Mar. 18th, 2013

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[ well this sure isn't a comm number that's been seen on the network in the while. and the boy in the video definitely hasn't, either! you'd probably remember someone with as distinctive an appearance as that, hair spiking up in purple and pink. hey, isn't this kid like youtube famous for that battle to the death tournament last winter? probably, because really, who would honestly want to imitate a hairstyle like that? nobody, that's who.

he's got a weird single lens over his left eye, green with a white frame, but it doesn't completely mask faded scars blooming out beneath and onto his cheek. considering the scars are mirrored around his right eye, it's pretty easy to guess what it looks like. they're only really visible if you're looking for them, though. the kid's sitting out on a bench somewhere — feet on the seat and himself sitting up on the backrest, like a proper asshole — and his knee bounces in and out of frame for nervous jitters.

he waves one hand at the camera.

Yo. Uh.

[ the hand pretty promptly drops, his elbows resting on his knees. ]

So... I dunno really what to say. I guess...

[ bravado, limited as it was, sinks out of his shoulders. ]

I'm sorry. I've... I've done a lotta terrible things, and I haven't done anything to make up for 'em. I've been stuck in this place for a lot longer than I ever wanted, and all I've done is cause trouble. People have gotten hurt, and killed, 'cos of me. ...

[ his mouth twitches to the side, and his gaze drops to his hands. his fingers run together idly for gesture. (wait, who the hell is holding this camera?) ]

I've hurt people, and... [ a swallow, and muttered words too quiet to be picked up by the recording. probably "killed people," but. he looks up, earnest. ] But that's not the kinda person I—!

[ and another sink. ] ... It's not the kinda person I want to be.

[ his hands ball into fists, and he sits up straighter, giving the camera his best BURNING INTENSITY stare. ]

So from now on, I'm gonna be somebody totally different than all that! No matter what happens, I want to help people. So, if you ever need help with anything, any time, I'm your guy!

[ and then the feed disconnects yuma you didn't even say who you were or who you were apologizing to
this is the worst excuse for an apology ever

§ 060.

Mar. 18th, 2013 06:58 pm
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[someone is in dublin!! not that you would know, since she's sitting in a pretty nondescript pub. except for the heavily irish accented background chatter. in this environment, her own accent is much more pronounced. but even in the midst of the celebration, she hasn't put on any green; she's still in her customary white clothing.]

I hope you all had an excellent St. Patrick's Day yesterday. I certainly did. [she's interrupted by some guy coming by to drop another drink at her table. but she pushes it out of the frame because she is a TEACHER and she has a REPUTATION to uphold and an EXAMPLE to set. or something.]

I realize that I did depart a bit suddenly, and I hope none of you are too cross with me. [NOT THAT SHE'D CARE] Obviously, classes at the dojo are cancelled for this week. And even though it's spring break, my students from the Institute still have their reports on French warfare due when they return. I especially look forward to those on fifteenth century.

[no she doesn't she hates grading papers everybody is going to get a b probably. but someone insisted there be some sort of actual assignments in this class sigh.

the bartender yells something in irish and she yells something back before laughing and cutting the feed.]
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[There's a small pause before Khashoggi starts talking.]

I've been trying to catch up on pop culture of this decade. After all, the fifth time someone calls you 'Agent Smith', you start to wonder.

For the most part, I've managed to catch on wonderfully. Though there is one thing that leaves me baffled. [And then, completely serious.] Tell me, City: how exactly do you 'zig a zig ah' and why do these Spice Girls want to do it so badly?


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