Apr. 25th, 2013

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[The camera comes on, but all that can be seen is the pinkish flesh of a palm. Too bad the microphone is working fine, because the shrewish screaming is already in progress. Lila Fowler has been in the MAC for twenty minutes. With no answers or armed kidnappers, she's getting brazen.]

I am not wearing dog tags! These aren't even silver! I'm surprised they didn't come in a plastic egg!

[There's a clattering sound. The dog tags have hit something.]

So, what is this, really? It's a pathetic abduction, if you're just going to let me walk out. Answer me!

[But the communicator has gone sailing now, and the video clicks off and on again, as the comm bounces along the floor for a spinning, nausea-inducing feed until it peters to a stop. The new arrival is seen only from the knees down for now. A foot is stamping.]

- have any idea who my father is?

[ She's met with silence, of course, and Lila is out of potential projectiles. She takes a couple of steps to the side, and brochures start hitting the floor.]

What to Do When You're New in the City, How to Survive a Mac Attack - yeah, cause I eat at McDonald's, Welcome to the City, Hero...

[Sounds of ripping paper and little bits of paper floating downward follow the last title accompany the next line.]

What City?

[Five seconds of silence.]

You know what, I don't care. I am getting my Amex, I am - where did these come from? Huh. They're cute.

Anyway, whatever. I'm calling a cab and going home, and I'm taking the Walkman with me.

[The comm is finally retrieved from the ground, and the left side of Lila Fowler's face can be seen. She's flushed, and there's some evidence that the temper tantrum was preceded by crying.]

Woah, prototype.

[There's some examination and fumbling, and the feed ends.]
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Have you ever wanted to be famous like Bender? Now is your chance! Bender's Television Production Company is looking for willing participants for a reality TV show about the life of its founder and company mascot, Bender, for a hotly demanded pilot that could lead to vicious bidding warfare of the top networks.

We want:
-People who are funny/talented but not enough to upstage Bender.
-People with torrid, complex, emotional lives who won't make too big a deal about it.
-People who can argue and throw wine.

We don't want:
-Anyone Bender doesn't like. You know who you are.

Shooting happens when Bender feels like it. Bring your own wardrobe, trailer and catering tables.


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