Feb. 10th, 2013

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[There's non-descript ambient city noise in the background. Jason's outside, and it's obviously a pretty public place, but other than that, there are no specific cues as to what part of town he's in.]

Hey Network!

Who has two thumbs and an official warrant out for his arrest?

... This guy.

[There's a few more seconds of people talking around him, the sounds of a typical Saturday night, and then the feed cuts. At least you were spared the hideous 80s music this time.]
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 So, how weird is it here to meet someone who looks like you? [This is a bit delayed, but recent events in the city have her extra worried.]  I mean, exactly like me. Like, identical twin split at birth creep fest. Even if we do look amazing in that outfit. [Not the point, Charlie.]

Not that it wasn't cool at first, but now Cyd's acting totally freaky. Like all of this city. 

Unless I'm just insane and we're totally the same person. [She actually seems to consider that for a moment, running a hand through her hair. It's a pretty freaky thought. She doesn't like it one bit.]

I'm not the only one who can see it, right? Red hair? Cyd? Looks just like me? Didn't know how hot we were until five minutes ago when she suddenly went crazy?
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[The vid feed shows nothing special. A rather bland room, not even lived in, and a girl sitting inside of it. Her expression is faintly troubled.

After sitting alone in her apartment for several hours trying to make sense of the situation, she still has some questions. Nothing she's drawn up makes sense. It's incredibly frustrating. Adding to all of this is her complete inability to reset. Why now? Why, when Madoka was about to—

She forces herself to take a deep breath. Her fingers still tremble as she holds her phone, but she clenches them tight in an attempt to make them stop.]

What happens if one is "imported" in the middle of something important?

[Having no idea how to broach this subject, she pushes forward anyway. It's endgame, everyone's already dead or knows.]

Additionally, I would like to speak to anyone experienced with timelines.
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( As ever, Monica’s voice over the network is clipped and businesslike. )

There’re a lot of ways to come by “powers,” aren’t there? In my world, the possibilities are endless—accident, experimentation, design. But something I’ve found is that in nearly every case, there’s some kind of drawback, some way of the universe slapping you back down just after you’ve learned to fly.

And then we come here, and the machine has the power to give you almost any trick in the book. That kind of power—even disregarding the warping time and space part—there has to be a catch. Even if it’s just augmenting abilities you already had, or taking some away or adding new ones… have you noticed any drawbacks to your abilities, here? Or were there any back home?

Or, if you’re optimistically minded—that machine can do just about anything. If you could control it, what would you allow yourself to do? What would be enough? Or would you just be happy with what you had?

( A brief pause, and then a huff of breath. )

And since I know someone’s going to ask, the Porter’s never given me anything I didn’t already have. Everything else is just idle curiosity.


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