Feb. 9th, 2013

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So Valentine's Day is in five days. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the holiday alright- It's pretty amusing to find out who all in my office either 1) want to bang me or 2) are terrified if they don't give me something I'll set them on fire. I just hate how fake it feels. A girl can only fake appreciation for cheap candy and crappy slowly dying flowers for so long. At least a Valentine asking if they could get a raise is clever.

All that aside, the D.O.I. is currently looking for better ways to serve our Cityzens. We have provided low income housing for natives that may have lost their homes due to events and other shenanigans-- ugh, yeah. That's about as touchy-feely as I'm willing to get for the rest of the year-- but now we are talking about how we can better support our Import populace. I've been in contact with the Feds, and while they are still apprehensive about giving us more than we already have, I have a feeling they're going to crack any moment.

What we're looking for as of now: 1) Protection and support. 2) More funds and resources to rehabilitate our less "heroic".

Anything else you think we can benefit from, let me know.

† 045.

Feb. 9th, 2013 08:47 pm
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[the video is only on for a split second; rikku is in her pajamas, lounging on her and santo's big red couch. and by lounging i mean curled up and looking sorry for herself with half a bottle of wine halfway hidden behind a cushion. but the video is gone soon enough and text fills the screen:]

max gibson has been gone for almost two weeks
(thirteen days and about 22 hours and a few minutes or something like that)
so i guess she's ported out for real and not just on some kind of weird vacation where she doesn't answer texts about free pancakes
or blowing up buildings
or creddo daytime soap operas
so now everyone is aware
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[The feed opens in the hallway of, what appears to be, kidhaus. The only thing on the feed is a shadow on the wall with glowing, soulless red eyes. A trained eye might be able to spot Davesprite's outline, wings right down to the tail.

The feed runs on dead air for a few seconds before the shadow appears to peel from the wall to grasp at the communicator in order to type the following.]

courier cut )

[The string of text continues into the communicator until a response is given. The shadow's expression grows increasingly desperate, its image occasionally glitching out on the wall into nothingness. When it reappears, he picks up the dropped communicator and continues.]

[ooc: witch thread is here for people who want to do the battle thing. :Db]


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