Mar. 14th, 2013

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[ Hello Network, it's the same brown-haired boy from last week only this time there's a large raven perched on his shoulder and he's looking particularly gleeful about something. ]

It seems like I didn't have to search for long to get one of the things I need. Look! [ Loki raises the communicator above his head, making the mansion behind him clearly visible. It looks quite similar to this. It's not clear from what he shows where it's located, but there's plenty of green surrounding it. Loki lowers the communicator after a moment and shoos the cawing raven whose balance has been upset by all the jostling from his shoulder before speaking again. ]

Isn't it great? [ He chuckles, although it might seem more like a childish giggle. ] I would still like a servant or assistant, but with this I can open my detective agency again. I'll be taking cases from now on, so please don't hesitate to contact me. The agency still needs a name though. Back home I called it Enjaku Detective Agency, but that was in Japan so the name probably doesn't fit very well here. Any suggestions?

[ A pause and then he looks even more cheerful. ]

Also, to celebrate the opening, I'll be holding a tea party this Saturday afternoon. Everyone is invited! Just behave yourselves, wear something fancy and bring your own snacks, alright? I don't have that much food myself, but I did get some really nice chocolates and of course, there's plenty of tea.

I hope to see a lot of you there, please stop by [ insert address near one of the parks ] if you have the time.
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testing testing one TWO THREE!!!!
yo!! >:O anybody out here?
ive been trying this thing on and off for a couple of days and nothing!
diddly squat :( there has gotta be somebody out there
there is only so much exploring a girl can do before she goes CRAZY
and i can safely assure you i am starting to go a little crazy lol


Mar. 14th, 2013 10:06 pm
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[Leo is so exited about this you might catch a little smoke fading away as the feed turns on. He seems to be in one of the MACs buildings- one full of hammers, tongs, wire brushes, files, rasps... apparently the only thing Leo is lacking is an anvil but rest assured he will soon.


There's also a certain Rolling Stones song in a loop on the background.

So you were probably all wondering what the great Leo was off to- yeah yeah no need to answer that, I know you were. Well wonder no more!

Because I haaaave this to show you! [He lifts his (very) greasy hand to show the camera a little circular piece of technology. It isn't big, it fits easily between his thumb and his index finger.]

Impressive, yeah? Well you will find it even more impressive when I tell you what it does. Because right here I have a text reader.

That's right.

See I was having trouble reading some of... the... texts posts around here [Actually all of them, he barely paid attention to more than a line in any of them- it's hard being dyslexic and nobody understands.] so I thought I'd make it easier. This little thing here will simply read the text to you once you scan it. Maybe someone already did that before? But [a little shrug] I like doing stuff like that so whatever, there it is.

Cool, right? I'm working on using different voices on it and stuff like that, but I just wanted to get the prototype out and running. If you want one of these just tell me and I will make one! I could use some pay for the materials but if you can't do that we'll arrange something. Seriously just tell me, it's no problem.

[It's actually awesome to have something to keep his mind out of things.]

I haven't able to make something to do the opposite- like, write whatever you say out loud but that will take a little longer and more money. Would anyone be interested in that?


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