Mar. 17th, 2013

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[ It's evening, and the light on this video isn't great. There seems to be a streetlight, but it's flickering slightly, as if something has disturbed it. Also, it's raining, a particularly localized kind of rain that's tied to Jason's immediate vicinity. That rain is beginning to die down, though by the looks of Jason's wet hair and clothes, it had been a lot heavier before he turned the video on.

His blue eyes are sparking with anger. The video takes in his face for a moment, before he swings it around to the ground. Several people are lying there, all as wet as Jason. Three are unconscious. One is awake, but concussed, and rubbing her head. The video swings back to Jason, and he holds up a medium-sized bag filled with some kind of white, powdery substance.

I found them here. Actually, no - I found more than them. Some of them ran away when I got here. These four were too busy fighting each other to notice anything else. They were fighting over this, as far as I can tell.

[ He glances at it with distaste, then drops it back on the ground. ]

I don't know exactly what it is. Drugs of some kind, I guess. The girl told me it wasn't hers, it was theirs.

[ The video moves back to take in two of the unconscious forms, but Jason's voice can still be heard. ]

She said they're gang members. She and her friend are members of that vigilante group. The Phantasm. All I know is, when I showed up, both groups scattered. She says the Phantasm want to help ImPorts, that they're doing what we would do, but these people were tearing each other apart. I don't see how this helps anyone.

[ There's a little pause, and now the video comes back to him. The rain has stopped completely now, and the streetlight has stopped flickering. ]

I'm waiting for the police. I hope this stops soon. These people are putting themselves in danger, in our name. They shouldn't be involved in anything like this. It's only going to get more of them hurt.
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[First: a disgruntled video message. Black and red fills up most of the screen as Harley stares down you, her viewers. Muffled, there is a sort of growling sound. That is most definitely her stomach.

The video cuts out and a few minutes later, text takes it's place. ]

who's bright idea was that! enough to put a girl to sleep, let me tell you. anyone know where a girl can get a cup of joe and sixteen pancakes all stacked up with maple syrup and chocolate??? and show me around too, i guess.


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