Feb. 5th, 2013


Feb. 5th, 2013 12:03 am
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Well, okay. I'm used to really weird stuff happening by now but this goes up to a 7 in Leo's scale of weird.

I mean this is all fine and dandy [He waggles the pamphlets in front of the cameras, not-really refraining from rolling his eyes because really? Pamphlets? So 40ies.] but I was kind of in the middle of something back at home. Something... important.

And dog-tags aren't really my thing anyway. [He waggles them as well, making the metal 'clink'.] And apparently this here is going to be my room? F Y I I don't plan on staying in here long enough to need one so this is kinda creepy. Is the mist playing around with me head? Again? Because seriously I am pretty sure that's gonna cause some permanent damage and I don't mean to imply I'd sue but [Have a dramatic finger pointing out right at the screen] I'd totes sue.

Soooo Jason? Piper? Percy? Annabeth? Hazel? ...Uh, Frank? [Yes he's indeed calling for Frank this is serious stuff going on here.]

If you're around just tell me what's going on so we can get the hell out, okay?
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[ It's the midnight on the fifth when this call comes through. Yes, I'm nearly 24 hours too late on this post. Rin can barely be described as enthusiastic, so whenever the video clicks on to show a toothy grin spread across her face it just might be the first of many things wrong with her. ]

A city full of heroes, isn't that what this place is? [ Tapping her chin thoughtfully, she manages a soft "ufufu" noise. ] Power exists to grant your own wishes, after all. Do you think compassion actually does any good for others? If you fail to derive some sort of pleasure in return for what you do, then all of that energy you're using up will dissipate with nothing to show for it. In the end, heroism is a concept that will betray you and that is an awful kind of betrayal. Losing faith in the only thing you believe in... how pathetic.

I want to just rip it out of each and every one of you. You might think I'm not qualified for the job, but I've witnessed up close what happens when a hero is betrayed by their ideals. I see it whenever I close my eyes and it seriously pisses me off. If you fail to maintain the balance by acquiring things in return, then you're just depleting your own energy. Are you following me, peons?

I'm going to take away your heroism one by one. See, unlike the other thoughtless rulers in this place--[ Yeah, she's taking a shot at Daria and Feferi now. ]--I'm offering you a kindness you won't find anywhere else. I'll save you before you're truly broken and then, then you can devote the rest of your life worshiping me!

Haa, so line up heroes! You can come at me as a group or one-by-one if you know what I mean. [ Accompanying that with a wink. ]


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