Feb. 22nd, 2013

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[ Good morning, City. This is your lucky day. Julian Keller's face is on your Network. These days that usually means that he's pissed about something, and today is no exception, but he's not here to talk about that. He's speaking with an easy drawl and acting like everything's rosy. Because it is, right? It's not like one of his best friends is dead or anything.

Those who know the place might recognize the hallway he's in as belonging to Jenny Quantum's Carrier.

So you know what I missed? The Doors on this thing. You never appreciate being able to teleport anywhere in the City until you can't do it anymore. That was a bitch. But I guess this means the Carrier's open for business again.

It's about freaking time. Half of my shit was still up here, including these. There was no chance in hell I was bringing them out the civilian exit. [ The crumpled remains of what used to be Julian's robotic gauntlets are floating in front of him, and they rise up in view of the camera now. They look more like balls of scrap metal than actual hands now. ]

Hey Jeffries, if you're watching this? This crap was Vulcanus' fault. You think you could fix 'em? It ain't like I need them anymore, but hey. I'm not gonna say no to an extra pair of hands floating around the place.

[ He can think of a lot of uses for those, okay. ]

Anyways, there's no reason to stay here. I'm back in my old apartment. If I ever get the bright idea to move up here again, someone please just fucking shoot me.

[ The message appears to end here, but shortly afterwards - when Julian has teleported back to the City - the following gets sent to Miss Martian's comm. ]

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[Watch out, it's a another blond kid that plays card games--the better card game. He doesn't look like a friendly person, though, not with his eyes narrowed like that.]

Am I really expected to believe I am stuck here with no viable means of leaving? How utterly hilarious. There are things I need to do. And I highly doubt this pamphlet has everything I need to know about this place, so if any of you know anything, do tell. [There's a brief pause and it might have been a trick of light, but his expression darkens just a tad.]

If this is your doing, Takuto Tatsunagi, I will make you regret ever crossing paths with me.

[Because people will really answer his question after he publicly threatened someone who may or may not be here. Right.]


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