Apr. 10th, 2013

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Happy April, the SOB who put eggs in my mailbox as an April Fools joke has a date with my fist waiting. It'll be real romantic. A date to tell your kids about when you're old and wrinkly, rocking in your rocking chair and they're sitting cross legged on the ground picking grass because nobody actually cares about grandpa's dates.

So, Easter was not long ago, right? Worst holiday ever. All that chocolate everywhere's like a nightmare to the collective figures of everyone on the planet. Last week I had a dream where I was mercilessly crushed to death by the thighs of the masses while walking down the street and I had an idea. A proposition.

How's about y'all let me take that nightmare fuel off your hands. Free of charge, no catch. Save your thighs, save the world. No need to thank me, I'm just a man.
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So a mention of birthdays got me wondering; what do you people do here to celebrate your day of coming into the world that might be different from back home? Or do you just do the same thing you would do back home?

Also kind of curious how you guys figure your age if you're from long before this time and off by months. Do you consider yourself older on the day that is rightfully your birthday or do you wait until the full twelve months has come to pass? [This is her weird way of trying to find out the birthday of some people she knows, assuming they respond.]

[Private to Gilbo] )
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[As ever, a song accompanies Helena's broadcast.]

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you're all enjoying the last traces of sunshine before the night settles in. I'm speaking to you tonight to express my gratitude for the generosity shown by our community last weekend at the charity auction that Captain Metropolis and I organized. The turn out for the event was splendid and we raised a substantial sum for the cause. Thank you to everyone who attended the auction, and a very special thank you to those of you who contributed time, valuables, and money to the event.

Additionally, tomorrow marks one year since I arrived here in this universe. I can scarcely believe it's been an entire year since Lachesis brought me back from death to live a new life amongst you all here in the City. The people I've met here have been wonderful and kind, and I look forward to many more years here in this world with you, my friends.

[Locked to: Damian Wayne]

You've been suspiciously quiet, brother.

[Locked to: Kate Kane]

I'm afraid I can't come over tonight. I have some business that requires my attention. I hope you'll understand.
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[ When the video feed opens, only Archer's right hand is fully in view. He's swiping on a trackpad mouse to scroll on a laptop. ]

"Question three. On a scale of one to ten, with one being least effective and ten being the most, how effective would you say the Phantasm's methods are?" I'm not interested in their effectiveness...hmph, there's only room for a two-digit number here.

[ More scrolling. ]

"Question seven. Answer true or false: imPorts can be considered role models to the native community." Yes, we can be considered as such by idiots. How did these people get my email address?

[ The scrolling pauses. ]

Finally. "Question ten. Please provide your thoughts on the association between imPort behavior and common concepts of 'heroism' in...a thousand characters or less?" Are they serious? I have a lot more than that to say. "Thank you for your time?" Please.

[ He pushes the laptop away and turns the communicator so that his face is finally visible on the feed. ]

I'd like to ignore it, but this entire Phantasm business is troubling.

But it's unfortunate. I doubt there's anything we can do to stop them from getting themselves and others killed in the name of us and our so-called heroism.
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Obviously we're a breed with many opinions on the vaguely illegal act of vigilantism. I say "vaguely illegal" because, as it stands, so many of our kind in particular are given leeway in this system -- and many of us are used to similar systems. Why? Because we see, so often, exceptional individuals changing oh so much to maintain the general status quo. You know what I refer to, surely: a man in a mask prevents a bank robbery, with minimal casualties. One clerk who otherwise would have died is merely shot in the face and vows revenge, calling himself Bankrupt or some such. Bankrupt shoots up an orphanage -- lives saved, lives stolen. Status quo maintained. So then, what's the point? What's the real thesis?

Is this country not a land of laws, rather than of merely men? Or should the exceptional lead by example, in action as well as words?

[A theatrical beat follows, and when he speaks it's not without a subtle tone of glee.]

Perhaps we should pause to consider the implication of moral relativity. I know some of you are well versed in relative morals.
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Hey guys!

[The first thing seen on the video is a grinning young man, appearing to be in his mid-teens, sitting in what appears to be the front passenger seat of a car. He says something else, but it's not heard particularly well over the radio. Which is on. And kinda loud. After a couple seconds of this, someone just off-screen scolds him that he's being too loud. He grimaces for a sec and reaches a hand out, turning the radio down.]

Okay, okay, geez, I'll switch to text.... [He shoots a look at the person off-screen, who's apparently driving the car, before the video abruptly cuts, continued only by text.]

Hey guys!
There wasn't any decent dessert left in the house, so I convinced Ruka that we should go get ICE CREAM! So we're goin' to get some!
...and then I realized I don't really know any good ice cream places around here that are open past 10, so, uh. Anybody got any ideas about that?

Oh yeah! And, uh, my name's Rua. I'm Ruka's brother. I was here for a year like three years ago, aaaand, I got brought back like five days ago! But, uh, I haven't said anything yet 'cause I've been trying to jailbreak the dumb OS on my communicator.
So. Hi! What's up?
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[ Madoka, unlike the last time she made a public call to the network, is in much higher spirits. While it took her a little while to gain her footing here, she's accepted the harsh reality no girl her age should ever have to: she's not returning home anytime soon. ]

Hello everyone. I'm Madoka Kaname and it's a pleasure to meet you each and every one of you. [ Really, it is. She's just that enthusiastic. ] Some of you may have known my mentor, Miss Mami Tomoe?

[ Her expression flickers momentarily as though the thought of Mami brought about tears and for weeks it had. Losing her had been one of the most difficult challenges this young girl's ever been through for she knew what fate was in store for her friend. In fact, if Madoka ever left the City herself to return home, well life sucks when you're a magical girl. ]

Um, but what I was trying to say was that she did a lot of work here. Fighting villains, stopping criminals in their tracks, all the stuff a hero should do. Since she's gone, there's really no one who stepped up in her place to accept responsibility, so...

[ She pauses as though to steel herself mentally. ] I'm going to do it! It might take me a little while to get the hang of it, but I'll do my best to be reliable! So if there's anything else she did, can you let me know so that I can start doing them too? I'll be a hero too, just like Mami was!

[ Honestly, Madoka doesn't look like much of a hero. Since she's prone to tears (are those some forming in the corner of her eyes already) and has the looks of an ordinary middle schooler, it seems she might even be biting off more than she can chew. ]

Thank you very much for your time! [ Click. ]


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