Feb. 18th, 2013

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Almost the end of February already? What's that thing they say about time flying? It happens when you have fun. Actually happens while your getting rich too, wouldn't you know. Thought things were going to be slow to move, and really in the beginning there it was. I guess when you're a genius and technological badass, fortune just falls on your lap.

Now what should I do with this new found fortune? Continue my freelance work? Finally settle down to one company and build up said corporation to astronomical levels?

Kinda want to check out my options here.

Like I said before-- no reason becoming competition when I can make someone else look good for a while. I mean, I'm always going to be impressive, but that's aside the point.

So. Import populace. You technology fat cats looking to take your company to the next level? Consider me a potential business partner and investor.

We'll talk.

Until then, I think Daddy's earned himself a night out in celebration. Maybe fund some genetic research to make a miniature pocket-sized giraffe or something.
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[Hello City, today you are greeted by a boy who’s grinning widely.]

This is pretty crazy, like something out of a manga! Although I wouldn’t complain if there was more of a warning before I was brought to a different world like this. I mean, you guys here need my help and all but that’s just common heresy, isn’t it? But it’s okay, The Great Kamui will look past all that and lend you his strength heheh.

[Then suddenly he leans a little closer and his enthusiasm drops a few notches.]

So, uh, what exactly does a hero do here? And how do I find out what my powers are? We don't have any of those back where I come from. That Sporter [Wait a minute, that doesn’t seem quite right...] lady didn’t really explain properly.

[And also because he ignored all those pamphlets she told him to pick up. Reading? Hahahaha no.

That out of the way though, he leans back to a respectable distance and grins again.]

Also, man, I'm starving. Where's the best place to eat around here?


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