Mar. 6th, 2013

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[The video clicks on with Connors smiling at the camera. He's looking a lot better than his last broadcast and notably more sane. You can see his MAC apartment in the background.]

I'm afraid I've got a little laundry list of things to say on here. [Connors remarked, with a small chuckle.]

First and foremost, even though I was released from NOHoPE under...not the best of circumstances, I won't be checking myself back in. Being there has helped me tremendously-more than you can imagine, but I don't think it can help me with what I need to do now. I can better atone for my mistakes out in the open.

Second, I'm sorry for anybody who had to deal with me during that incident before Metricog. As you can guess, I wasn't exactly myself.

[And that is all that needs to be said there. Connors pauses for a moment, notably looking a little nervous, before he plunges on to his final question.]

Finally, I'd like to know anything about the state of robotics in the City. Specifically, prosthetics. I didn't have one back home for a variety of reasons, which I'd be glad to go into if asked, but as we all know, this place isn't exactly home. Besides, no matter my choice, it's worth looking into.

[There's another small smile, before Connors turns off the camera.]
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[Though this is a video post, the feed does not show Ned. Instead the frame is fixed to the Pie Hole kitchen window, taking in and projecting the dining floor as well as the street beyond. The Sun is just coming up and not many people are out. The neon sign usually proclaiming the Pie Hole as open for business cannot be seen, nor is it casting its neon glow. It's before opening, and Ned sounds nervous. Perhaps, more nervous than usual.]

E-everyone retreats to... comfort in times of distress. For some, that means... pie.

For others. [He stops and pauses. A few little sounds can be heard of tidying up. Dish-washing, floor sweeping. Ned is lost deep in thought.] For others, that could mean any source of familiarity. Or what once was, familiar. I'm not sure I know myself what that means, anymore.

[He hastily blurts the last bit out, it's obviously not intentional and so he moves on, quickly.] Even things one once feared can sometimes present as a comfort in these... times. Like with my mini magic show or--or the new gluten-dairy-free menu here, at the Pie Hole. I never would have considered doing either before. Especially...not without Chuck.

But we all do... different things. In different places. It would seem even a pie-maker can learn a few new tricks. [That didn't really keep up with the metaphor but he doesn't seem to notice, sighing audibly.]

No one came in last month. That's never happened before. Here, or. Anywhere. It's the Pie Hole. It's comfort; it's. It's home.

[and how does he go on without begging. oh boy, he is one pathetic and sad, lonely pie maker.] There are even some St. Patrick's Day specials. I'm... not even Irish. Oh! Oh. ...Oh. And, don't forget to set your clocks forward an hour on Sunday. Spring Forward. [The feed closes without ever showing Ned's face.]
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[As always, Helena's post contains a musical accompaniment. More unusually, however, she is using the video function. She's inside a subway station, probably one near Times Square, judging from the amount of foot traffic all around here.]

A funny thing happened on my way home from the office. I opted to take the train instead of calling for a car, and glancing around, I spotted a few unusual sights in the station.

[She turns the camera away from her to show this vandalized advertisement.]

Normally I wouldn't think much of that, though the sentiment of the graffiti isn't one I've seen around very often, at least not on the walls of a subway station. But, unusual as it is, it would appear that this vandalism isn't an isolated incident.

[The camera pans down the hallway to show several other vandalized ads before she turns the camera back to herself.]

Perhaps I was wrong about popular opinion turning against us. Or perhaps it's just one particularly insistant punk with a magic marker and too much time on his hands. I can't say I agree with the destruction of property, but the message is certainly a welcome one in my book.

I only wish they'd left the advertisements for our TV show alone.


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