Mar. 1st, 2013

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[Good morning, Network! It's Ren, his hair swept over one shoulder - because clamped between the other and his ear is a box. His hands are otherwise preoccupied by two black-backed stacks of cards. Setting them all down in front of the camera, he readjusts his hair before offering the video feed a slightly forced smile. He turns away slightly pick up the top card of the left pile, staring at it thoughtfully.]

Having friends arrive is a great feeling, isn't it? Even though part of you is sad that they've had to leave home as well, you can't help but feel a bit better since you're not so lonely.

[The card is set down, the little box opened, and both piles stacked neatly inside. Ren leans on his forearms, still avoiding looking directly at the camera.]

That's a feeling everyone has, but what about other things that can be missed? Places or objects only found back in your own world. There's not really a way to bring them here. No matter how many friends arrive, there are some things that just aren't the same - you can't hang out at the usual place, play with the usual things, connect the usual way with people.

[A few moments of quiet, before he seems to brighten and laugh.]

Maybe it's a silly thing to worry about?
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[The voice clicks on because like hell Khashoggi is showing you his horrible burned arms. His tone is short, curt and business-like and very obviously through gritted teeth.]

I require medical assistance and information on Skrulls, Vulcanus and Lachesis. Preferably-[and here you can hear a wince of pain] preferably in that order and as soon as possible.

[There's a pause and a slightly bitter laugh.] On another note, I've managed to find out my incredibly useless power. I'll give more information after I-[another wince of pain.] after this gets taken care of.
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Well, goodness! Lachesis does enjoy sending people on little trips, does she not?

[ last time it was paris, this time it was metricog :| this is starting to become a habit.

ofc, he's not concerned at all

I have to say, though, there were certainly worse worlds to end up in. A fascinating place, overall, and the natives were at least friendly. [ If touchy-feely. ] It was enjoyable for me, at least.
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Now that we're all back and safe in our home away from home, I think it'd be alright to confess something.

[ Normal people might say an actual greeting, but Rin dives right in with what's on her mind. All day, every day. Just going to have to kind of get used to this. Behind her is a street lamp and the rest of her surroundings seem to be too dark to tell by the phone in her hand, so the likelihood of her actually being anywhere near the MAC when she speaks is zilch. At least she's clever enough to combine bad news and stealth. ]

When we were back on that planet or whatever it was--[ It certainly wasn't a vacation resort, she can be sure of that much. ]--there were those destroyed bellows. Made breathing a pain for a lot of us. Remember? I'm sure you haven't forgotten, but I did have to reaffirm that it was indeed a situation to remember.

I just thought you should know I was responsible for that. [ What an apology, except nope, it's not. Rin doesn't actually apologize for things unless she truly feels sorry about it. ] Since I had to suffer as well it isn't as though it was that big of a deal. There was just an attack, you see, and you should just know I'm the one you should be mad at if anyone.

[ Really, she wanted to do this to glean information about what Archer had told her, but fortunately there were other ones she can listen to instead. So all she had left was to take the heat off of him and hope people would be less annoyed that a young woman did it. ]


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