Mar. 3rd, 2013

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[this is a sound people who've been here a year should know, if not all too well at least in passing -- the crackling burst of static, like someone's doing the Cotton Eye Joe in cellophane shoes only much louder and more obnoxious, that eventually settles into that low-grade buzz, background noise for the flanged feminine voice. Lachesis is perhaps a little higher-pitched than normal, and the cadence rhythmic, more musical. almost as if...

... singing? yep. she is definitely singing.]

I'll chase them anywhere,
There's time to spare,
let me share this whole new world with you...

You can spare me the self-righteous patter, my little daytrippers. Oh, I know you're upset! -- you always are -- but February is such a drab month, don't you agree? And it's been so long since I gave you a real vacation. Interesting places to visit, interesting people to kill... my apologies for your souvenirs, by the way, but you know how travel is these days.

Or maybe the gift wasn't to your taste? So ungrate--
[ssssssshhhhhhk] --given you such a nice present. Would you have preferred some more familiar packaging, a little less iron and a little more man? Well, there's no accounting for taste. Still, think of my position. You do have a tendency to demolish everything you touch, and fleshy bodies are just so breakable. Apparently even that's no obstacle in the face of your methods -- something to keep in mind, hm? -- but how could I have known someone else was sightseeing? Honestly, I can't take you anywhere.

But don't despair if you missed out! You'll get your own drop in the bucket if you wait your turn -- unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling... all in good time. It wouldn't do to say so early in, not at all, but I am nothing if not equitable.

[a burst of quick static laughter]

Hold your breath, heroes. It gets so much better.

[and the video fades out on what is definitely the opening of a whole new world, which she will continue to play/sing through to its conclusion! possibly at your characters. probably at your characters.]


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