Mar. 8th, 2013

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Go make a change in the world. Everyone wants to, why not you? Look around you and see the change, be inspired by it. Now's your chance to voice your concerns because I'm going to set you free from those conscious inhibitors that prevent you from speaking your mind.

Go on. Let them know that you've got the power.

[ooc: Related to the Subliminal Message plot! It ends tonight at Midnight!]
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[ He doesn't speak immediately, though there's the very, very faint sound of the radio in the background. A breath is drawn and when he does finally talk he sounds some combination of very concerned and upset while also trying not to be. ]

Um -- uh -- hello. I wouldn't normally use this thing for such a simple question, but I figured this would be the fastest way to get a real answer, since-- well, I know that protocol here doesn't always allow for just calling the police.

So: Has anyone else disappeared... recently? Unaccounted for?

[ He clears his throat and there's a pause as he takes a drink of something. ]

You see, I can't reach my friend Sally. [ Another pause. ] Jupiter. She's not normally very difficult to get ahold of, but it's no use. Now, my coworkers went missing for about a week last month without any warning, and they're all back now. But they weren't alone, either, and I know -- I know that these things can depend on if they're individual or en masse. That is, it's what I've heard.

But if anyone has seen her... or heard from her... I'd just like to make sure she's all right. I want to ensure that--

[ You don't want to know how many times he's tried calling her to bring him to the conclusion that, yes, something may be wrong. Like. It was a lot of times. Just in case: ]

Sally, if you're listening to this, I really hope you aren't just avoiding me.


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