Apr. 2nd, 2013

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[There's an audible stretch before Handsome Jack speaks up]

Hm. Well. Not going to lie, kiddos. I finally get why you guys keep whining whenever a friend of yours ends up disappearing via Porter. Kinda sucks when loved ones just suddenly disappear, y'know. Especially when you're sleeping right next to 'em.

Slipstream's outta here. Alert the internet.

In other news, Trappy units have been installed by a couple corporations in the City. Look forward to seeing those annoyingly cute little things keeping up with maintenance-- namely the shields I installed months ago.

Personally, it's all small fish now. Community work, really. Big projects are being developed, and I can honestly say... you can save your awe and amazement for later. No need to use it all up in one place.

o13; video

Apr. 2nd, 2013 04:00 pm
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--In one piece. Or maybe two, huh?

[ The video cuts in mid-sentence, right before Two-Face barks his abrupt, weird laugh. He's holding the communicator, though his head isn't quite in the frame. To his left is a man in white, to his right a woman in black.

The camera tilts up and is passed to the woman; the two henches exchange weary looks before she holds the camera up to follow Two-Face still as he goes on walking. He's addressing the communicator but also not looking at it or paying attention to where it is relative to him. His hair is a little wet and he's holding a shovel.

It's easy to get restless sometimes. Goes without saying, of course. No matter what you're used to, you have to learn be prepared. Not just for what you think you might be up against... fate's not that kind, and chance is unpredictable.

[ After disappearing off-screen for a moment he returns, shovel-less, and takes the communicator back. ]

Be restless if you want. Be bored. Resigned. There's as much to do as there is nothing at all; the other side says be experimental. Take chances. Try everything. Doesn't really matter what you do. Everyone changes here.

All of you.

[ His expression isn't as smug as his tone is. ]

Have a lovely Tuesday.


Apr. 2nd, 2013 07:17 pm
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[When the camera turns on, Pickles is digging through a drawer. Probably not his own drawer, unless he has a personal drawer full of panties. Which he possibly could, you know the rock n roll types and their weird little fetishes. But he wouldn't be filming it, so it's more than likely not his. He might be tucking some into his arm like he's going to leave with a small pile of them, though, but it may be hard to tell, since he's holding the comm with the hand of the arm he's cramming underwear into, but astute viewers may realise what's up.]

Jeez, how many pair of underwear does somebody even need, two is enough fer-- Oh, uh, hi there, people. People on the internet. Uhhhhh, how can yew tell if someone was, yanno, poofed outta here? Back to deir own world, I mean. [He pulls out a zebra print g-string, gives it a critical look, then adds it to his arm collection, sighing almost sadly.] I think Michiko's gahn, but I dunno fer sure 'coz I was pretty fuckin' shit-faced last night when we were hangin' out--See, I stole some moonshine ahff a hobo, it was like drinkin' a donkey kick to the fuckin' head, heh. But I'm pretty sure she was there then POOF-- [He illustrates this with a toss of some panties, throwing them off screen.] --gahn. She wasn't around when I woke up, and I've been lookin' fer her and--ooh, what's dis?

[From off-screen he produces a pair of plastic feet, severed an inch or so above the ankle, with a rope tying them together. They look like some bizarre, morbid toy, except some people may notice some odd-shaped holes in the soles of the feet. And if that viewer is, by chance, familiar with the anatomy of the fairer sex and the technology that is fleshlight, they will horribly know exactly what those are supposed to be. Pickles, however, is baffled by the holes, until it finally, erroneously dawns on him:]

Oooh, stigmata. Fuckin' brootal, this'll look cool on my wall. Over the TV mebbe. Man, Michiko had such awesome taste. [Sighs again, and frowns pathetically at the comm.] So, is she really gahn?
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[there's a breath's pause before Alastair speaks; he's aware he only ever posts to complain but it's totally called for. Really. Totally]

Next month, it'll be four years. And they're all gone. Everyone I ever even sorta liked, everyone I trusted, everyone I needed...they're gone. And never coming back. And I'm still here.

[beat] ...no offense Ruka, you're still here. But you're like the last one.

I don't know why I still can't fit in. People don't peg me for an Import, they just think I'm some hipster hacker guy, they think I pass, but I know better. I've tried for four years to just fit in and have a normal life, I even had a nine-to-five with benefits and everything. But there's a flat in Brooklyn that isn't normal, a garage full of motorcycles that aren't normal, and deeds transferred to my name for businesses that aren't normal. There's a goddamn jet shaped like a dragon that belongs to me, that's definitely not normal. I just...don't know how to make it all work.

Ever wanted to just throw it all away? Skip out on your rent and your taxes and just throw some clothes in a saddlebag and hit the road, never to look back? Man...that'd be nice.


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