Apr. 12th, 2013

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Hello city!
I am not entirely sure what my feelings on Spring are. Regardless, I shan't complain about nicer weather nor about the chance to eat outside. Perhaps I will stop needing an umbrella when Summer finally arrives.

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Apr. 12th, 2013 08:26 pm
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Forgive me, it seems whenever I come to you all, it is for selfish reasons. Once again, I must ask for your assistance. In an effort to strengthen import-native relations within the City, City Hall has proposed a task force.

What, you may ask, would drive the need for a task force? Simply this: many imports are suffering from the prejudices of the people who live in this City. This is an effort to gather data in order to accomplish three main goals:
1.) The improvement of everyday relations between the import/native community, such as fair and equal treatment of imports regardless of powers and/or past history.

2.) The legitimization of import activities that are otherwise being considered as acts of "vigilantism" through appropriate, legal channels that include recognition by local enforcement.

3.) Appropriate countermeasures to external problems such as: Skrulls and Vulcanus.

There is an official proposal available here (link to a proposal written by one Larsa Ferrinas Solidor) at City Hall's website. We need as many volunteers as possible, should you feel that you can do good for this cause, I encourage you to join.
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[The first thing you notice is that this post goes up at like midnight. Xanatos is a night owl and this shows.]

Fellow imports, what are some ways you use to help stay focused? Or, [and now his tone swaps to a joking one.] if anyone's looking for a job as a personal secretary or someone who wouldn't mind doing stock reports, I'd greatly appreciate that.

[He stifles a yawn, but is still joking around.] Fair warning though, I've got high standards for any sort of executive assistents.

[Private to Piccolo]
And speaking of jobs, Kenzi told me that you were in the market for one.


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