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[James and Zatanna are in what appears to be a moment of domestic bliss. Everyone's favorite couple are in her media room and, more importantly, they're surrounded by rabbits of all kinds. They're on the floor, on the desk, and... mostly curled up near James. One in particular is laying on its back in his lap, fast asleep. The couple, however, are focused on the computer before them.

Zatanna makes a rushed noise and points at the screen, prompting James to stop scrolling.]
See! I told you there was a ton! [The screen features a cluster of fanfiction about the two of them, a good number of them seem to be weird AUs and love triangles.

James reads a description of one aloud:]
"It Takes Two to Teach Love by TantalizingTwilightFan: Zatanna is the new vampiric vixen English teacher in the City, upon meeting James Bond, her boss and school Principal, she thinks he's rude and obnoxious. Is there more to him than meets the eye? Rated Mature for language and lemons." ...These natives have a little too much time on their hands. At least they understand the part about you being blood sucking.

I'd hit you, if it didn't mean waking the bunnies. [A beat.] What do lemons have to do with a mature rating? I like that I get to be the vampire in this one, though. [She seems a little too pleased with this.]

Vampire or not, it says here that I'm your boss. [He shifts just enough in his chair to somehow look more smug than he already did.] Now be a dear, Miss Zatara, and get us a bottle of wine before I'm forced to drown myself in bunnies instead.

You know, I might enjoy watching that... but I'm only going to do this because I'm too sober to read any of these. When I get back, you better be prepared to read that quality piece of fiction to me, Mister Bond. [She carefully extracts herself from her seat so as not to disturb any bunnies and the video comes to an end. It's for the better that they don't read any of these on the Network. They're looking in the mature section, after all.]
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[ It's very hard to mistake Soranik for anyone who's been in the City for any length of time even ignoring the red skin. Her outline glows a bright green and the background of the feed is clearly space - stars and all. After trying to get back to her own sector and finding that it and Oa no longer exist, well, she's out of options for the time being. ]

My name is Doctor Soranik Natu, Green Lantern of Space Sector 1417. If those words are familiar to anyone - I want to speak with you.

[ Her determined expression falls as she rubs her temples - the past few hours have been exhausting, to say the least. And she really needs to catch up on a few hours of sleep. ]

I don't have time for this, but it doesn't take much to guess everyone who arrives here shares the sentiment at the beginning. The brochures were sufficient in overview but lacking in any sort of depth - anyone willing to expand upon them would be appreciated. [ A pause. ] And since I'm going to be stuck here, I'm going to need a job. Preferably as a neurosurgeon, but general medicine will be acceptable.

[ So she's a workaholic - some things don't change. There's one more thing to be addressed, however. ]

And whoever drew this [ Panning the video feed showing the giant dick drawn on the surface of the moon. It's new to her, and also hard to ignore if you're floating around in space. ] I'm sure you've already been congratulated on clever you are.
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[ it's early afternoon and kanaya is in the greenhouse, tending to a row of black calla lilies, watering can in one hand, clippers in the pocket of her apron. she has a headband on to keep her bangs out of her eyes, and a smudge of dirt or two on her cheek. she doesn't look like she's slept in a while. in fact, it's probably been days.

her communicator is propped up on a shelf above the flowers so she can speak to it while keeping her hands free.

I've been thinking about it, and i's something of an awkward question, but in the interest of cultural sensitivity, it needs to be asked. You see, it occurs to me that certain words have...numerous contexts depending on the user's place of origin, and in some cases can be utterly and unwittingly obscene. [ she stops and places her hand on her chin, looking up at the communicator. well, that will be more dirt, won't it. ] I was told once that I should write a book about my planet for human education, but I don't know about that. I'm not much of a writer.

[ she turns back to her flowers. ] That said, ignorance can only be dispelled through education, so there will need to be...some sort of offering to make. So, if a list could be collected from various non-humans on practices that would be untoward from humans unaware of the implications of these actions, perhaps a pamphlet could be prepared and left at the Porter's housing unit. I think it's worse considering, at least, but I'll need some assistance in constructing it, namely from any others from non-Earth planets to contribute things I may not be aware of, either.

[ she sits there lingering on the thought for a moment before setting the can down and rising to her feet, her hands dusting off at the top of the frame before she reaches over to take the communicator. ] While I'm on the topic of bridging cultures, we're not far from your holiday celebrating romantic successes.

[ she pans the camera out across the area to show what she's been working on. the greenhouse is growing a great many flowers which are just now coming into full bloom in a brilliant display of blacks, pinks, and reds, with a small corner of a few grey things growing. she'd have liked to expand that one, but her choices were limited as it was and there was sadly little demand for them anyway. ]

Last year, Jade and I offered bouquets to fit each of my culture's quadrants. She...may not be here anymore, but I thought I should carry on the endeavor in her absence. A tradition must be continued if it expects to be established, after all. So I will be accepting orders from now until Thursday's end, and delivery is available.

I hope you all enjoy the day as it approaches.


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