Mar. 7th, 2013

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So... how about that cold front?

[No really that's it.]
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[ The green, noseless alien looks very unamused at first.]

I had believed the anecdotal and other data regarding Lachesis displacing imports for large portions of time. I did not require confirmation. Given the amount this City changes, I believe I may require updated information of what has transpired before I was - interrupted.

[ He’d already attempted pinging a couple of people, but unfortunately they were not contactable. In a way, this is almost a good thing, any… embarrassments from before have a high probability of being forgotten. So he smooths his face into a chill smile. ]

If new introductions are necessary, I am the Negotiator of the Reach. Greetings! I am unfortunately – what is that phrase? “Out of a job.” If there are any suggestions for rectifying that, I would be obliged.
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[ The feed turns on to a young brown-haired boy, who looks to be about 10 or 12 years old at most, in somewhat Victorian-aristocratic clothing frowning deeply at the communicator. It seems to have turned on mid-sentence and his voice is filled with sharp irritation as he mutters to himself. ]

—at's with this thing? It won't work! I hate these weird technology things. What's so wrong with talking to people face to face nowadays? It's all cellphones and ... Ah! It's doing something! [ A pause and a careful squint. ]

The red light means it's recording, right? Ahahah, finally, it works. [ The boy's demeanor instantly changes and he smiles a bright, pleasant smile after he clears his throat. ]

Hello everyone!

I'm not sure what the whole 'hero' thing is about, but if they want my services as a detective, they could have just asked. How am I supposed to work in this anyway? [ He gestures to his surroundings, indicating the standard MAC apartment he's in. ] I need at least a mansion! Oh, and a servant or assistant! It would have been nice if I could've taken mine with me ... Ahh, he's going to freak out again. I don't mind starting my Detective Agency here again, but I'll need at least those two things.

And before anyone says anything like "kids shouldn't be detectives!" It doesn't matter whether I'm a child or an adult, what matters is my talent and efficiency. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, you know? [ He ends that note with a wink before momentarily glancing away in thought. ]

Did I forget anything ... ?
Oh, right! My name is Loki. Mythical Detective Loki at your service. If anyone can help me obtain the things I seek, I would be most grateful! I don't have much American money right now, but I can offer knowledge in return.

That's all! Now, how do I turn it— [ click. end of feed. ]


Mar. 7th, 2013 08:59 pm
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[When the camera turns on, some people will see a familiar face with a terrible hair do wearing a suspiciously familiar funeral suit. He is pissed, pissed while thumping around what appears to be a kitchen--hopefully his old one--and yanking things out of shelves. For the most part he remembers to keep the comm pointed at himself, but once in awhile the camera and sound goes weird as he uses that hand to . . . open a can?]

Fuck. Yew. Fuck yew! Fuckyew! I've been away fer months here but back home only a few fuckin' seconds?! Can't find Toki and--A SUIT! Yew braught me back in a fuckin' suit again, ffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. [He stops with the can opener and just exhales deeply.] It's jest hard, yanno, it's jest, uhhh, yeh . . . [He slowly brings up a glob of something to his mouth. It looks oddly can-shaped and bread-like. In fact, that's exactly what it is. Bread from a can. Months old bread from a can. He chews on it with a sad wistfulness.] . . . it's hard to be Pickles the Drummer reet now, ahll by myself...

[Canned bread crumbs falling sadly all over as he sighs again. But then he gets all fired up once more!]

Fuck this, though, seriously! I'm naht gonna do shit like last time, last time none of yew were any fucking help, so I gahtta do things on my own! So the first order of business: puttin' together a baaand. So which one of yew dildos have always wanted to be in a band? Now's yer fuckin' chance, yew'll never have an opportunity like this again, so--so roll ahn up, stahp being a sad mouth-breathin' loser and join a band and get some pussy fer once, roll ahn up.

Otherwise, the least some of yew can do is bring me some fuckin' booze, everything here is empty already. I dunno what'll go good with this shit, though. [Looks at the hunk of can bread in his hand.] Maybe a dark rum or somethin', I dunno . . . surprise me.


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