Apr. 1st, 2013

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[Good morning, Network! Ren's here at the park with a pair of cheap fuzzy bunny ears jammed over his hair and a handful of small foil-wrapped eggs held up for the camera.]

It's Easter! I don't usually celebrate it back home, but it's a much more important time here, so I thought I'd get into the spirit of things. Sometimes it's just nice to join in with the celebrations and add a little bit of colour to the day, right?

This is all I bought for now, though. [He turns over the tiny eggs in his hand, watching the foil shine absently.] I'll buy some on sale during the week, probably. After all, I'm still pretty broke!

So, I guess this has two purposes. First to say happy Easter to everyone who cares about it, and two... I'd like a job! If anyone is hiring, please consider me!

[Says the guy who is probably past the age where it's acceptable to be wearing bunny ears in public.]

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Apr. 1st, 2013 09:45 am
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NO! BAD. CUT THAT HORSESHIT OUT!!!! ((SLAM.)) Holy friggin' crap it keeps COMING FOR ME. It's like nine times worse than that frigging brobot Dirk ma--GAH HOLY CHRIST ON A HOT DOG BUN. ((Boom. Boom. Boom. Jake falls quiet, and when he returns his voice is hushed. ))

Okey dokey, ladies, gentlemen, aliens of a blue and-or brown nature, and other sapien shaped persons out there or ANYTHING I'm not sure a give a crap at this point. We got a serious, mundo, gigantor problemo to boot here, and the first person who laughs will have this hell sent alien cyborg hare written to him in my will!!! I swear to this or my name ain't Jake English!!

((Coughs. The banging hasn't stop.)) Okay got a mite riled up there. But this is a serious issue. Guys. I believe quite indubitably that a race of mutant cyborgian rabbits have come to take over the City.

Cyborgs... that are like 9000% resistant to like all superpowers frigging EVER. Raise the alarms, call out your meanest hounds, this shit's worse than the apocalypse. WE CANNOT LET THE CYBORGRABBITS CLAIM OUR BELOVED CITY LIKE THIS!!!!

Roxy, Dirk? Jade, too... I'm certain I'm their first and most important target. If I don't make it out of this alive, or I'm just kidnapped into paradox space, just know that I love you guys.

((ooc; okay i think i need to explain myself a little. Dirk made it, and it basically just follows Jake around. Yes, he made this post on April Fools, so feel free to think he's totally fucking with you people. He is, I will say, very much blowing this out of proportion.))
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[Calvin and April are standing in front of a stage somewhere with a curtain drawn in front of it]

Guess what, City? Today is your lucky day! You all get to be part of artistic history. You're getting the privilege- no, the honour of viewing the first-ever publicly-sponsored piece of art produced by Calvin, Boy Genius! (That's me.) As part of my continuing quest to push boundaries, challenge convention, and shock the complacent, I bring you-

[The curtain rises dramatically, just as the theme music kicks up. What is revealed could perhaps best be described as a massive, warped diorama. The backdrop is what appears to be a rough mock-up of the City’s skyline, made from various cardboard boxes with hideous faces drawn on them in marker. On either side of it, two raccoons are dancing for some reason. Some kind of person-shaped effigy is smouldering in the center of the arrangement, smoke drifting up toward the ceiling. The effigy has been surrounded by pieces of garbage, like offerings around an altar: pencil shavings, a destroyed test tube, a smashed plate encrusted with burned food, a lump of clay that may have once been a failed sculpture, and much more. It looks almost like the abomination that might result from a night spent dumpster-diving at the Xavier Institute following very poor babysitting choices.]

[April looks dead at the camera, clapping her hands in front of her.]

We call it the Soul of the City. It’s, like, just the proto run. We need more interactive parts. There’s gonna be a teenager in a top hat trapped in a giant bubble. And a TV only showing home movies of kids crying from the 60s. And more.

[Calvin throws his hands up in the air look at all this enthusiasm everyone why aren’t you getting as enthusiastic as this come on.]

But we can’t do it on our own! Well actually, we can do all the art and creation and accept all the credit on our own, but we need something from you too! Specifically, money and material. We’re putting out a call for all the junk, trash, garbage and refuse that you think could be used to artistically capture the Soul of the City! And we want you to give us funding in return for taking it.

[Seems fair right.]

Also, does anyone know any teenagers who look good in top hats?


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