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[ The camera opens up to a very serene image of a vast space filled with wide benches and stained glass windows. The building has a tall ceiling, dimly illuminated by candlelight, and the imagery on the colored glass betrays it easily: a freshly furnished Church – with a very tall man standing at the center of it. He speaks, and his voice is deep, smooth and oddly chilling. ]

It is my sincerest regret to report the passing of the pastor which this City was so familiar. He was a very generous man, granting me hospitality and a home within these very walls when I had nothing to offer in return. He was a shepherd very much beloved by his flock – however, his life was full and he has returned to God.

[ There is a practiced pause here, and a slight incline of his head, as if bowing under the weight of these heavy matters – it isn't at all to hide the small grin forming at the memory of exactly how this man was returned to God, and how unnatural that passing was. His head raises again, and any hint of that smile is gone without a trace. ]

It is with a deep honor that I carry out his last will and maintain this Church in the name of him and of the Lord. These are troubled times, and I pray you will find my arms as welcoming as the man who came before me.

I am Father Kirei Kotomine, and I offer my services to all without distinction.

( video. )

Apr. 14th, 2013 03:11 pm
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I think I should look into getting a job. That sounds so strange. I had a job at home, but I don't think those skills translate well here. Unless I can get a job as a spy for someone? [ Laughs at that. ]

What kind of jobs do people get? Especially if they only have a high school degree? Does that even count here? I know someone else mentioned how you can't just put what place you were born in. Not that I could before anyway. [ Wrinkles her nose and smiles. ] 'Mars' doesn't really look right on applications. And people give you all sorts of strange looks when you say that.

Any help? Please? Thank you!

[ Private Message sent to characters under 20 individually (c&p'ed to everyone) ]

How would you feel about starting a team? No adults, just teenagers.

And before anyone tells me the complications of making teams here, I already know. I'm still considering it, though.


Apr. 14th, 2013 04:13 pm
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[Not the one to hold his communicator himself, Shanks sat back against a rickety looking chair, overlooking a port somewhere along one of Spain's ports and beaches. With a smile, he swirled a glass full of ice, a number of men around him, cleaning and maintaining the state of their guns. A few men walked around, tossing bottles of hard liquor to one another, eliciting pleased grunts and uproarious laughter. Shanks grinned, setting down his drink and then shifting his cloak so he could draw his sword and sheathe, tapping them against the wooden floor beneath his feet. The pleasant little place they found to relax was as quiet as quiet could be, save for the start of their party.]

I've seen some of your seas and I have to admit that I'm pretty disappointed. My men so far are happy with it, though. So, I can only place a wager at this point. To everyone who can hear this--to anyone who would like to join me or to challenge me.

[Grinning wide, Shanks tapped his sword with some force against the wooden floor, cracking it and sending up a gale of wind.]

Is there anyone who'd like to overturn these seas with me--or, to face me while I try?


Apr. 14th, 2013 09:51 pm
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[The video clicks on to Connors smiling slightly.]

I've been busy lately, and I'm proud to actually have something to show as the fruits of my labor.

[Reaching over to the camera, he picks it up and moves it over to look on a rat. It's walking around a cage in that sort of way rats do. Of note is that it has three normal rat legs and one slightly atrophied looking rat leg. The rat is hobbling slightly, not really putting that much weight on the weaker rat leg. Thankfully, it does not have scales. After a moment, Connors picks the camera back up and sets it on a ledge, so he's in frame.]

As you can see, the serum still needs work, but I'm proud with what we have so far. Little Delta in there is the luckiest out of our first test batch. She managed to regrow a limb-however, it's essentially withered. While she has the limb, it's not much use. Her muscles are weakened and she can barely put weight on it. Still, it's a full regeneration, which is astounding. [He adjusts his glasses and continues to talk.]

The reason why results are...probably not what some of you were expecting, is that I'm taking baby steps when it comes to cross-species genetics. I'm trying to work up from the bare minimum. Once we manage to make a successful trial run on the rats, we'll move up to larger animals, such as rabbits, and then possibly primates. [His face gets a bit darker and a bit more serious here.] I expect that it will at least be months before any human trials, possibly longer. And even then, the trials will be under carefully monitored conditions. I feel that there's no such thing as going too slow with a project like this.

[Connors smiles slightly, fully aware that he tl;dred with the best of them.]

Ah, and one final note! As a reassurance to some of you, [aka Nill and Peter] I'm hoping to have the final draft of the formula be entirely synthetic. That should hopefully provide more of a caution against...unwanted side effects. [He chuckles slightly, smiling wider at the camera.] So yes-that's why I've been a bit of a hermit lately. I promise though, that I'll actually get some sunlight in the next few days.


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