Feb. 15th, 2013

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yo so me and my gf are looking for a place to have a romantic evening
with some roses on the table maybe a nice candle
bottle of champagne you know the whole works
hopin to hit third base tonight if you know what i mean gotta make it real special
also hey im back if anyone touched my shit i swear to jesus dick himself im gonna draw a dong on everything you love
hold up someone lend me like 8 bucks for my date gotta make this shit classy
heres a hot pic of me and my gf to persuade you

[ In the attached photo is Dave, intimately cradling a cheeseburger in his arms. That is all. ]


Feb. 15th, 2013 06:07 pm
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[Katniss sounds much the same as she did when she arrived. A little distant, but there's an ache in her voice that wasn't there before.]

Some of you might know this already, but Primrose Everdeen's gone home. ....So has Bucky Barnes.

...That's it, I guess. I just thought people would like to know.
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[She's had a while now to recover, but Minako still looks tired. She also looks very embarrassed.]

Hello... is everyone all right?

Um, Kyouko already explained, a little bit, what happened last week, but... it was also because my Evoker was stuck with her in the 'Porter that things happened the way they did.

It's not something anyone had any control over, so it's no good to say it was anyone's fault. But since it was something that belongs to me that helped to cause the trouble, I do feel like I have some responsibility. So...

[She bows very low.]

To everyone who was troubled, I'm very sorry.


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