Mar. 16th, 2013

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[Hello Network! There is a smiling upbeat alien on your screens today, standing behind a lab counter.]

Greetings. Professor Mordin Solus here. Have two announcements to make, both positive. First, next version of Port-Out Sensor ready for distribution. Test model performed according to expectation, didn’t have to make many changes. Same basic design and function, developed by myself and Peter Parker.

[Mordin holds up a penny-sized plastic disc.]

Adhesive sensor meant for attachment to communicator. Detects Porter energy, sends signal when ImPort is returned to their own universe. Distinguishes between ordinary disappearance and abductions, and can also be used to trigger prepared messages. Give farewells, get closure, make separation less emotionally difficult for acquaintances.

Sensors available at Global Dynamics lab. Will be provided for free to any ImPort who wants them.

[The Professor sets down the disc.]

Moving on. For those who don’t know, am currently administrating the ImPort Clinic. Medical facility primarily staffed by ImPorts, serving both ImPorts and natives free of charge. First-rate equipment, well-stocked laboratory. Issuing call for new staff members: medical, administrative, maintenance, any capacity. Volunteer position only, but do offer some benefits. Also excellent opportunity to practice medicine for its own sake. Usually quite busy, often get interesting challenges. [Mordin inhales, and smiles more.] Educational.

New staff members have to prove qualifications first, of course. Can arrange for practical test if your certification is in another universe. Understand that these things happen. If interested, can start immediately.

That’s all for now. Will be available for contact if you need me.

[ooc: Comment here if you want your character to get a sensor, and here if you want them to join the Clinic team!]


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