Feb. 12th, 2013

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glub glub
glub gluuuuuuuuub glub glub glub
i'm t)(e worst ever i'm sorry
i'm staying )(ere) in t)(e ocean and never ever ever coming out again
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[ The video starts with Raven standing atop some building in the middle of the day- and the middle of the City, apparently. This much is not that surprising, but the fact there seems to be all kinds of things floating around her might be of interest; blankets, chairs, tables, a bed, a couple of cases, dishes...and a guy that passes floating behind her too.

Raven isn't even going to bother talking about this, though.

Are we done going insane and trapping ourselves in labyrinths now? Can someone tell me if that can be considered just another weird thing that happens, or if this actually was weirder than usual. At any rate, I do hope it doesn't happen again.

[ A chair floats in front of her for a moment, but Raven ignores it completely. ]


[ And she's not so chatty, now. Raven's eyes go down and to the left. ]

Gilbert had told me about the DOI, but I know nothing about them or what they really do. [ And she has the address somewhere too, but hey, that would involve talking to people face to face. We can't have that. ]

I'm not all that interested on having a work...but I don't like overlooking chances. So if someone can tell me more about it...

[ The guy floating behind her makes a sound that might have been "Miss?", but Raven just waves a hand and shuts him up before turning the feed off. ]


[ She does turn the feed back on a moment later though. ]

How are you?

[ That's basically all she asks. ]
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[coming to you live! from the new apartment he shares with Callie. In other words, much swankier than his previous posts from the MAC]

Admittedly, I've been a little busy lately and it almost snuck up on me, but my favorite holiday is knocking on the door once again. Now, ever since I got yanked into this shitty world it's been somewhat obvious to me that a lot of guys really need lessons in how to treat a lady. What better opportunity to fix things than on Valentine's Day?

[strolling through the apartment while he addresses the comm]

Time for a quick lesson in pleasing your ladies before they kick your asses for forgetting or being a complete heel. Rule Number One: she always comes first. Some of you idiots are good about this, but the rest of you are selfish jackasses, so take the opportunity just once to try and do it right. What you want doesn't matter. Use your mouth - ask her what she wants. If she isn't sure or wants you to figure it out, then use your damn brain. If she's not the sort to like stuffed animals, buying her an ugly bear on Thursday isn't going to work. If you don't know whether she's allergic to roses, or is on a diet and can't have chocolates, or what have you, find out before the big day. Giving the wrong gift because you don't know your lady's tastes is more than just a faux pas.

Rule Number Two: if you screw up, apologize right away. Even if you're not sure what you did wrong. If she's pissed, it's due to something, and it's better to apologize now and figure it out later than to get into an argument on the spot and jeopardize your perfect evening.

That should get you started for Valentine's Day. Beyond that, you're on your own, unless you can bribe me to give you charm lessons. And I don't come cheap.

[as he passes through the kitchen, there's a glimpse of bottles of wine and red foil boxes on the counter]

I usually give out boxes of hand-made chocolates to my favorite ladies at this time of year, but I do have one special lady in particular to focus on, so I'm not sure I'll be able to spread the wealth out this year. Not to mention, I've lost track of several of them. The Porter seems to be nabbing them before anyone can even notice, lately. I tried sending a message to Miss Diana about chocolates and got no answer. That reminds me, has anyone seen those kids who were engaged and talking about a wedding?
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Why is it that realizations often happen when you're doing something completely unrelated? One moment you're doing laundry, and the next you have an epiphany that bowls you over.

[ for those with keen ears, there's a constant rustle of soft fabric in the background. carol is, in fact, folding her laundry. ]

And it's even more strange if you happen to drop whatever you were about to put in the dryer and it ends up landing in the trash can. Suddenly you're torn between annoyance and whatever emotions that realization may have evoked in you.

[ a beat. ]

Here's a second, slightly related question. Has anyone figured out why creative inspiration tends to hit hard in the shower of all places? And if they haven't, has anyone invented a waterproof notebook and pens for writing down notes when that does happen? It would make my life a hell of a lot easier.
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[for the record, the name attached to this communicator id is neither brian moser nor rudy cooper! it is, in fact, vanilla ice. really.]

You know they have Import candy hearts here? The chalky kind. Apparently even the candy manufacturers have to roll with the punches. So far we've got MY HERO, SUPER MAN, and SUPER HERO. And SAVE ME, which comes off ominous. I think they're kind of cute. None too original, but can you really blame them? Look at where we're living.

Still, they've mostly stuck to the classics. It's nice to know that even after you cross over multidimensional lines and find yourself marooned in a universe where the laws of death are a gentle suggestion, they're still using SWEET PEA 50 years after its expiration date. There really are some universal constants. I'm sure it says something important about the human condition -- that or space constraints. Or both. We all do what we can with what we have, but how do you make the enormity of human desire compact enough to fit on a glorified Necco wafer?

FAX ME. Little 90s for my taste, but you can't win them all.
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[ It's Nelson again!! This time in audio form!! And despite his ENTHUSIASTIC CAPSLOCK from before, vocally he's rather soft-spoken. Timid, even. ]

Hello everyone, I trust you're all doing well. There was some -- well... I won't comment at length, I'm not really sure what the trouble was [ Re: shadow plot ], but I'd hope everyone was back to normal by now. I imagine it was awfully unpleasant.

[ He really has no idea what that was, nor what else to really say about it. But he had to acknowledge it somehow. ]

... That said, uh, well, firstly, now that I've been here for a bit longer now I think I'm comfortable reiterating that -- that it is impressive how ordered it is around here, despite all the disorder. All things considered it really could be a lot worse. I mean from strictly an observational point of view, mind you, I don't have any other stake in it than that. I do know service is an exhausting battle.

[ A pause. He really needs to shut up about that already. ]

Secondly, I know I'm not the first to mention it, but people are very excited about Valentine's Day, aren't they? [ He isn't but he won't admit as much. ] How do people celebrate these days? I can't imagine it being much different from in my day, but then again...

... Uh, n-nothing inappropriate, please.

[ He clears his throat, then is quiet again for another moment. ]

Oh, right. This is still Nelson, from before. I've finally figured out how to navigate beyond text on this machine, many thanks to everyone who... helped.


Feb. 12th, 2013 06:46 pm
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[Slipstream is leaning against a lovely red car, looking distinctly unhappy.]

Knock Out. If I don't hear from you soon, I'm going to take your car for a drive. And then go through a touch car wash and not get it waxed. Where the slag are you? I've been trying to call you all day, aft.

[Pause, as she sighs and reaches up to pinch the bridge of her nose.]

If anyone sees the good doctor Knock Out, please let him know that I'm looking for him.

Slag, if I'm the only one left..


Feb. 12th, 2013 09:46 pm
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Well. Hello again. This is the sane version of Daria Morgendorffer.

Maybe sane is stretching it. This is the "normal" version of Daria Morgendorffer.

I'm hoping someone knows what exactly happened to reality there for a while. If there is a super-powered Carl Jung on the loose, it would be best to find them now.

The fact that previous sentence could actually be a plausibility is upsetting.

Anyway, I just wanted to make it clear that I was not the one declaring myself queen of the City at the start of the month. It was merely an embodiment of my repressed emotions. It turns out that I'm every bit as judgemental, mean, unpleasant, egotistical, jealous, petty and selfish as I thought I was.

If anyone doesn't hate me yet, you're very welcome to join the club. There is an open membership policy. Pick up a pamphlet today.


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