Feb. 3rd, 2013

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[Hello everyone! It's Helena, with her helpful musical accompaniment to aid with her address.]

It's my sad duty to announce the departures of Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. In addition to the losses of Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown in the weeks prior, this has left my office somewhat short staffed.

[Her voice is clipped and she sounds generally unhappy.]

Please consider this message a general notice for employment opportunities at Wayne Enterprises. We have open positions in our various departments. Additionally, I am seeking a second personal assistant to aid me in my day to day tasks. The main criteria for this job is that you demonstrate a high level of trustworthiness, so expect a thorough background check if you do decide to apply.

[Encrypted to Damian Wayne:]

I'd like to hear that you're alive.

[Encrypted to Jason Todd:]

You have a court date next week.
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*If you know Feferi Peixes, you may notice that she doesn't look how she normally does. Oh, she's a troll for once, but she's taller - much taller - and her face is slender without the chubbiness of youth. If you saw her during the age-swap plot, you might recognize her physically; this is her, fully grown. There are some differences, however - she's wearing far more jewelry than one might be expected; she's wearing a golden crown and ornate necklace that look almost, dare one say it, imperial.

But beyond that is her expression. It lacks the cheerfulness and kindness you might have come to expect from the fish-troll princess. Instead, she smiles at the camera simperingly, coldly - a smile that does not carry up into unnaturally all-yellow eyes.*
Oh, dear, dear me. It seems I have a bit of an impossible dream after all. What ever shall I do?

You can't change people so easily. You can't change how they act, and I was a little bit stupid to think I could ever change how they think. No, no, poor little me. All alone on that great golden throne, giving empty orders to the void. And nobody listened. Nothing changed.
*She stands up, idly sauntering around the room, one hand lazily turning the camera to follow her. Her golden double trident is leaning against the wall, and she runs her fingers over its points.*

Being nice doesn't work like that. You know what does change people, though? If a velvet glove doesn't work, try an iron fist. *She giggles.* It turns out that all you have to do to make highbloods more respectful of the lowbloods is just to brutally execute a few.

Or a few thousand~! It's so easy. Murder makes people nice; who knew?

*She turns, her chin in her hands, and smiles again.* I'm a forgiving Empress, though. They can step out of line once or twice without facing punishment. But you need to put your foot down somewhere, right guys? It's all in the name of people being nice to each other. Can't make an omelette without slitting a few throats.

*And then her expression turns twisted, and she laughs sharply, mockingly.* As if! What a joke, right? This stupid little dumbbass princess thought she could change things by batting her eyelashes and telling everyone to be nice. Like that'd have ever worked - even before she got her chest blown open!

But don't you worry, little ones. All you poor little lowbloods and you weak puny humans, Empress Feferi's going to make it aaaaaall okay~. She's going to take care of you, and you can stay with her and amuse her forever and ever.

*Another laugh - and then she picks up the trident, spins it around, and knocks a hole in the wall... but where one might expect to see another room, there's just inky blackness.*

(ooc: This is shadow!Feferi here to entertain you. Her labyrinth won't be open for a few more days, but she's the talkative type of Shadow.)
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[Dexter squeezes his eyes shut, theatrically, which is fitting for the part he's gearing up to play.] There's no place like home, there's no place like home...

[He clicks the soles of his topsiders together, offscreen, and opens his eyes -- looking genuinely surprised.]

Oh, am I still here? I guess it's time to go back to the drawing board.

[Dex gives a stupid little wave and a light smile.] If I'm sticking around I guess I should re-introduce myself. I'm Dexter, for those of you who weren't here during my brief stay last year. I really have to pick a warmer time to visit, in the future.

...Not that I plan on disappearing again. Though, honestly--and don't take this the wrong way--I'd rather be at home with my daughter than here in this icy tundra.

[He gestures all around him because it's fucking cold and he doesn't understand. Slowly, he gets out his wallet and retrieves a small picture of said daughter and holds it up to the feed. She's only a few weeks old and tiny and adorable in case you didn't know. She's also a genius which you should totally be able to tell from the photo. That's what Dexter thinks anyway.] I think you'd feel the same way, were our situations reversed.

[With a shrug, he draws the picture back so he can look at it and SIGH.] Well, I guess I'll be seeing you guys around. How about those Ravens?


Feb. 3rd, 2013 08:33 pm
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[The video, unsurprisingly, starts off with Daria. Surprisingly, she's dressed like this. In case anyone hadn't guessed, Shadow Witch Daria has made her appearance.]

What a beautiful day on which to celebrate one's coronation.

[She sounds just an inch perkier than usual, but there's no mistaking that monotone.]

One is overjoyed that one has been chosen as the fairest and smartest person in the City, and thus best suited for ruling. One is certainly not surprised, however, of that judgement. One did not have any competition, and certainly not from this network.

[She starts to adjust her hair as she speaks.]

One's first act is to improve the quality of life within the City. Henceforth, all citizens deemed unworthy will be permanently exiled. All others may remain as one's personal servants. Unworthiness is hereby defined as bad manners, slow wit, low intelligence, excessive optimism, conflicting viewpoints, sociability, stubbornness, insincerity, greediness, intolerance and hypocrisy. There is no use for people like these. Get out of my city. My empire is my own.

[She turns and walks into her labyrinth. Feel free to visit.]


Feb. 3rd, 2013 08:45 pm
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[ For the first couple of seconds, the video is too dark to really make out anything. Suddenly, a very faint light appears, just bright enough to make Dracula distinguishable - he can be seen holding a lit candle. He's smiling just enough show his fangs, which justs adds to the eeriness of the scene.

This is, in fact, his Shadow Witch. ]

Do you know what is that I hate the most about humans? You act like you are so much better, when the truth is that you are greedy, judgmental, hypocritical creatures.

Nobody cares about young actresses coming to me because they are afraid of old age. Nobody cares about all the people I have killed, or even the people that clean up after I do, because it's more convenient that way.

[ He lowers his voice, his tone somewhere between angry and hurt. ]

But when it comes to myself, to my personal life, I'm suddenly scandalous. That part of me isn't profitable, so it's immoral. Yes, humans and their double standards... sicken me.

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Hey, look what I found in the shops. [ john's voice bursts with false sincerity as he angles the communicator and gestures to the deer stalker sitting comically on top of his head. after a moment, he pulls the camera back onto his face, his lips stretched into a smile that doesn't quite reach the turmoil swirling in his golden eyes. ] It looks cool, doesn't it? Though I have to admit, it doesn't suit me at all. But do you know what kind of person it does suit? A detective. The greatest detective, in fact.

You know, that word gets thrown around a lot when you're around him. Great. Brilliant, fantastic, amazing. Genius. I've been banned from using them in my blog from now on. But that's fine. [ he reaches deep into his shopping bag and takes out a bulky thesaurus, displaying it for the network to see. ] Because I've already found a replacement for one of them... [ he flicks book open, jabbing a page with his index finger. ] ... virtuoso! It's great, because it kills two birds with one stone. Have you heard him play the violin? Wow, he's great.

[ the sarcasm in his voice dies. he closes the book with a snap, face set with determination. ]

It's about time I started writing up how Sherlock Holmes fooled us all and faked his death. I'm going to call it 'The Reichenbach Fall'. It's going to be a corker, the best one I've written so far. So don't interrupt me. In fact, I'm going to turn off this bloody thi--

[ a burst of static and the broadcast ends. obviously, john won't be responding, since he's already disappeared into his labyrinth. ]


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