Mar. 9th, 2013

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[ welcome to yet another disappointing voice post from local resident teenage pirate princess (except not). it's like she's getting her B.A. in Apathy.]

This is a little late, but I'd promised the honors to someone else, last time. Guess she's gone this time around. I doubt she'd be too broken-hearted about it. But, I suppose that moment's passed, and it wasn't all that important.


I don't mean to imitate a broken record or anything like that, but... we're all aware that this kidnapping thing isn't going to stop any time soon, right? If it's not the voice of the Porter sending us somewhere incredibly stupid, it'll be Vulcanus stealing us away in the night. And if it's not them, then it'll be someone renting a warehouse somewhere, and if it's not deliberate like that, then I'm sure someone will wind up with powers they can't control and some of us will wind up trapped on a cruise ship in the South Pacific for a month and a half.

In that case, I'm making a proposal. While it's true, I believe, that we can't predict when it will happen next, but since we know they're coming, we can at least prepare for that, can't we? Different situations require different preparation, of course, but surely we should be able to come up with something, right? Like, a scheduled contact system, or something like that. So those of us still here will notice if thirty people disappear overnight. Or, make sure we all carry around some emergency supplies, for the times when where we're sent, instead of taken. Because... Who's to say the next place will have spare clothing, for those of us who weren't lucky with timing? Or food? Or if the inhabitants of that next place won't try to kill us on sight?

I don't know about any of you, but since we got back, I've been sleeping with my shoes on.
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Things are quieting down, it looks like. I don't know what all of that was about out of nowhere - not that I have a problem with people being behind Imports, but there's a lot better ways to go about expressing your love besides. [AHEM] Riots and graffiti. Although, I may have to tease my co-star endlessly about how good he looks with a beard like mine.

What's really nuts, though, is that I went taking a poke around the internet to see what people were saying, about the rallies and stuff. Boy, was that a mistake. The 'Socrates: Action Detective' fansites are pretty cool, but if you dig too deep you might find things you really don't want to see. [like...slashfic of Socrates and Charlemagne. Ugh] There's even a little corner of the web dedicated to... [and here's a really fake, awkward laugh] ...proving that I'm actually the superhero Wild Tiger. Is that crazy, or what? I mean, sure, we're from the same world, but that's just beyond impossible. He's a hero and I'm just some guy, really. I don't suppose they'll listen if I deny it, though. Something tells me that getting into arguments on the internet is not a good idea.

[not like he really knows how to use the internet that well, beyond Google...]

Anybody else learn something fascinating by searching for themselves?


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