bad if I became that thing again. After all, I was strong. I could do so much.

[Connors turns to the camera, bitter scowl on his face.]

What do you think, City? Do I deserve a second chance? Or should the good doctor just slither back to where he came and leave well enough alone?

[Whoopsie doo, someone is totally affected by the Shadow Witch plot. Still scowling, Connors turns off the camera]


Feb. 2nd, 2013 09:14 am
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So, this whole come and go thing - that happen often? [Faith has her arms crossed, more than a little irritated. She didn't feel like she'd been home for so much as a second - yet weeks had passed for everyone here. It was the sort of thing that made a girl wary of the porter.]

Gotta say, it's not exactly my favorite trick,  Sorta figured it was a here or not thing. But this? Sorta getting on my last nerves.

[She pauses, putting her thoughts in order. Something she maybe should have done before she started this video.]

Anyone wanna tell me what happened around here? Think i heard something about a dungeon last time. Maybe this time I won't miss out on all the fun.


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