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[Klarion flips on the video, frown on his face. Teekl is wrapped around his neck, sitting on his shoulders, watching as Klarion is pouting up a storm.]

I can't find Kyouko! Where is she? I've been using my magic to try and find her, but she's not anywhere.

If any of you have seen her anywhere, please tell me!

[He pouts slightly, scowling, before he decides to just yell in the communicator.]

KYOUKO! If you can hear me, stop this! This isn't funny anymore!

[With that, he quickly shuts off the video, off to go searching for his friend some more.]
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I hate being an adult.

[ The woman on the other end pouts. Why, her lip's even quivering a little! ]

When you're a kid everyone says — go after your dreams! Like that will make you happy. They never tell you what happens if it doesn't.

[ A violin appears in the woman's hands. With it, she begins to play a melancholy little melody. Now that she's letting more of herself be seen, it's clear that this is Cyd speaking, but everything's a little bit off. There's the obvious oddity of her outfit: a white and red fantasy-themed little number with a skirt so short she wouldn't even dare to wear it in real life. There are little things, too: A sharp eye might notice that her super-straight hair is suddenly curled, she's wearing a bit more makeup, and despite the harsh things she's saying about herself? She seems much, much more confident. ]

Spoilers, here's how it goes: your dream job turns dead-end. You start dating a jerk who's just using you and you're way too stupid to see it. To sum it all up, everything sucks. So what do you do? You retreat into a little fantasy world. Tell yourself that it's okay because at least there you're not alone. You have friends. Who are somehow even more pathetic than you, but hey, beggars can't be choosers! Right?!

[ Such a bitter laugh. ] Who are you kidding?

Without The Game, without your friends, you're nothing.

[ The Other Cyd stops playing and — suddenly — smiles. ] But I know how to fix that.
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[The comm feed is unsteady, giving brief glimpses of the person holding it- Shinji, or at least something that looks like him, with yellow eyes - and the building he's standing in front of, some kind of massive metal pyramid.]

I'm not going to waste my breath on you people and give a long speech explaining what I want. You don't deserve that. [He spits every word, teeth grinding together in between them.] You're failures, all of you. You can't even save a bunch of kids, and even if you could get your act together and try, you don't get that it doesn't matter. Not a damn bit of it does.

The only thing that matters is how much you can get out of everyone before you have to hurt them. Push them away, kill them, whatever. Life is all about hurting. It's the only constant. Hurt and get hurt until you can't any more.

[He starts walking towards the pyramid, thumb sliding over the screen. A thumb covered in blood.]

So come on,. heroes. or whoever the Hell. I'll show you how little you mean before I crush the life out of you. Or before you do the same to me.

It's all any of us are good for.
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Hellooooo, City. [ The Flash lounges against a table outside a cafe somewhere downtown. Behind him people look both startled and confused - clearly he just arrived on the scene. It's hard to stage something like this, you know. ]

Valentine's Day is coming up. I just thought I'd remind all the ladies out there that the Flash is available, and there's plenty of me to go around.

[ He gives the camera a hundred watt smile. ]

Don't be shy now, step right up.


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