Feb. 21st, 2013

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[Hello everyone, here's a new face! And he looks particularly uninterested as he speaks.]

Is there a cardshop located here? [And that's literally all he has to say. No hello, no introduction, no wondering about why he was suddenly kidnapped... obviously this guy has more important things on the mind.]

☼ 009.

Feb. 21st, 2013 01:00 pm
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[molly is at rossum!! really, where else does she spend her time? she's wearing her lab coat over a hideous kitten jumper, and there's an almost empty mug of coffee beside her (only obviously almost empty because there's little steam coming from it). she's got a bag of crisps and is clearly on some kind of break. nutrition yeah!!]

So in about a week I'll have been here for a year! It's silly, but I never imagined I'd get to come some place like this. I mean, I never thought I'd be in America, but I also never thought I'd be in a completely different dimension.

[she picks up her mug which is suddenly!! full of coffee again. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN HM]

Are there any sort of celebrations people usually do? It's close to my birthday too [AWKWARD HINTING] so I thought it might be sort of a double thing.

[she glances over at the clock and her eyes widen a bit.]

O-oh, I hadn't realized it was so late! I thought it was still early in the evening. Well, I guess someone will see this in the morning, won't they?

[and as she continues to talk to herself about this and that, she ends the feed.]

[ooc; this is forward-dated to 2 am]
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[It's night when he makes this video. His hood shrouds most of his face, but the band around his eyes is unmistakably green, his voice is quiet and reserved. For the people who know him, there's no doubt that it's Connor Hawke. Lack of ridiculous goatee probably helps.]

This is Green Arrow.

I think I took the wrong turn and got to this city. The City. I want to help, but a lot has happened recently and I just want to make sure my family is okay back home.

[brief pause]

I'm asking again. Is there any way to communicate to our home world? I know. The woman and the brochure and everything else is telling me that we're all stuck here. I believe that but I'm not asking to go back, I just want to talk. And I wanted to ask people on this network, just to make sure. If there's any way to send a message to our home worlds, please let me know.

Green Arrow out.


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